Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 2 Chapter 64

Volume 2 Chapter 64 Dragonians

"Haha, great!"

When the old man under siege saw that Wang Xian had slayed two members of the Green Lotus Ancient Sect, his eyes lit up and he got excited. He looked to the middle-aged leader and started laughing, "Shame on the Green Lotus Ancient Sect to claim to be an orthodox Sect but ambush an ordinary person in order to silence him. Yet, you would have never expected him to be so strong. Haha!"

"Brother, thank you for lending me a helping hand. If you can help me eliminate this group of sanctimonious people, I will give you what they are trying to snatch away from me."

The expressions on the six middle-aged men's faces, who were cornering the old man, changed drastically. They had never expected themselves to encounter this situation. They had been used to being arrogant and thinking nothing of killing an ordinary man.

However, they had never expected Wang Xian to be so terrifying.

The middle-aged leader held the knife firmly in his hand and stared at Wang Xian with bloodthirst.

"This is between the Green Lotus Ancient Sect and Ancient Fiend Clan. I hope that this brother wouldn't interfere and we would reward you handsomely after everything!"


Wang Xian wasn't shaken at all by the words of the middle-aged leader. He had zero affection for the six people in front of him and charged directly towards the one who was closest to him.

"Kill! Even if I, Mo Qinglong, was to lose my life, I want all of you to die with me!" When Mo Qinglong saw Wang Xian make his move, his eyes lit up. The black aura around him started surging violently. Disregarding his injuries, he charged and attacked towards the surrounding six people.


When the middle-aged leader saw them attacking, his face turned gloomy. "You guys try to pin down Mo Qinglong while I go and take care of that brat."

"Yes, Sect Leader!" The other five people gripped their swords tightly and set up a Sword Formation towards Mo Qinglong.

"Do you think the five of you are enough to trap me? Even when I'm severely injured, you guys still aren't a match for me!" The dark hair of Mo Qinglong was flying freely and the dark aura around his body was surging towards the surroundings.

At the other end, Wang Xian revealed a heavy look upon seeing the middle-aged man attacking towards him.

He realized that the speed of the middle-aged man was slightly quicker than him.

Martial Artist Level Eight! I wonder if my body could withstand an attack from a Level Eight Martial Artist?

Wang Xian had a gloomy look. With his current strength, he could go against and kill Level Seven Martial Artists. As for Level Eight Martial Artists, he wasn't certain. Nonetheless, he wasn't fearful.

"Die, you damn brat!" The middle-aged man moved the sword in his hand and a cold glow pierced toward Wang Xian.

So fast!

Wang Xian was a little shocked when he saw the sword of the middle-aged man. Adjusting his body posture, he dodged to the side.

"Can you dodge this?" The middle-aged man looked at Wang Xian with disdain and swung his arm across.


The sword cut along Wang Xian's arm and left a three inches long wound on it.

However, the wound wasn't deep, but looked severe.

Indeed! A Level Eight Martial Artist could injure me!

Seeing the wound on his arm regenerating gradually, Wang Xian looked towards the middle-aged leader with alertness.

"You don't know anything about martial arts techniques and you dared to mess with us?"

The middle-aged leader knew Wang Xian didn't know any martial arts technique with just a look. He looked at him with disdain and said, "You can die now!"

As he finished his sentence, the sword in his hands moved in a mesmerizing manner. In the end, countless sword shadows intersected together to form a sharp sword that slashed towards Wang Xian.


Wang Xian took a deep breath as he saw the sharp sword slashing towards him. If he was hit, he would definitely be severely injured.

However, he felt no fear at all. "Let's see how powerful the dragon ball is!"

He opened his mouth slightly and a quail-egg size dragon ball flew out of his mouth. It was burning in crimson red flame and flew towards the middle-aged man at a horrifying speed.

"What is this?" The middle-aged man was shocked when he saw a fireball-like object flying towards him. He immediately swung his sword and slashed directly at it.

With a change in thought, the dragon ball made a creepy curve and avoided the sword. Instead, it landed on the arm of the middle-aged leader.


A horrifying shriek pierced through the night. To the horror of the middle-aged man, the little fireball-like object had landed on his hand and was quickly disintegrating his body.

In just a split second, a hole appeared on his arm. Terror overwhelmed him when he noticed that his chest area seemed to have been "cooked".

It was "cooked" under the intense heat!

The middle-aged man's eyes were wide opene and were filled with disbelief. He stared towards Wang Xian and his eyes were filled with despair.

"If you try to kill others, be ready to be killed!"

Wang Xian spoke slowly to the middle-aged leader. With just a thought, the dragon ball went through the body of the middle-aged leader.

In that instant, the body of the middle-aged man was turned into dust! Nope! Under the high temperature, not even ashes were left behind!

Controlling it with his mind, the dragon ball flew towards the other two corpses. When it went through them, nothing was left.

"Shit! Sect leader is killed!"

At this moment, a horrifying shriek propagated from the side. They had never expected their Sect Leader to be killed.

Their gazes swept by Wang Xian and their bodies were trembling in fear.

Why the hell did we mess with this expert?

"Haha, all of you shall die too!" Mo Qinglong saw them being distracted. Instantly, the black gas around him surged more violently and swept towards the five of them.


"Argh! No!" "

Several horrified screams filled the air. The five middle-aged men were defending hopelessly. However, they were all slain by the old man.

Cough cough cough!

Mo Qinglong spat out blood after slaying the five middle-aged men. He was barely holding up as his body was emitting its last stretch of vitality. He was on the verge of death!

The escape and desperate counterattack a while ago had exhausted all of his life force.

"Thank you, brother!" "

With all his might, he tried to maintain his posture, and revealed a pitiful smile at Wang Xian.

Wang Xian looked at the old man and started to frown.

Cough cough! Mo Qinglong coughed violently and spat out blood once again. He grabbed something from his waist slowly and said, "This is what those orthodox sects tried to snatch from us. Since they didn't get it, I shall give it to you, brother."

As he finished his sentence, Mo Qinglong fell to the ground directly, as though he had expended all his strength. 

Wang Xian looked at the old man quietly. Suddenly, he had an idea, walked to the side of Mo Qinglong and carried him up.

As the dragon ball swept through the battling scene, the surrounding corpses vanished into the thin air.

Looking at the baggage in the old man's hand, Wang Xian carried the old man and sat onto his heavy-duty motorcycle. After which, he rode towards the seaside.

At the seaside, Wang Xian carried the old man and jumped into the water directly. He didn't transform into a divine dragon and simply swam towards the sea.

In less than 20 minutes, Wang Xian arrived at the deserted island where clam girl was at.

Wang Xian threw the old man on the ground. Looking at him on the verge of death, Wang Xian revealed a faint smile.

As a divine dragon, not only do I need to have marine subordinates for my Dragon Palace, but I also need to have my own force in the mortal realm. Regardless of whether it is in the seas or on land, I want my name to send fear throughout!

Wang Xian stared fervently at the old man. He was thinking of building a force in the mortal realm.

This old man shall be the first human General: Dragonian!

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