Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 238

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 238 Pilgrimage 1

A very interesting person arrived at the villa.

He was known as Miracle Doctor Blood Man in the past and Xiao Hong currently.

When Wang Xian saw Miracle Doctor Blood Man, he immediately realized why he would be under the control of Sun Lingxiu.

The reason lay in the bloodline.

Miracle Doctor Blood Man had sucked and consumed the blood of Sun Lingxiu previously. Initially, Sun Lingxiu was supposed to die because of this. However, Wang Xian managed to save her, and imparted the Cultivation Arts of the Light Divine Dragon Transformation to her.

Together with a Level 12 flower sac and her incredibly strong constitution, her cultivation level reached Level 6 of the Divine Dragon Transformation and her strength wouldn't be inferior to an Inborn expert.

As for Miracle Doctor Blood Man, his strength had improved by leaps and bounds after consuming Sun Lingxiu's unique blood.

However, there was a hidden issue with it. The blood belonged to Sun Lingxiu after all.

Using the method Wang Xian developed to control the dragonians, she had gained control of Miracle Doctor Blood Man directly.

Just like the dragonians, Miracle Doctor Blood Man would have developed an innate submission and obedience to Sun Lingxiu.

Sun Lingxiu could also give Miracle Doctor Blood Man an experience worse than death through her unique technique.

"Young Master, Xiao Hong is really strong. My senses are telling me that he isn't any weaker than me!" Mo Qinglong found it hilarious to see Miracle Doctor Blood Man, or Xiao Hong, standing there deferentially.

"He's indeed strong, but he has gone for wool and come home shorn. He definitely had not expected himself to end up like this!" Wang Xian said with a face of smiles.

"Hello, everyone, my master has prepared breakfast. Please come and have a try!"

Sun Lingxiu brought out the breakfast she had prepared. Miracle Doctor Blood Man immediately went over to help and brought out the breakfast like a gentleman.

Miracle Doctor Blood Man was from a top-tier noble family in Europe. Every past generation in his family was part of the nobles. Therefore, he exhibited noble airs in every action he did.

This was definitely not something waitresses in western food restaurants could match.

The only negative about him would be his broken Mandarin.

"It's time for breakfast!" Sun Lingxiu sat to the side of Wang Xian happily and remarked. "Try some!"

"Yeah!" Wang Xian nodded his head and commented. "So tasty!"

"Great! Oh right, Xiao Xian. I might not be opening the medical hall today. Xiao Hong has a lot of books on medical techniques. I'd like to take the day off to take a look at them!" said Sun Lingxiu.

"Sure, you don't have to be in a rush!" Wang Xian nodded his head.

"Yeah, yeah. With Xiao Hong helping out at the medical hall, it will get a lot easier in the future!" Sun Lingxiu smiled and nodded her head.

Miracle Doctor Blood Man saw how his master looked at Wang Xian. He immediately thought to himself that this would also be someone he had to treat with respect in the future.

After a day of classes, Wang Xian brought Lan Qingyue and Guan Shuqing back to the villa excitedly.


However, when he arrived at the villa, he saw a familiar figure sitting on the sofa.

"Sect Leader Tang, why are you here?"

Wang Xian signalled to Lan Qingyue and Guan Shuqing before walking to where Sect Leader Tang was.

"Miracle Doctor Wang!"

When Sect Leader Tang saw him, he immediately stood up and greeted him.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, sorry for intruding. There's something I have to tell Miracle Doctor Wang and Xiao Yu!"

"Have a seat, Sect Leader Tang. You can be frank about it!" Wang Xian smiled and walked over.

"It's regarding the pilgrimage!"

Sect Leader Tang sat down and spoke with a heavy expression.

"Pilgrimage?" Wang Xian was taken aback and recalled the Flame Palace.

"This is an invitation card from them!"

Sect Leader Tang nodded his head and placed two invitation cards beside Wang Xian before opening them.

Its contents were the same as the invitation card he had received from an old man. [Pilgrimage: Sacred Sect, Flame Palace]

Five very domineering words!

And below the seven words, there was a line of words.

