Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 229

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 229 Bulldozed Through 1

"Our school nurtures talents. Wang Xian may have been wrong in skipping classes, but his sense of responsibility was stronger than anyone else. Let's just close one eye in the future!"

"This is the most positive and encouraging matter at the University of Rivertown. Why not this? We can cut some of the expenses from this year's budget and pay for Wu Juanjuan's medical bills. The $51 million donated by Wang Xian will be used in assisting the needy students. We cannot let the students think that the school is not doing as much as a student!" the principal of the University of Rivertown said with excitement.


"Agree! We can cut some of the welfare from the teacher's day!"

Some of the old professors and teachers in the office discussed with smiles emerging all over their faces.

As part of the education industry, they were all top intellectuals, and hence, they had stronger moral and social responsibilities than the average people.

The world is still filled with kind-hearted people.

Wang Xian walked out of the office with smiles as he was in a chirpy mood.

He could have made a call to the school and gotten them to turn a blind eye on his absence. He could have even graduated easily without going through examinations.

But he did not do that.

He could simply be c.o.c.ky or even crush some of the people. However, he still had his own principles for some of the things.

Wang Xian did not think he was a good-natured person, but he tried not to be a villain.

He would treat others the same as how others would treat him.

With a chirpy mood, Wang Xian headed out of the school. He came to the entrance and saw Wang Dahai and the gang waiting for him there.

"Have you settled it, Old Wang? Did the counselor say anything?"

Wang Dahai yelled to Wang Xian as soon as he saw him walking out.

"Everything is settled!" Wang Xian nodded with a smile. "Let's go and have our dinner!"

"Let's go. Follow the 'thigh' and we get to enjoy it!" Zhang Feng and Zhang Wen joked along with their girlfriends.


Just then, the booming sound of the sports cars was heard at the school entrance.

"Wow, it's Hua Zeming and the other three hunks!"

"Lamborghini Aventador, Aston Martin - Vanquish, Ferrari FF, and Ferrari F12 berlinetta. All the cars cost more than five million each. These four people from Modu are filthy rich!"

"They are rich and handsome. How fu*king unfair is the world!"

"Wow, so cool! They are cool sports cars. Four cars add up to more than 20 million!"

"Hua Zeming and his gang are so cool. How nice it would be I could be one of their girlfriends!"

All the students exclaimed in awe at the entrance. The guys were jealous while the girls looked into the cars with admiration.

The four cars lined up in a horizontal row, heading out. The four of them had smirks on their faces.


Suddenly, Hua Zeming, in the center, honked his horn with a taunting look when he saw the people in front of them.

The other three at the side looked in his direction. Hua Zeming, with a smile, gestured ahead and asked, "Let's have a game, shall we?"

Han Junming and the rest froze for a second and peered ahead.

"Sure, let's have a game then!" all of them looked at each other and said.

"Three, two, one!"

Han Junming, whose car was on the exterior side, began his countdown with a taunting look.

When he counted to one, the engines of the four sports cars roared.

Superior sports cars like these had terrifying speed when their engines powered up. They charged forward as though they were irritable bulls.



The vrooming engine sounds and the shrieks from the tires rubbing on the ground cut through the air at the same time.

Wang Xian and his clique ahead were slightly stunned when they heard the car engines behind them.


When the girlfriends of Zhang Wen, Wang Dahai, and Zhang Wen saw the four sports cars charging at them at high speed, they screamed in horror.

Wang Dahai and the rest had drastic changes in their expressions. Their faces paled instantly.

However, four of the sports cars swerved and made a drift around them.

Wang Xian and the rest were surrounded by the cool-looking drifts.

Waves of air hit Wang Xian and the group, bringing about dust in the air.

Four supreme sports cars were drifting uniformly together. Such skills and visual impacts struck awe to everyone.

"FML, that's so cool!"

"Drifts! They look stunning when four cars drift together. Not even a racer has such skills!"

"Cool, so freaking cool!"

The surrounding students and onlookers watched with their mouths open as the four sports cars did their drifts. Thrills were climbing all over their faces.

"Fu*k you!"

Wang Dahai, who was in the center, hugged Su Qian and scolded furiously. His face was a little pale.

Zhang Wen, Zhang Feng, and their girlfriends were looking bad.

When the cars charged and drifted around them, they got the shock of their lives.

Wang Xian, who was standing in the center of the group, narrowed his eyes as his expression sank.


After making four to five rounds of drifts, the four sports cars lined up in a row again. Four faces appeared before Wang Xian and his clique.

"Wow, that's so cool. Junming, you're amazing!"

A thrilled voice was heard from the sports car.

Wang Dahai and the rest opened their eyes and looked over with awful expressions.

Hua Zeming, Han Junming and the rest were driving a sports car individually while the beautiful twins were sitting in Han Junming and another guy's car respectively.

At this time, the twins were shouting excitedly as they threw a glance at Wang Xian and the rest with mocking expressions.

"Hehe, Brat. This is Rivertown. But, so what?"

Han Junming opened the roof of the car. With a pair of sunglasses, he placed his arm on the car door. He looked provocative as he asked Wang Xian.

"Hey, I don't care where this place is, but you better watch yourself. Otherwise, the game is on!"

"How do you find our driving skills? Want us to do it again?"

Another two guys looked at them with smiling faces.

"Don't ever provoke us again. You guys can't bear the consequences after that!"

Hua Zeming, in the middle, lifted his chin as he taunted Wang Xian and his clique disdainfully.

"Fu*k you!"

Upon hearing the insults, Zhang Feng, Zhang Wen, and Wang Dahai were furious. Wang Dahai, who was as impatient as always, almost wanted to charge at them.

"Dahai, no! We can't afford to mess with them!" Su Qian quickly held him back.

"Forget it, let's ignore them!"

Zhang Wen and Zhang Feng's girlfriends were all pale. "None of them look simple. Let's not offend them!"

Each one of them was driving a sports car that cost more than five million.

They could not afford to mess around with people who could afford to drive cars like this.

In their opinion, even Wang Xian was far from them!

"Trash, don't be too c.o.c.ky next time!"

The beautiful twins showed their middle fingers in the sports cars with contempt.

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