Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 239

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 239 Pilgrimage 2

"Shuqing, watch over him. I'm going back to the office to settle some stuff!"

Before Lan Qingyue was gone, she cast a death stare at Wang Xian and urged Guan Shuqing.

"Don't worry. I'll watch over him!"

Guan Shuqing nodded.


Wang Xian gave a bitter smile when Guan Shuqing threw him a warning look after Lan Qingyue left.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, let's go. It will take more than two hours to reach Wuduan Mountain from here!"

Elder Fang looked at Wang Xian and spoke casually, thinking he was a s.e.x poodle to herself.

"Let's take the caravan. Just right. All of us can fit into it!" Wang Xian told them as he swept a glance at the group and headed to the car.

Xiao Yu, Elder Fang, Guan Shuqing, Sun Lingxiu, Miracle Doctor Blood Man Xiao Hong, Mo Yuan, Mo Qinglong and Wang Xian made eight people in total.

Miracle Doctor Blood Man was in his usual vibrant red tuxedo. His face went pale as he observed the group with surprise.

Needless to say, his master was an Inborn Expert.

In addition, that Miracle Doctor Wang and his two other servants were Inborn Experts.

Counting him in the group would make five Inborn Experts in a group of eight.

Such a lineup surprised Xiao Hong.

If we had a few more experts, we could form a royal family! Xiao Hong thought to himself.

"Young Master, this is the information about Flame Palace researched by Mo Yuan!"

Mo Qinglong handed a doc.u.ment to Wang Xian in the car.

"Oh?" Wang Xian took it with surprise. Xiao Yu and Elder Fang looked over with curiosity too.

"They have 13 Inborn Experts, more than 30 Half-step to Inborn Experts, around 80 Level 9 Martial Artists, and their Saint and Saintess were on the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart. They were ranked 17 and 14 respectively!"

Xiao Yu and Elder Fang read aloud the information on the doc.u.ment as they stared with their eyes agape.

"They are strong. They actually have 13 Inborn Experts!" Xiao Yu could not help but exclaim, "Is this how strong a Sacred Sect is?"

"According to the information Thistles and Thorns Sect got, Flame Palace only has 11 Inborn Experts, and they don't have so many Half-step to Inborn Experts and Level 9 Martial Artists!"

Elder Fang knit her eyebrows slightly.

"This information is accurate!" said Mo Qinglong to Elder Fang

"Looks like Flame Palace has concealed their actual strength. They are among the Sacred Sects indeed!" Elder Fang exclaimed.

As compared to such a domineering Flame Palace, Thistles and Thorns Sect was nothing.

"Master, will the Flame Palace bully Thistles and Thorns Sect?" Xiao Yu looked at her master with concern.

"Don't worry!" Elder Fang squeezed a smile on her face, but she was, in fact, worried sick!

"Relax. I'm here, aren't I? With me around, what can the Flame Palace do?!"

Wang Xian smiled and stroked Xiao Yu's head.

"Yes, I still have a formidable brother!"

Xiao Yu lifted her chin and showed a smile on her face.

The car was driving fast on the road.

Wuduan Mountain was situated in the North City of Dongqing Province.

Wuduan Mountain was made up of five 100-meter peaks, surrounding a special scenic area in the center.

This scenic area only opened in the spring, and tourists were prohibited from entering during other seasons.

Wuduan Mountain had five entrances. Wang Xian and the rest began to observe the environment after the car was parked at the entrance.

The floor around the 100-meters towering peaks was covered by marble.

All kinds of luxury cars were parked in the carpark, while the imposing experts strolled inside.

Many Martial Artists were standing around the entrance.

They were dressed in uniforms with huge flames embroidered in front of their chests.

"Even the entrance guards are Level 7 Martial Artists. They are simply domineering."

"No wonder Flame Palace can be the only force that rose to become a Sacred Sect within decades. We can tell how strong Flame Palace is just by a glimpse of it."

"Sacred Sects... When can we be promoted to the Sacred Sects? Sigh, I guess we're hopeless!"

The few influential families and sects from the surrounding provinces exclaimed softly when they saw the guards at the entrance.

They walked in with awe, just like what the invitation of Flame Palace had written: Pilgrimage!

"Flame Palace did not dispatch all their people here for this recruitment. It's not even a third of their total strength!"

"I heard there will be four Inborn Experts from Flame Palace here. With them around, they can suppress everyone on the spot!"

As Wang Xian and the group headed inside, the discussions were heard from the surroundings again.

"Your invitation card, please!" the guards of Flame Palace asked them coldly when they came to an intersection point.

Mo Qinglong placed two invitation cards on the table. The guards took a glance and gestured for them to enter.

"Wow, what a huge square!"

When they walked into Wuduan Mountain, a vast square unfolded before their eyes.

Guan Shuqing was shocked as she looked inside.

A large cauldron, five meters tall, was situated in the center.

An immense flame was burning in it, making it look magnificent.

Dozens of Level 8 Martial Artists from Flame Palace were surrounding the cauldron.

The entire square was about two to three kilometers in radius.

A field that was similar to the ancient martial arts field was located in the center.

At this time, more than a thousand people were gathered here. Even though thousands of people sounded like a huge number, it looked like a few in the spacious square.

The entire square looked like an ancient underworld with the surrounding pine trees.

"Master, Sect Leader and the rest are over there!"

Just then, Xiao Yu pointed to the entrance on the right after she scanned the surrounding environment.

"Let's go over there!" said Elder Fang as she looked at Wang Xian before she walked to Thistles and Thorns Sect.

"Sect Leader!"

Xiao Yu and Elder Fang walked over and greeted Sect Leader Tang.


Thistles and Thorns Sect had sent more than 20 people, including several elders. The elders, along with the attendants, greeted Xiao Yu.

Since the Flame Palace already knew Xiao Yu was their Saintess, there was no need for them to hide anymore.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, thank you for being here."

Sect Leader Tang bowed to Wang Xian, expressing his gratitude.

Wang Xian waved a dismissive hand. "When will Flame Palace start their pilgrimage?"

"Noon. They will start the recruitment of experts and disciples at noon!" Sect Leader Tang answered.

"We're still early then!"

Wang Xian looked at the time and sat on a stone bench with nothing to do.

Guan Shuqing sat with him on the stone bench beside him.

Sun Lingxiu found a seat nearby with a smiling face while the Miracle Doctor Blood Man stood beside her respectfully.

More and more people gathered in the square. Most of the Martial Artists carried their swords and sabers.

The atmosphere began to liven up.

The crowd was distinguished by their uniforms. From their attire, it was easy to tell which sect or family they came from.

"I saw five first-class forces. All of them were led by Inborn Experts. That's formidable!"

"Quite a number of second-class forces are here too. No one dared to defy a word from Sacred Sect!"

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