[Sincerely inviting Sect Leader Tang of Thistles and Thorns Sect]

And on the other invitation card, it read [Sincerely inviting Saintess of Thistles and Thorns Sect]

Saintess of Thistles and Thorns Sect?

Wang Xian squinted his eyes to catch a better look.

"Someone from Thistles and Thorns Sect might have leaked out the news. Now, the Flame Palace knows about the existence of a Saintess in Thistles and Thorns Sect!"

With a heavy expression, he continued, "Therefore, the Flame Palace has sent out two invitation cards!"

Within the Underworld, once a sect established the position of Saintess or Saint, it would mean that they had extremely high regards for that disciple.

To a large extent, the Saint or Saintess represented the future successors of the position of Sect Leader and they had a high chance of reaching the Inborn Realm.

The Elder from Flame Palace heard about this and was clearly interested to find out more about the Saintess of the Thistles and Thorns Sect.

As to what he really had in mind, no one else would know.

Wang Xian frowned slightly. The Flame Palace had sent two separate invitation cards. In that case, Xiao Yu as the Saintess had to go. Otherwise, it would be signalling that she looked down on the Flame Palace.

This might result in grave consequences in the future.

Sect Leader Tang didn't dare to reject.

"Pilgrimage?" Wang Xian was feeling a little contemptuous. "I'll accompany Xiao Yu tomorrow."

Huh? Sect Leader Tang was slightly shocked. He immediately stood up and said respectfully, "I'll be troubling Miracle Doctor Wang then. This is all because of me after all."

"It's alright, Sect Leader Tang, you don't have to worry about it!" Wang Xian smiled and shook his head.

"In that case, I shall not disturb Miracle Doctor Wang further. I'll get going. Our Thistles and Thorns Sect still has to make some preparations," said Sect Leader Tang.


Wang Xian nodded his head. Seeing off Sect Leader Tang, he glanced at the invitation card on the table. "Pilgrimage? Interesting!"

Pilgrimage to the Flame Palace would suggest Flame Palace wanted others to revere them!

Soon after, Xiao Yu and Elder Fang returned to the villa. Clearly, Xiao Yu and Elder Fang had learnt about the matter.

When Xiao Yu got back, she immediately went to practice and swore to become an Inborn expert as quickly as possible.

At night, the thrilling night Wang Xian had envisioned did not come into fruition. Lan Qingyue and Guan Shuqing stayed in a separate room.

Moreover, they locked their door when they went to bed.

This made him feel helpless.

"Young Master, I have a piece of good news!"

On the second day, when Wang Xian walked to the living room, Mo Qinglong walked over and reported to him joyously.

"What's the good news?" Wang Xian stretched his body a little and asked.

"Mo Yuan has made the advancement to the Inborn Realm!" Mo Qinglong answered with a smile.

"Oh? That was pretty fast!"

Wang Xian revealed a satisfied expression. Mo Yuan was Mo Qinglong's disciple and had a foundation in cultivation. It wasn't too huge of a surprise that his cultivation level had now reached the Inborn Realm.

"Oh, right." Wang Xian thought about it and continued, "Call Mo Yuan along too. The Flame Palace has organized a pilgrimage. Let's go over and take a look!"

"For the pilgrimage to the Flame Palace, I heard that all the second-class and above forces in the four to five neighbouring provinces have to attend."

"The main objective of the Flame Palace is to recruit experts and take in outstanding disciples."

Mo Qinglong knew more about the pilgrimage than Wang Xian and added, "I'll get Mo Yuan over right away!"

"Let him hurry over. We will be rushing there after breakfast!" said Wang Xian.

At this moment, Miracle Doctor Blood Man, who had noble blood, carried the breakfast to the dining table. "Hello everyone, it's time for breakfast."

"Lingxiu, why don't you guys follow us to Wuduan Mountain today?" Wang Xian said to Sun Lingxiu, taking a glance at Miracle Doctor Blood Man.

"Alright, Xiao Xian, I'll listen to whatever you say!" Sun Lingxiu answered obediently.

Lan Qingyue and Guan Shuqing, who happened to be coming down the stairs, heard her.

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