Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 231

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 231 Show Me What Youve Got For You To Be C.o.c.ky In Rivertown




Shocking. Every moment unfolding before them struck horror into everyone.

Four super sports cars became four piles of useless metal now.

The cars were in a disastrous state and were almost scraps. Everyone found it incredible.

"These are sports cars worth more than $20 million!" a guy could not help but exclaim.

Each of these four sports cars was like a dream car to them. Yet, they turned to scraps of iron before them!

The exclamations brought the dumbfounded quartet to their senses.

All their expressions recovered from their shock and turned extremely awful and hideous as they looked at Wang Xian.


Words came out as a soft growl from Hua Zeming's mouth as he glared at Wang Xian with a pair of murderous eyes.

"How dare you crush our cars!"

The other three held their fists tightly as they fixed their bloodthirsty eyes on Wang Xian.

"Aren't you giving any comment? How were my driving skills?"

Mo Qinglong was the one who drove. He looked at Hua Zeming and the rest with a taunting look as he walked over.

"You're fu*cking digging your own graves!" Han Junming gave Mo Qinglong a death stare as he said fiercely.

"Hehe!" Wang Xian looked at them and revealed a cold smile. "This is Rivertown. Show me what you've got for you to be c.o.c.ky here. I'll be right here waiting for you!"

"Gosh, this is damn awesome!"

"He's too domineering. He just bulldozed with his car and crushed the four super sports cars. That's just overbearing!"

"Scary! He dared to turn four super sports cars that are worth $20 million into something like this!"

"Is this Wang Xian? He's more domineering than what we imagined. Such an imposing demeanor. No wonder the two goddesses from our school took a fancy of him!"

"Impressive. I'm convinced by his overbearing demeanor!"

"This is too shocking. Senior Wang Xian is so cool, so domineering!"

"'Show me what you've got for you to be c.o.c.ky here. I'll be right here waiting for you!' Senior Wang Xian sounded so c.o.c.ky, but I like it! I worship him!"

"Wang Xian has nothing to fear. He just crashed those sports cars that are worth $20 million, just like toys!"

The surrounding crowd exploded into commotions. They pointed and commented excitingly. All of them were impressed by Wang Xian, who was standing at the center impassively.

Given his guts, and the things he did and said, he was invincible!

"Damm, I feel so good now! How dare the outsiders play punks at our place. They drove their sports cars everywhere as if they were afraid that no one knows they are rich!"

"That's right! Well done! I hope Junior Wang Xian can totally suppress them!"

Some of the guys felt good about it. They were already unhappy with the quartet for being flashy and arrogant.

"Looks like we can have a good game. I hope you are ready to bear the consequences for being arrogant!"

Hua Zeming clenched his fists tightly. He took out his phone slowly with an icy cold face.

"If you can't compensate us for our car repair fees by ten fold, I'll make sure you get it from me!"

Han Junming squinted his eyes. With a blackened face, he took out his phone too.

"Half an hour. I'll just wait for half an hour!" Wang Xian said sarcastically when he saw them taking out their phones.

"You'll regret it soon!" a guy swept an angry glance at Wang Xian and said coldly.

The surrounding spectators frowned when they saw Hua Zeming and Han Junming take out their phones.

"Hua Zeming and the rest had strong backings!"

"Senior Wang Xian seems confident. I don't think he's afraid of them!"

"If it was just one or two of them, there'd be nothing to fear. But it is hard to say when four of them come together!"

"Nonetheless, I'm still supporting Senior Wang Xian!"

As the surrounding people were commenting, more and more people crowded over and joined in on the discussion with disbelief.

"Wanwan, it's Hua Zeming, Han Junming, and his clique. They seem to have some conflicts with that Wang Xian. Their sports cars were rolled over by that large cross-country caravan!"

"Oh? Really? Hua Zeming and his clique are really high-profile!"

"The four of them just want to act haughty in Rivertown. Would they dare to be this arrogant back in Modu?"

"But given their strength, no one is their match in Rivertown. That Wang Xian was courting his own doom!"

"That's right. Apart from a Miracle Doctor in Rivertown, the rest of the people and families are nothing to them!"

"Hehe, I bet they have nothing to do to show off their strength in this small place."

Five people were letting out soft laughter as they gazed at the crowd.

Out of the five people, there was a pretty girl with makeup and tight-fitting clothes that exhibited her curvy figure altogether.

She was a little haughty as she overlooked the spot before her with faint disdain.

"Quick, Young Master Ren ordered us to send these four super sports cars for repairs."

"Director Qin, is it a car accident? Four super sports cars were hit?"

"I think so. The one who called Young Master Ren has strong power. Just get over here now!"

In less than 20 minutes, several trailers parked on the side. About eight men came down from the cars and headed towards the crowd.

"Gosh, these four cars are in bad shape. Looks like they were rolled over by that huge pickup. The repair cost would be at least a few million dollars!"

"Yes, what a disaster. Why didn't they call the insurance company to settle this?"

Director Qin squeezed himself into the crowd, and he was surprised when he saw the four sports cars.

Each of them cost $5 million and above. No wonder they called Young Master Ren and Director Qin to rush down and settle this.

"Who is Young Master Luo?" Director Qin asked carefully as he stared at the group.

"You were the one sent by Ren Anzhi? Tow the four sports cars away and quote me a price for the repair fees!"

One of them from the quartet looked at Director Qin with cold eyes as he spoke immediately.

"Yes, Young Master Luo. Got it!"

Director Qin quickly nodded. Young Master Ren had reminded him to treat them respectfully. Hence, they must be some big shots.

"What if you can't afford the repair fees by ten fold? Haha!"

Young Master Luo glared at Wang Xian coldly. He asked as he narrowed his murderous eyes.

Director Qin was curious as he traced the direction Young Master Luo was looking at.


All of a sudden, Director Qin froze and his body stiffened with shock flashing in his eyes.

With a stiff neck, he turned around and saw the black, gigantic pickup not far away. He swallowed his saliva.

Without any hesitation, Director Qin walked to Wang Xian and put on a sincere and pleased smile.

"Young Master Wang, how do you find the modified MAN 8x8 cross-country caravan from Germany? It's absolutely domineering! Look at how it crushes four supercars easily! Young Master Wang, let me send someone over to check if there are any scratches."

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