Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 235

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 2 Chapter 235 A Slave

"I'm sorry. I have no intention to join any forces!"

When Wang Xian declared his stand indifferently on his chair, the old and young men froze immediately.

The old man was slightly embarrassed when he saw Wang Xian sipping his tea in a relaxed and casual manner. Wang Xian was looking calm as he dismissed them as someone unimportant.

Wang Xian did not take Sacred Sects seriously at all!

"Miracle Doctor Wang, the Flame Palace was promoted to a Sacred Sect. If you can join us, you'll be one of our members, and we'll protect you!"

The old man continued making his point to Wang Xian with a sunken expression.

"I'm sorry!" Wang Xian sat up and put his tea aside. He looked at the old man and repeated himself again, "I don't have the intention to join any forces, and I may not be practicing medicine anymore!"

"It's your honor that we invited you to join the Sacred Sects. How dare a factionless doctor treat us rudely!" said the young man coldly. The young man spotted Wang Xian's lukewarm expression, and the fact that Wang Xian disregarded them totally irritated the young man who had been received with flatteries recently.

Wang Xian was stunned and surprised. He looked at the two haughty people and found them funny. "So what if you are from the Sacred Sects? Are you forcing me to join against my will?"

"Hmph, since Miracle Doctor Wang is unwilling to join us, how can we force you to do so? The Flame Palace will be recruiting heroes and disciples at Wuduan Mountain two days from now. I hope to see you there!" the old man said coldly. With a palm move, a fiery red invitation card appeared in his hand.


He swung his palm gently, and the invitation card was inserted into the wall behind Wang Xian like a hidden weapon.

It was not hard to imagine the strength he possessed for pushing a paper invitation into the wall.

The old man got up and walked out. When he was approaching the door, he paused and said sternly, "A factionless doctor who does not join any force is unsafe!"

The old man left immediately upon completing his sentence. The young man glowered at Wang Xian before he glanced at Sun Lingxiu with passion flashing in his eyes.


Wang Xian put on a smiling face as the old man left. He reached out his hand, and the invitation card embedded in the wall flew to his hand.

If that old man saw this just now, he would be appalled!

Wang Xian flipped the fiery red invitation card and saw prominent characters printed on it.

Pilgrimage: Sacred Sect, Flame Palace!


Wang Xian chuckled. Sects that could become one of the Sacred Sects were domineering existences.

They must have more than ten Inborn Experts and enough influence.

The fact that Flame Palace could be promoted to Sacred Sect meant it must have possessed a dominating presence.

In the last decades, Flame Palace was also the only force that had been promoted.

After they were promoted, the Flame Palace would need to expand their sect by recruiting underworld experts and disciples.

Wuduan Mountain was about a hundred kilometers away from Rivertown. It was not near, but not far either.

"What has Sacred Sect got to do with me?!" Wang Xian chucked the invitation aside and continued with his relaxing tea time.

After Sun Lingxiu came to the Divine Dragon Medical Hall, he finally relaxed completely.

He could swim in the sea, rest in the medical hall, go to school every day. The thought of it was just satisfying.

"Oh, Lingxiu. If you want to have lunch or dinner, you can go to First-grade Restaurant next door."

Wang Xian relaxed and lay down for more than 30 minutes before he stood up and spoke to Sun Lingxiu, who tidied up the medical hall.

"Yes, Xiao Xian." Sun Lingxiu nodded and sat beside him smilingly.

"I'll go back to school now. Go back and rest if there's nothing to do!"

Wang Xian looked at the time and headed to the school.


Sun Lingxiu stood up and gazed at Wang Xian's back view with a faint smile.

"If this place is going to work like I want, I would be swamped. This might prevent Xiao Xian from making money too!"

Sun Lingxiu observed the entire Divine Dragon Medical Hall while she was deep in her thoughts.

She was a kind-hearted person. When she witnessed life and death, and many helpless families in the hospital, she always thought about how wonderful it would be if she were more skillful.

Hence, she was impressed by Wang Xian and admired him a lot.

She always wanted to help those people who suffered from illness or had no money to see expensive doctors when she improved her medical skills.

She knew she was acting a little like a Holy Mother, but it had always been her dream.

Now, she finally had a chance.

However, she would need to overthrow the rules set by Wang Xian previously if she wanted to do that. It would bring more work to the medical hall in the future too.

"Let's get a helper!"

Sun Lingxiu thought of a person as she wore a radiant smile on her face. She closed the medical hall and walked upstairs slowly.

Sun Lingxiu sat with her legs crossed and her eyes closed. The smile disappeared from her face as she looked like a noble and holy goddess.

"My blood!"

She parted her red lips gently as she exuded a faint white glow from her body. The white and bright energy eventually illuminated the entire room.

Pure, elegant, holy!

At the same time, in a castle in faraway Europe...

The night was dark. A middle-aged man, in his red tuxedo and a tall hat, raised his wine glass as he roamed around in the ballroom full of flashes.

Various middle-aged men and ladies in refined and luxurious dressing were exchanging conversations with the middle-aged man in a tuxedo.


When the middle-aged man in a tuxedo went on the front stage, all the audience cheered for him.

"Hehe, thank you for coming!"

The middle-aged man in a tuxedo exhibited an imposing demeanor as he raised his wine glass, overlooking the people like a ruler.

All of them in the ballroom bowed to him in respect and held up their tall wine glasses.

The thick bloody color in the tall wine glasses was eerie-looking under the faint and gloomy lighting.


The middle-aged man in a tuxedo lifted his chin, looking thrilled.

At that moment, his excited face stiffened with shock, fear, and despair showing in his eyes.


He let out a sharp shriek and disappeared on the spot. He then appeared on the top of the castle, as he looked far in one direction!

"No, it can't be. This is impossible!"

He was trembling badly as desperation filled his eyes.


All of a sudden, the middle-aged man in a tuxedo rolled his body on the rooftop of the castle in pain, looking to be in agony.

"Master...I surrender. Master, please. I beg you! I was wrong. I was wrong!"

"I'll come to you now, Master. I'll be at your disposal from now on!"

He knelt on the ground and pledged his loyalty loudly.

There was no one around him, but he was unusually respectful and fearful.

"How dare you feed on my blood. Hmph!"

Sun Lingxiu opened her eyes with radiance flashed across them.

She stood up slowly with a smile on her face.

Miracle Doctor Blood Man is now a slave!

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