Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 232

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 232 Your Son Has Gotten Into Trouble

"Young Master Wang, how do you feel about the modified MAN 8x8 cross-country caravan from Germany? It's absolutely domineering! Look at how it crushes four supercars easily! Young Master Wang, let me send someone over to see if anything is scratched."

Director Qin's voice pierced the silence and shocked everyone in the vicinity.

What's the situation now? What is happening?

Hadn't Director Qin still talked deferentially to Luo Zhiyu about the cars a while ago? Why did he say such things now? Moreover, why is he acting so deferentially toward Wang Xian?

Director Qin's puzzling actions shocked everyone in the vicinity.

Luo Zhiyu, who stood there with his head lifted up high and had demanded ten times compensation a while ago, was stunned.

Seeing Director Qin asking two maintenance workers to check the caravan that just rammed over their cars, Luo Zhiyu's expression turned gloomy.

"Asshole, what are you doing? What did Ren Anzhi, that idiot, ask you to do here?"Luo Zhiyu stared harshly at Director Qin and shouted loudly.

"I naturally know what I'm supposed to do here? Do I need you to remind me?"

When Director Qin heard Luo Zhiyu, he lifted his chest and retorted with contempt. He didn't have the same respectful attitude towards Luo Zhiyu at all.

The look in his eyes was full of taunts.

Young Master Ren had instructed him here to handle this matter. At the same time, Young Master Ren emphasized that he had to be respectful.

However, the moment he saw Wang Xian and the modified cross-country caravan at the side, he knew what he should be doing instead.

As a confidante to Young Master Ren, he knew a lot of things.

This included how Young Master Ren had to be respectful to Young Master Wang as though Young Master Wang was his grandparent.

This included how the father of Young Master Ren, who was also the Ren Family Head, had to be respectful when dealing with Wang Xian.

This included the fact that Wang Xian, who was a devil-like existence in his eyes, had annihilated the Yan Family and Liu Family!

Within the circle of the most influential and wealthy people in Rivertown, all of them knew that you could offend anyone in Rivertown, but not Young Master Wang, who was also known as Miracle Doctor Wang.

He was truly the most horrifying person in Rivertown.

Today, Director Qin believed that even if Young Master Ren had come personally, he would probably choose to offend Luo Zhiyu instead. In fact, Young Master Ren might just pick a fight with him.

If Young Master Ren knew of his actions, not only would Young Master Ren not be angry, but he would also have a better appraisal of him.

At the thought of this, a faint smile appeared on the face of Director Qin.

He glanced at the four supercars that had been crushed, smiled lightly and remarked, "It's your honor to have Young Master Wang crush your cars!"


Luo Zhiyu was shivering a little from anger. He stared coldly at Director Qin and clenched his fist tightly!

"What the...? What's the situation now?"

"I'm totally confused? What is happening? Isn't that Director Qin someone Luo Zhiyu had called over?"

"That middle-aged man addressed Wang Xian as Young Master Wang! That's not a common address nowadays!"

The surrounding crowd was shocked and confused by the development as they whispered among themselves.

Screech, screech, screech!

At this moment, several luxurious cars drove towards the school and stopped by the side.

The crowd was surprised and immediately knew that those were people Hua Zeming and his friends had summoned over.

"There are ten Benzes! Moreover, their car plate numbers are in running order! Who are they?"

When the crowd saw the ten black Benzes lining up neatly, their minds were blown away.

"Look! There are more at the back!"

At this moment, a teenager couldn't help but exclaim. He was pointing to the back as he shouted.

"Land rovers! There are eight land rovers! Oh my god! They are of the same model!"

"Those are cars from the Enterprise Alliance Security Group! Oh my god! Enterprise Alliance Security Group is the largest security company in Rivertown. It is said that everyone in it is an expert!"

Cars drove over and stopped one after another. There were a total of thirty to forty cars.

"Someone is alighting!"

The crowd looked in shock at the people who were alighting from the cars.

They were all young men wearing black attire. At the very front, the driver, who was wearing a pair of white gloves, opened the door of the car in a hurry.

From the car, an old man with a walking stick alighted. From him, one could feel the vibes of a really successful man.

"Chen Hu! That old man resembles Chen Hu!" someone from the crowd exclaimed loudly in disbelief.

"Who is Chen Hu?"

"Chen Hu is the director of the East City Group. He's a billionaire in Rivertown. Many people have to address him as Master Hu when they see him!"

"A billionaire?"

"Wow, there are over twenty young men in suits following behind Chen Hu. This line-up is so stunning!"

"People are alighting from the land rovers too. Who are they?"

"Oh my god! The director of Enterprise Alliance Security Group has come personally. Oh my god! He has actually come personally!"

"There are so many people!"

"Hua Zeming, Han Junming and their friends only made a call and yet so many people have come. Moreover, they are all influential figures in Rivertown! This..."

Every single person in the crowd looked on in disbelief at the group of people who had just arrived.

At the very front were three people. They were the director of East City Group, the director of Enterprise Alliance Security Group and a middle-aged man giving off strong vibes.

At this moment, the crowd looked to Wang Xian before looking at Hua Zeming, Han Junming and their friends.

"Hehe. They have all arrived. I hope you will be able to take the consequences!"

Han Junming looked at the group approaching them. His lips curved into a smiled as he stared coldly at Wang Xian.

"We are starting the game now! I hope you could entertain us!"

Hua Zeming stretched his neck a little as he revealed a cold smirk.

When the crowd saw the approaching group of people, they couldn't help but gasp.

"It's over, it's over! Senior Wang Xian is over!"

"Damn it! I had not expected Hua Zeming and Han Junming to be so incredible. They are able to call upon these influential figures with a single call!"

"Uncle Hu!"

"Chen Hu!"

"Ah Wu!"

Hua Zeming, Han Junming and their friends smirked and greeted the approaching group of people.

"Who dares to bully Zeming? Let Uncle Hu teach him a lesson. There's no one to be afraid of in Rivertown!"

"Young Master Han, who's the one who doesn't understand his position? Leave him to me!"

"Young Master Zhou, I hope I'm not late!"

The middle-aged man, director of East City Group and director of Enterprise Alliance Security Group met the greetings from Hua Zeming and his friends with radiant smiles.

"Sss! This...!"

When the crowd heard how the three leaders addressed Hua Zeming and his friends, they gasped.

They did not know about the middle-aged man, but Chen Hu was the director of a large group and had assets of over a billion. The other man was also the director of a strong group.

Yet, they were so deferential in front of them.

"Have they all arrived? Are there more?" Wang Xian looked at the three men that had walked over with dozens of subordinates. He gave a gentle smile.

"Death is knocking at your door and yet you acting so c.o.c.kily!" the beautiful twins remarked coldly.



"That is...?"

However, when Hu Fei, Chen Hu and Gong Wu saw Wang Xian, their bodies froze.

Their stiff bodies shivered a little as they stopped in their tracks.

At the same time, the three of them took out their phones and made a call.

"Brother Hua, your son has gotten into trouble."

"Director Han, your son has gotten into trouble!"

"Second Master Zhou, your son has gotten into trouble!"

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