Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 236

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 236 Disciples Of The Flame Palace

Wang Xian didn't know what had happened in the Divine Dragon Medical Hall.

"Hurry up. Let's go get some crockpot rice. That stall has great business. We've got to hurry!"

At this moment, Xiao Yu was rushing Wang Xian, Lan Qingyue and Guan Shuqing.

"Alright. It has been a long time since we have eaten in the school canteen. Let's go!"

Wang Xian nodded his head with a faint smile before looking to Lan Qingyue and Guan Shuqing. "Do you guys still have lessons in the afternoon?"

"I have two more lessons in the afternoon!"

"I have two lessons too!"

The two girls smiled and returned the question, "Why? What's the matter?"

"Nothing, nothing. I'd just like to ask if the two of you will be staying in the dormitory tonight?"

Wang Xian smiled sheepishly. After practicing behind closed doors for a month, he had a hard time holding it in. He wanted to release some of it.

"I'm staying in the dormitory."

"I'm going home!"

The two girls stared at him at the same time and answered.

"Oh, in that case, come to my villa after school tomorrow! Let's have a good gathering and get something nice to eat!" continued Wang Xian without a pause.

Huh? The two girls were a little interested. After hesitating for a moment, they nodded their heads.

Wang Xian was thrilled and started looking at Guan Shuqing and Lan Qingyue from top to bottom.

Both of them were around 1.7 meters tall with perfect figures. The two of them together...

Wang Xian was in ecstasy at the thought of it. His imagination ran wild and he was wondering if he should get some new clothes for them.

Schoolgirl costume? Stockings? Female teacher costume?

"Wow! There are so many people waiting for it!"

When they arrived at the canteen, Xiao Yu was clearly displeased when she saw the long queue in front of the stall that sold crockpot rice.

"Let's go. We have nothing going on anyway. Let's just queue for it!"

Wang Xian smiled and walked over as he spoke to Xiao Yu.


Wang Xian had visited this crockpot rice stall with Lan Qingyue once. It was indeed tasty and could be considered as one of the most patronized stalls in the University of Rivertown.

Wang Xian, Xiao Yu and the group walked towards the end of the line.

"Eh? Wang Xian, are you eating in the school canteen too?"

"Hello, Wang Xian!"

"Hello, senior Wang Xian!"

When Wang Xian and the group walked over, those who were queueing immediately recognized him and greeted him.

"Yeah, I'm here for lunch. Hello, everyone!"

Wang Xian smiled faintly. After what had happened yesterday and the news of him donating $50 million to the school had spread, he was now known by even more people than the number of people who knew Lan Qingyue and Guan Shuqing.

"Are you here for the crockpot rice? Come, you can queue in front of me!"

"Oh yeah, Wang Xian. Come, you can go to the front. You don't have to queue!"

"To the students ahead, are you all fine with letting Wang Xian queue in front of you guys?"

"Not a problem at all. Oh right, Wang Xian, what would you like to have? I'll order for you!" the students in the queue smiled and said to Wang Xian.

Wang Xian saw the enthusiastic looks on the students. He simply smiled, waved his hand and replied, "It's alright. I'm not in a rush. I can just wait behind!"

"This won't do. You are someone we really respect in the entire school. We aren't in a hurry either. You have done so much for the school and this is just a way the students are trying to express their gratitude. Do you guys agree with me?"

"That's right, that's right!" all the students replied loudly.

"How many servings of crockpot rice do you want? It will be all free if you visit here again!"

The boss of the stall heard what the students were saying. With a face full of smiles, he stretched his head out of the window.

"What a great boss!" the students laughed and commented.

"Haha, it's just some rice. Hey, Wang Xian, how many servings would you like? I'll start preparing right away!" the boss laughed heartily.

"In that case, thank you, boss. I'd like to have four servings!"

Wang Xian saw the enthusiastic looks of the students and replied with a faint smile.

"Alright, it will be done right away!"

The boss nodded his head.

"Hehe. Xiao Xian, you are really incredible now. You don't have to pay for your meal and can just use your face!"

"Yeah! You are getting even more compliments than us currently!" Guan Shuqing and Lan Qingyue smiled and said to Wang Xian.

"Perhaps it's because I'm too good looking!" Wang Xian said cheekily. "Let's find a place to sit. I'll bring it over to you guys in a while!"

"Alright, brother, thank you!"

Xiao Yu, Guan Shuqing and Lan Qingyue walked to a bench a short distance away and sat down.

"Brother, can you get another serving? My master is coming too!"

Less than two minutes had passed when Xiao Yu shouted to Wang Xian.

"Alright!" Wang Xian nodded his head and ordered an additional serving.

After five minutes, the boss placed five servings of crockpot rice on a tray and passed it to Wang Xian with a smile.

"Thank you!"

Wang Xian thanked the boss before carrying the tray towards Xiao Yu and the group.

"Tsk. You are just a Martial Artist Level 8 Elder from the Thistles and Thorns Sect and yet you dare to speak to me in this manner? You must be courting death!"

When Wang Xian walked over, he instantly heard a clear voice sound. He was taken aback and lifted his head to look over.

It was from a girl, a very beautiful girl. In terms of looks, she wasn't inferior to Guan Shuqing and Lan Qingyue.

Around her, there were three to four other teenagers.

Opposite the girl, Elder Fang and Xiao Yu were standing.

At this moment, Xiao Yu's face had turned red from anger. She stared harshly at the girl as she remarked, "Tsk! Is your Flame Palace that impressive that it gives you the confidence to speak so loudly? Are you the Saintess or Sect Leader of Flame Palace?"

"Hey, girl, you better watch your words. Flame Palace isn't something you can insult. A small Thistles and Thorns Sect is nothing in the eyes of our Flame Palace. Just a few attendants from the Flame Palace would be enough to annihilate you guys!"

The young man standing beside the girl looked at Xiao Yu with contempt and issued a stern warning.

As for the girl, she was as proud as a peac.o.c.k and looked plainly at Xiao Yu and Elder Fang.

The Flame Palace again?

When Wang Xian heard that name, he looked to the boy who spoke with disdain.

"You better watch your words in front of me too. Those who dare to speak like this to my sister in Rivertown will suffer a terrible death!"

Wang Xian carried the tray and walked over directly. He placed it on the table by the side before looking at that boy.


The boy was first stunned, but quickly turned his head over to meet the eyes of Wang Xian.

However, he soon frowned when he saw Wang Xian. The aura on his body dissipated immediately.

Wang Xian looked at that boy and demanded coldly, "Apologize now!"


That boy was shocked. The proud girl was also slightly stunned as she looked confusingly at Wang Xian.

That proud girl restrained her arrogance and exclaimed, "Miracle Doctor Wang!"

Wang Xian did not pay attention to her and had his eyes fixed on that young man.

"I'm a disciple of the Flame Palace!" the young man gritted his teeth and said with a heavy tone.

He had not expected the one who he had reprimanded to be the sister of Wang Xian.

They had long heard about the incident of Hua Zeming and Han Junming in the morning. After investigating further, they found out that Wang Xian was, in fact, Miracle Doctor Wang of Rivertown.

He was now facing the eighth-ranked Miracle Doctor on the Miracle Doctors Chart, someone who could summon several Inborn experts to annihilate a First-class Force.

Therefore, all he could do was to brace himself and throw out the title of Flame Palace.

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