Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 237

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 237 Trouble

Wang Xian narrowed his eyes as coldness flashed in them while looking at the young guy.

"Apologize now!"

When the girl beside him noticed the change in Wang Xian's expression, she quickly instructed the young man.

That guy hesitated, looking embarrassed. He then gritted his teeth and lowered his head slightly. "Sorry, Miracle Doctor Wang. I didn't know she's your sister!"


Wang Xian spat out a word emotionlessly again. This time, he was staring at all of them.

"Miracle Doctor Wang... We..."

"I don't want to repeat myself again!"

That pretty and haughty girl was about to say something again, but Wang Xian glared at her coldly.

Her expression changed drastically as she stared at Wang Xian with an awful look. Subsequently, she turned her back on him and left.

"Hmph! Such arrogance!" Xiao Yu glared at them and said with anger.

The haughty girl darkened her expression while the rest of the people following her were looking sulky.

"Wanwan, why are we afraid of him? He's just a factionless doctor. We"

The boy who had apologized just now asked Mu Wanwan with a sullen look.

"He's not someone whom we can provoke!"

Mu Wanwan's expression sank as she took a look at him. "Flame Palace is trying to recruit the factionless doctor ranked eighth on the Miracle Doctors Chart. If he becomes the dedicated Miracle Doctor in Flame Palace, his position is equivalent to an elder's position!"

"Wanwan is right. Even if he is not joining Flame Palace, we can't afford to offend him. The Flame Palace would not offend a Miracle Doctor like him without any reason," another guy beside him said with a gloomy look.

They were only average disciples of Flame Palace. Even though they had Sacred Sect as their backing, they did not dare to provoke Wang Xian.

"Are we swallowing this down just like this?!" that boy asked, as he felt humiliated.

Mu Wanwan was looking ahead without uttering a word.


"What's going on?" Wang Xian looked at Xiao Yu and asked her when that group of people had left.

"It was because of Thistles and Thorns Sect!" Elder Fang frowned as she answered Wang Xian.

"Thistles and Thorns Sect?" Wang Xian paused slightly as he asked doubtfully, "Do Thistles and Thorns Sect and Flame Palace have any conflicts?"

"Mm, sort of!" Elder Fang nodded. "Sect Leader Tang and one of the elders of Flame Palace shared some grievances. Hence, it involves the entire Thistles and Thorns Sect!"

"Let's talk while we eat!" Wang Xian sat at the table as he said to Elder Fang.

"It's a long story, and it involves the Sect Leader's wife!" Elder Fang took a seat and said to Wang Xian.

"Hur? Sect Leader Tang and that elder from Flame Palace had a fight with a girl? In the end, Sect Leader Tang won the heart of beauty? Such drama like this?" asked Wang Xian, shocked.

"Something like that!" Elder Fang nodded her head bitterly, "I'm not sure about the details, but Sect Leader Tang's foe made a breakthrough to Inborn Realm and was promoted to the elder of Flame Palace. Besides, the Flame Palace was just promoted to become a Sacred Sect not long ago."

"This time round, Flame Palace is recruiting experts and disciples at the Wuduan Mountain. Given the influence of Sacred Sects, formidable families, sects around the provinces will be there on a pilgrimage."

"Many people knew about the old scores between Sect Leader Tang and that elder from Flame Palace. The Thistles and Thorns Sect might be in danger, as we're afraid they may make things difficult for us!" Elder Fang said with a helpless look on her face.

A Second-class Force against a Sacred Sect was as good as an ant fighting an elephant. Thistles and Thorns Sect could not resist them.

"What's so great about Sacred Sect? Give me a few more months, and I will also become an Inborn Expert!" Xiao Yu pounded her bowl with her chopsticks out of anger.

"The Flame Palace invited me to join their them, but I turned them down today!" Wang Xian stroked Xiao Yu's head as he laughed.

"Hur? Brother, did they?" Xiao Yu was slightly stunned as she asked to confirm again.

"Yes, they wanted me to become their dedicated Miracle Doctor." Wang Xian laughed as he spoke. "Extremely haughty old and young men!"

"You did the right thing by rejecting them!" Xiao Yu pouted her lips and nodded.

Elder Fang shook her head. "Given Miracle Doctor Wang's strength, you could be at least an elder in Flame Palace after you joined them."

"Master, will something happen to Thistles and Thorns Sect this time?!" asked Xiao Yu with concern.

"According to Sect Leader's speculations, we will get humiliation at most. Their old scores were not as serious as fighting it out with their lives. It's just that it would be difficult for Thistles and Thorns Sect to develop in the future!"

Elder Fang slightly knit her eyebrows as she looked at Xiao Yu. "Thistles and Thorns Sect will have to depend on you."

"Don't worry, Master. I will become a formidable expert so that no one can bully Thistles and Thorns Sect!" Xiao Yu said with motivation.

Wang Xian chuckled as he found it interesting to see his own younger sister growing up.

He was not sure if this was considered to be a heroine cultivation story for his sister.

After lunch, Wang Xian accompanied Guan Shuqing and Lan Qingyue for a stroll in the canteen.

Xiao Yu went back to her cultivation, feeling spurred on by Elder Fang.

She was already a Level 8 Martial Artist, the same level as Elder Fang.

However, she was still far from Elder Fang in terms of combat experience.

Even so, Elder Fang was astonished by Xiao Yu's growth too!

After school, Wang Xian took the comfortable caravan back to the villa.

Sun Lingxiu greeted him with a smiling face while making tea. She even cooked for him.

Upon seeing such a pure and beautiful goddess serving him, Wang Xian was not used to it, but at the same time, he felt extremely satisfied.

Sun Lingxiu continued staying in the room not far away from him, and did not mention leaving.

Wang Xian woke up early the next morning. He came to the yard and noticed Xiao Yu and Elder Fang's startled looks as they gazed ahead.

"Master, I was wrong. I was ignorant the other time. It was all my fault. I will be serving you by your side from now on. Please give me a chance!"

A middle-aged man, who wore a vibrant red tuxedo, was kneeling at the entrance with an ashen look. He was kowtowing to Sun Lingxiu without stopping.

His broken Chinese sounded quirky.

"What's your name!" Sun Lingxiu looked at Miracle Doctor Blood Man and asked without any emotions.

"Master, I'm the maid... No... I'm the slave, named Scarlet Vince Vladimir."

Miracle Doctor Blood Man answered respectfully. His broken Mandarin and the term 'maid' were very funny.

"Okay, I shall call you Xiao Hong from now on!" Sun Lingxiu put on a smile as she spoke to Miracle Doctor Blood Man. [1]

"Yes, you can call me anything you want, Master. Xiao Hong sounds nice!" Miracle Doctor Blood Man quickly agreed.

"Okay, get up now and follow me from now on!" Sun Lingxiu said with a smile.

"Yes, Xiao Hong vows...to follow Master for anything you want me to do. My loyalty to the Master is as much as the sea..."

Miracle Doctor Blood Man--no, Xiao Hong--told Sun Lingxiu with determination.

"Gosh, what a talent!"


[1] Xiao Hong means Little Scarlet

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