Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 228

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 228 Donating Million To The School 2

"Spare me your excuses. This isn't a valid reason for you to skip classes. Look at how many lessons you've missed and the academic credits that will be deducted! If your exam results aren't satisfactory, you will have to repeat the year!" Counselor Lee reprimanded.

He stared at Wang Xian, walked to the side and took out a notebook.

"Oh, Wang Xian, you've missed five of my lessons! I will deduct it from your academic credits. If your credits aren't sufficient, you will have to repeat my classes next year!"

An old professor turned to look at Wang Xian and said, "Young man, you shouldn't be skipping classes and not studying hard. You are only in your second year. Now is the time to be studying and working hard!"

"Wang Xian! You didn't come for any of my political classes this semester! You can't continue like this."

A few lecturers that taught Wang Xian commented directly.

"You little rascal missed over fifty lessons. Under such circ.u.mstances, we will have to serve you a warning," the counsellor held the notebook and said.

"It's okay to not serve you a warning. However, you must promise me that you will be present for every lesson from now on. On top of that, you must guarantee that you will not fail any modules!" the reputable professor said to Wang Xian.

"Professor Guo has spoken for you. It's alright for me to not serve the warning, but I'm sure you will have also heard what he said. Can you achieve it?" said Counselor Lee.

The school's warning would be reflected in the transcript. If one was served a warning, it would have a negative influence on his job prospects in the future.

The old professor was also giving Wang Xian a chance.

"This" Wang Xian hesitated.

Having heard what the old professor and Counselor Lee had said, he sank into a dilemma.

It was hard for him to promise he would not skip class in the future.

After seeing Wang Xian's expression, Professor Guo said sternly with a solemn face, "What's the matter? You aren't willing? I will have to give you a warning then. You've got to think it through. Don't be arrogant just because of the little achievement you accomplished. The curriculum of the University course isn't that tight after all!"

"Cough, Cough, it might be a little hard for me to not skip classes," Wang Xian replied shyly.

"Huh?" professor Guo raised his volume, and Counselor Lee, who was beside him, also stared at Wang Xian.

"Professor Guo, Counsellor Lee, I love the University of Rivertown deeply. Furthermore, our teachers have also taught us to be useful people to society. ThisI just saw Wu Juanjuan from our school raising money for her leukaemia. Now that I have accomplished something, let me pay for her medical fees," Wang Xian said righteously to professor Guo and Counselor Lee.

"Medical Fees?" Professor Guo, Counselor Lee and the rest of the lecturers were taken aback by Wang Xian's response. The medical fees for the treatment of leukaemia weren't cheap at all.

It could range from $500,000 to a few million!

"Brat, you must be thinking of using this to convince us to let you pass by the back door!" Professor Guo stared at Wang Xian and remarked.

"Hehe, Professor Guo, I don't have such intentions. I just feel that this is something I should do. When I first came to the University of Rivertown, I had nothing. My tuition fees for my second semester were only exempted thanks to Counselor Lee. Since I have achieved something now, it's only natural for me to pay it forward!" Wang Xian smiled and looked at Counselor Lee.

"The sum could reach as high as a million!" Counselor Lee reminded him after pondering for some time.

"I know," answered Wang Xian with a nod before continuing. "Besides that, to thank the school for waiving my fees for a semester, I would like to donate some money to the school. I hope the money can help those poor students in need!"

"Hmm! Brat, you are a kind guy!" Professor Guo remarked as his stern face relaxed a little.

As someone who was known throughout the school, the lecturers know a little about Wang Xian. They were glad that Wang Xian knew to repay the gratitude he received.

"Great! I will report to the principal about your intentions to donate. Tell me a figure. I will inform the principal about it when we have a meeting later in the day. If he knows that you have such intentions, he will be overjoyed!" Counsellor Lee said with a smile.

"Alright, Counselor Lee! I will donate $50 million then!" Wang Xian nodded.



One of the lecturers who was drinking choked on his water and spat. He was completely shocked.

Counsellor Lee and Professor Guo looked at Wang Xian with disbelief and were a little stunned.

"You...Wang Xian, how much did you say?" Counselor Lee jumped up directly and asked loudly.

"$50 million. Together with Wu Juanjuan's medical fees, it would be $51 million. At that time, please help to transfer $1 million to Wu Juanjuan!" Wang Xian answered with a bright smile.

"$50 million!"

"What the!"

The lecturers around exclaimed. $50 million! This wasn't a small sum.

The University of Rivertown was an elite school with many successful alumni who had donated to the school as gratitude. However, a donation of $50 million could easily rank in the top five of all time!

"Wang Xian, are you sure?" Counsellor Lee asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, I am!" Wang Xian replied and nodded.

"I will give Principle Lee a call and get him to come over!" Professor Guo said with his eyes wide open. After which, he took out his phone and dialled a number quickly.

Wang Xian laughed and added, "Counselor Lee, there is nothing much I can do. I'd just like to go a little further and thank the school for its teachings!"

"Brat, you sure are successful now!" Counsellor Lee was shocked.

"I guess I'm doing fine. I have been busy with my business recently and therefore have neglected my studies. Erm Counselor Lee and various lecturers, regarding the classes I might miss in the future, do you think you can?" Wang Xian smiled and asked.

"Alright, alright. You are thinking of slapping us with money! However, it sure feels great. The school is where we educate our students. As your teachers, we are glad to see what you have done. However, even though you've earned some money, you must not forget about learning. Try your best to come to our lessons. If you have questions, you can come and look for us directly!" Professor Guo hung up the phone and said to Wang Xian using an educating tone.

Wang Xian smiled, nodded his head and said, "Yes, yes! Professor Guo is right! I will try my best to not fail any modules!"

"Hmm! Wait for a little longer. The principal is coming over soon. Oh, our celebrity student, find a place and have a seat. Hehe!" Professor Guo said with a smile.

Wang Xian nodded and started chatting with a few lecturers.

Soon, the principal arrived. With excitement written all over his face, he pushed the door open and asked, "Where is Wang Xian? Come over!"

Wang Xian smiled and stood up. After discussing the donation with the principal, he left the office.

"This brat has a kind heart. There aren't many students who have such a sense of responsibility nowadays. $50 million isn't a small figure!" Professor Guo exclaimed after Wang Xian had left.

"This student is pretty capable to be able to donate $50 million at such a young age. In addition, he has a caring heart!" Counselor Lee added proudly.

"Since the $50 million is donated by Wang Xian, let's set up a department to manage this disburs.e.m.e.nt for needy students. We shall keep this transparent and can't disappoint our students!"

"I hope our school will nurture more students with such a sense of responsibility!"

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