Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 234

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 234 Sacred Sect Flame Palace

"Good morning, Senior Wang Xian!"

"Good morning, Wang Xian!"

"Good morning, handsome!"

When Wang Xian and Xiao Yu arrived at school the second morning, they were greeted by the students on the way enthusiastically.

"Morning!" Wang Xian nodded and replied with a smile.

"Brother, your actions have truly shocked the entire school. I had never expected you to accomplish something so shocking. That's totally incredible!"

Seeing students from the school greeting Wang Xian one after another, Xiao Yu looked at her brother with admiration.

"I am still just your brother!" Wang Xian joked. He smiled and added, "Alright, I'm going to my classroom now."

"Go ahead!" Xiao Yu replied, and the two went their separate ways.

"Good Morning, Wang Xian!"

"Good Morning, Brother Xian!"

When Wang Xian arrived at the classroom, everyone's attention was focused on him. A flicker of surprise flashed across their eyes and they quickly greeted him with a smile.

"Morning!" Wang Xian nodded and replied with a smile.

"Wang Xian, you have really hidden what you are capable of too well! The incident that happened yesterday in the afternoon has erupted in the school forum! Your actions are really too domineering!"

"You are my idol! I had never expected you to have such abilities!" some of the classmates with whom Wang Xian was closer with joked as they tried to get on the good books of Wang Xian.

Wang Xian smiled and chatted with them for a while. Soon, the school bell rang.

However, during the short intervals between the lessons in the morning, an announcement was made through the school's broadcasting system.

"Year-two student, Wang Xian, has donated $50 million to help students in need. The school will be setting up a Department to help needy students financially."

When the announcement was made, the school erupted with raucous discussions.

Wang Xian! It's Wang Xian again!

Together with the details of the incident the day before that were being spread at a crazy speed, Wang Xian was now known by everyone in the University of Rivertown.

"Thank you, Wang Xian for the donation to the school! Thank you, Wang Xian for helping out students in need!"

"The counselor approached me today and informed me that Wang Xian had donated a sum to the school to set up a fund that helps needy students. The school has now exempted my tuition fees for a year. I am deeply grateful to Wang Xian!"

"Positive energy! Wang Xian donated $50 million, and this could help a lot of people! Thank you, Wang Xian!"

"Wang Xian is really noble to donate $50 million to help the needy students! Thank you, Wang Xian!"

The school also posted the announcement on its official school website. At the same time, they publicized the assistance plan.

In the comment section, countless students were discussing the donation. Most of them were thanking Wang Xian for his donation.

In the end, the four words of [Thank you, Wang Xian] were up-voted the most, and soon reached over ten thousand.

After seeing the messages on the school forum and hearing the broadcast in school, Wang Xian smiled and left for the Divine Dragon Medical Hall in a joyous mood.

There were only two classes in the morning. After his classes, it was only ten in the morning.

When he reached the doorstep of the medical hall, Sun Lingxiu, who was wearing white, was already standing there.

She stood there quietly and wore a gentle smile on her face. This attracted the attention of many passersby.

"Xiao Xian!"

When Sun Lingxiu saw Wang Xian walking towards her, she walked forward and welcomed him with a beautiful smile.

"Have you been waiting?" asked Wang Xian as he opened the doors to the Divine Dragon Medical Hall.

"Nope, I've just arrived!" answered Sun Lingxiu.

When Sun Lingxiu entered the medical hall, she looked around attentively. "Xiao Xian, you might not know about this, but when I sent patients here for treatment in the past, I imagined becoming a Miracle Doctor as incredible as you. I would think about how great it would be if I could cure them of their illnesses! Although I'm not as great as you are at this moment, I'm at least able to treat patients here!"

She spoke happily, as this was something she had been hoping for ages.

"I'll leave this medical hall to you from now on. I won't meddle with the business anymore!" Wang Xian commented.

"Rest assured! Now that you have left this to me, you will be my boss from now onwards. I'll be earning money for you!" Sun Lingxiu smiled as she went to boil some water.

"Mm. I've brought you here today to take a look first. You can start seeing patients starting tomorrow! I might just stay around here when I have nothing to do," Wang Xian nodded his head and said.

"Alright, Xiao Xian. However, can I change the rules of the Divine Dragon Medical Hall?" Sun Lingxiu asked.

Sun Lingxiu made Wang Xian a cup of tea with the boiled water and brought it to him.

"The rules? Just change them as you wish. I won't be getting involved with the business here in the future after all. Oh yes! It would be best if we could collect spiritual stones from treatments to Ancient Martial Artist," Wang Xian nodded and replied in a nonchalant tone.

"Yes, Boss Xiao Xian, I'll just follow your instructions!" answered Sun Lingxiu with a radiant smile as she lifted the cup of tea and placed it in front of Wang Xian with both hands.

Wang Xian was not used to her behaving this way.

This reminded him of the nurse and maid cosplay.

"This is the place! Divine Dragon Medical Hall that is helmed by the eighth-ranked Miracle Doctor on the Miracle Doctors Chart!"

When Wang Xian and Sun Lingxiu were chatting, an old man and a young man arrived by the doorstep and commented after taking a look at the signboard.

"Master, will he agree to join our Flame Palace?" the young man asked curiously, looking into the Medical Hall.

"Rest assured, he will agree!" the old man said with confidence. "Our Flame Palace is a newly crowned Sacred Sect and we are at the stage where we are recruiting various experts. This is also the best time for the experts to join us!"

"Miracle Doctor Wang is a factionless doctor.Although he is ranked eighth on the Miracle Doctors Chart, he is still a factionless doctor after all. He now has a chance to join a Sacred Sect and become our personal Miracle Doctor within the Sect. Tell me! Will he reject and let this opportunity slip?"

"Hehe, he will definitely agree to join. This is a chance encounter for him and the best opportunity available. He wouldn't get the same treatment and status that Flame Palace is offering if he chooses to join another Sacred Sect," said the old man confidently as he walked in with his head lifted up high.

The young man nodded in agreement and followed behind.

"Hey there, you guys are?"

Sun Lingxiu was tidying up things in the medical hall when the old and young man entered. She looked at them and asked them this, feeling a little baffled about their purpose.

"Wow, she's so beautiful!" the young man exclaimed when he saw Sun Xiuling.

The old man smiled and looked at his disciple before turning his attention to Wang Xian, who was resting on the reclining chair, and asking, "You must be Miracle Doctor Wang!?"

Huh? Wang Xian lifted his head and saw the old and young man. "Yes, I am. Do you have something for me?"

"Miracle Doctor Wang is indeed as young as rumored. I am an Elder of the Sacred Sect, Flame Palace. I would like to invite Miracle Doctor Wang to join our Sacred Sect as our personal Miracle Doctor!" said the old man heartily.

"Sacred Sect, Flame Palace?" Wang Xian was baffled. "Is there a Flame Palace among Sacred Sects?"

The old man was shocked to hear Wang Xian's reply and displeasure flashed in his eyes. Although Flame Palace had just become a Sacred Sect, it was already known throughout the world.

"Flame Palace has just become a Sacred Sect. We sincerely hope Miracle Doctor Wang can join us!" The old man repeated his invitation.

"I'm sorry. I have no intention to join any forces!"

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