Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 227

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 227 Donating Million To The School 1

"Can you move to the front seats?"

Han Junming took the books and put them on the side of the table with a beaming face. He then turned to Wang Dahai and spoke with a smile.

"No, we're not used to sitting in the front seats since we're a bunch of slackers!"

Zhang Feng smiled. Only the straight-A students would prefer to sit in the front seats. People like them would find it torturous to sit at the front.

Besides, if the four of them were four beauties, probably Wang Dahai, Zhang Feng and the rest would not have any comments. But since they were hunks, all the more they would not agree to it!

"Hur?" Han Junming narrowed his eyes as he stared at the quartet standing at the side.

All the students in the class were back. Some of them looked at Wang Dahai, Zhang Feng, and the rest with surprise.

"Hey guys, since Han Junming said they want to sit here, you should just let them be. They bought everyone lunch a few days ago. Can't you just give in to such a simple request?"

Before Han Junming and his clique could answer, the beautiful twins at the back spoke.

They were playing with their phones as they peered at Wang Xian and his clique through the corners of their eyes.

"Just because he bought us lunch doesn't mean he can take someone's seats!"

Zhang Wen frowned as he stared at the beautiful twins. "Besides, do you know that we had a 50% discount when we were at the First-grade Restaurant? Have they ever given a discount before? Do you think the food you had at that time only cost half a million?"

"That's right. This is a separate issue. Didn't you hear Guan Shuqing say she will give us a 50% discount? We really have nothing to say if you're taking this matter as your bargaining chip!" Wang Dahai shrugged and told the beautiful twins frankly.

"It's not much. We don't need a discount anyway." Han Junming smiled with no intention of leaving his seat.

The remaining three people disregarded them completely as they continued playing on their phones with arrogant and aloof looks.

"Ha!" Wang Xian found it funny upon seeing their attitudes. "Do you think my roommates need your treat when they come to my restaurant? Get out of the way and stop embarrassing yourself!"


Four of them knit their eyebrows as they lifted their heads and stared at Wang Xian with dissatisfaction. Their gazes were cold.

"Chey, such petty men. We will give our seats to you!"

The beautiful twins sitting at the back were furious as they stood up, glaring at Wang Xian and his clique.

"This is none of your business. Trying to seek attention?"

Wang Xian frowned as he looked at the beautiful twins with impatience.

"You..." The twins revealed a hint of anger on their faces.

"Enough. Both of you can stop your nagging. That's just annoying." Wang Dahai told the twins off and turned to the four guys: "Get out of the way!"


Han Junming, Hua Zeming, and the other two guys stood up slowly. With their chins up, they glared coldly at Wang Dahai, Wang Xian and the rest.

"We're starting our class. Why are you guys still standing there?"

Just then, an old man with a pair of spectacles walked in. He gazed at the back of the class and spoke in a stern voice.

"Brat, you're arrogant. Just you wait!" Han Junming stared at Wang Xian with icy-cold eyes.

"The well-known figure in school? Haha!" Hua Zeming gave a vague smile, and the four of them walked to the front with an expressionless face.

"This is the University of Rivertown!" said Wang Xian impassively.

"Back to your seats now!" The professor raised his voice and said to everyone in the class.

The rest of the classmates looked at Wang Xian first, and then Hua Zeming's clique.

"What a show-off!" Wang Dahai whispered as he looked at him with an unhappy look.

Wang Xian smiled and sat down. He did not care about the quartet. If they were to seek trouble, he would teach them a lesson - learn to stay low in Rivertown.

The class began, and the four people at the back exchanged communication in whispers when the professor was not paying attention to them.

Wang Dahai, Zhang Wen, Zhang Feng were hopeless students. They only studied at the last minute when it was time for examinations.

Wang Xian used to be alright, but now, he had also caved in.

"Bring your girlfriends for dinner tonight. I'll go to the counselor's office first thing after school." Wang Xian began to cram after he said this.

"Old Wang, we'll wait for you at the school entrance!" Wang Dahai, Zhang Wen, and Zhang Feng said to Wang Xian when the dismissal bell rang.

"Okay, I'll look for the counselor now!"

Wang Xian nodded and went to the teaching building with a beaming face.

"That fellow is super arrogant. Should we teach him a lesson?"

"Any hidden talents in this small Rivertown are totally incomparable to us. How dare he act snobbish in front of us. I can't stand it!"

"Hehe, we'll have our chance to play with him!"

Hua Zeming and the rest of the three stood up slowly in the class. The pair of beautiful twins immediately joined in.


"Hey, get this board up and draw some pictures on it. It must be perfect this time!"

"Yes, then we will take some photos and post in the forum. Let's see if we can get some donations for Wu Juanjuan!"

The teaching building was located in the center region of the school. Wang Xian went in and saw some students from the student council working on the campus board for the school on his way.

He swept a glance at it and pondered.

Wang Xian recognized the University of Rivertown as a good school, and the counselors were helpful too. When he was just admitted to the university, his results were excellent. When the counselor found out about his family situation, he even applied a tuition grant for a semester from the school for him.

Even though every school had such vacancies for assisting the needy students, Wang Xian was very grateful as a beneficiary.

The few thousand dollars was a considerable sum of money to him back then.

"Why don't I repay the school, and, at the same time, settle the problem of skipping school in the future!"

Wang Xian smiled as he continued on his way to the teaching building.

The counselor's office was located on the third floor. Wang Xian went up and knocked on the office door.

"Come in!"

A voice was heard from the room. He opened the door and realized that many teachers were having conversations inside the room.

With some embarrassment, he noticed that all subject teachers were inside.

"Mr. Lee!"

Wang Xian looked at his counselor and walked towards him.

"You, you're here for classes? Come, let me check how many days of lessons you have missed!"

When the counselor saw Wang Xian, he beckoned him over with slight frustration.

"I couldn't get through to your phone, and you don't reply to my messages. I thought you went to outer space!"

Wang Xian giggled. Counselor Lee was a kind-hearted person in the eyes of every student. He was thirty years old, and he was responsible at his work.

Hence, Wang Xian had a good impression of him and did not mind his reprimanding.

After all, he was in the wrong. He would not go against the counselor just because he was much more powerful than before.

"Mr. Lee, I've been a little busy recently. My phone has some issues. Hence I didn't receive your call!"

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