Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 230

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 230 Bulldozed Through 2

"Oh, freak! How did that group offend Hua Zeming and his friends?"

"That's right, how did they offend Hua Zeming and his friends? They are really unlucky. I heard that Hua Zeming and his other three friends are really fierce!"

"Hua Zeming, Han Junming and the other two guys come from very strong families. They are also formidable themselves. The drift just now was simply stunning!"

"They are just humiliating them!"

"Eh, isn't that Wang Xian?"

"Yeah! That's Wang Xian, the most well-known person in our school. He went missing for some time. How did he offend Hua Zeming and his friends?"

The surrounding students conversed and gathered over inquisitively.

"It really is Wang Xian! He is easily one of the more incredible students in the school and is earning big bucks at such as young age. However, he's still not comparable with Hua Zeming, Han Junming and his group of friends!"

"Wang Xian bought a Bentley worth $3-4 million for his sister and is also powerful. However, it is clear that Han Junming and his group of friends are more incredible. They each own a supercar that is worth at least $5 million! "

"I heard their families are all filthy rich with assets worth over hundreds of trillions. They are also influential in Modu, the place where the rich gather!"

The crowd discussed softly.

Although Wang Xian was great and owned the First-grade Restaurant, a restaurant known throughout the country, he was still a far cry from these people with filthy rich parents. Just take a look at the supercars they are driving. Every single one of them cost more than $5 million.

The crowd in the school didn't think that Wang Xian would be as rich and influential as them.

Furthermore, Hua Zeming and the group were powerful. They had challenged Xu Qingcheng a while back and defeated him with a single move. This was something that even Coach Yan Hu couldn't do.

Although the four of them were exchange students who had just come to the University of Rivertown, their fame and strength had seemingly edged past Wang Xian's.

Wang Xian walked towards the supercar with a cold expression amidst the arrogant looks of the group. The twins even showed him their middle fingers with contempt.

"Old Wang, let it go. Let's not be calculative with them!"

Wang Dahai stepped forward and spoke to Wang Xian as he saw Wang Xian walking over.

"Yes, Old Wang. Let's not be calculative with them. Damn it! They are just exchange students here and yet they are already so arrogant!"

Zhang Feng and Zhang Wen walked over and tried to convince Wang Xian while holding back their anger.

Wang Xian waved his hand at them and walked to the supercar closest to him. He stepped on the bonnet with his right foot.

"The four of you sure are arrogant!" Wang Xian remarked coldly.

"Get your foot off!" Han Junming replied coldly when he saw Wang Xian stepping on his supercar.

"Put it down! You can't afford to pay for this car!" the beautiful twins said to Wang Xian with contempt.

Bam bam!

Wang Xian smiled coldly and stepped a few times on it. He looked at them and warned, "Let me tell you this again: you are in Rivertown right now! If you want to play, I'll play with you! Driving skills? Let me show you what driving skills are! And I would love to see if the outcome is something I can endure!"

Wang Xian answered coldly in response to what the four of them had said to him!

"F*ck, I'm asking you to lift your damn feet! Can't you hear me?" Han Junming shouted. Not only did Wang Xian ignore him, but Wang Xian also stepped a few more times on the bonnet. Han Junming got out of the car furiously. Following which, the other three also alighted.

"Damn it! Wang Xian is trying to go head to head with Hua Zeming, Han Junming and their friends!"

"He is not being rational! It is clear that Wang Xian couldn't handle all four of them at the same time!"

"Will a fight start between them?"

The crowd was shocked by the development of events and started whispering.

"Put your foot down! Can't you hear me!" Han Junming stared harshly at Wang Xian while Hua Zeming and the other two guys walked over with a gloomy expression.

Wang Xian smiled and replied, "Since you want to play, I'll play along with you!"

He moved his feet away as he finished his line before walking to the side of the car.

"Rascal, I'm warning you! Don't test my patience!" Han Junming said coldly to Wang Xian while pointing at him.

"Interesting! No one dares to talk to me like this in Rivertown!" Wang Xian remarked.

He looked back and waved his hand slightly. "The driving skills you have shown me aren't impressive at all. Let me show you something fancier!"

Vroom Vroom!

As Wang Xian spoke, the sound of the engine revving roared loudly from a short distance away.

The revving of the engine resembled that of the roar of a beast.

To the astonishment of the crowd, a huge black car charged towards them as the crowd scampered in a hurry to get out of the way!

"Oh f*ck, is that a lorry?"

"MAN! That's a caravan! That's a caravan!" [1]

"What a domineering car! It looks just like a military vehicle!"

The crowd looked towards the black monster in shock as it charged ahead.

It was closed to four meters tall and over ten meters in length. Its tire alone was already half the height of a person.

MAN, as its name would suggest, is a brand of cross-country caravan. It was incomparably domineering.

The domineering car that resembled a huge beast charged forward directly.

"This is!"

"Oh my god! What is that big car trying to do!" Exclamations from the crowd erupted.

When Han Junming, Hua Zeming and their friends saw the huge car charging towards them, their expressions changed abruptly.


To the disbelief of everyone, the domineering caravan charged directly towards the four supercars.

The huge tires were almost as tall as the supercars.To the astonishment of the crowd, it bulldozed through.

A premium cross-country caravan could easily manage a forty-degree slope. A supercar which had a low body would seem miniature in front of it.

The gigantic caravan weighed over twenty tons. It is easy to imagine the outcome if it rammed over a supercar that weighed just over a ton.

It was just like what everyone had witnessed.

To everyone's amazement, the first supercar collapsed the moment the giant caravan went over it.

When the rear wheels rolled over, the supercar sank and almost hit the ground.

One should note that the giant caravan had eight wheels.

The supercar was totally deformed and white smoke rose from it.

Soon, the second supercar followed the fate of the first.

Lamborghini Aventador, Aston Martin Vanquish, Ferrari FF, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. One after another, they were flattened.

The cracking sounds were eerily sharp in the silent crowd.

This made the crowd's breathing quicken a little!


When the black giant caravan crushed the last supercar, it came to an abrupt and heavy stop.

Just like how beasts stopped after besieging a city.

Crack crack!

The doors to the black giant caravan opened. From it, a middle-aged man walked down with a bright smile. He looked at Wang Xian and asked, "Young Master, how were my driving skills?"

As he spoke, he looked at the four cars as though he was enjoying his masterpieces.

"I'll leave the judging to the four of them," Wang Xian replied happily.


[1] MAN is a German mechanical engineering company which provides different kinds of commercial vehicles

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