Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 241

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 241 Pilgrimage 4


Fengyang Lie and Fengyang Family stood up together. Their icy-cold faces were crawling with murderous intent as they stared at Miracle Doctor Blood Man.


Everyone from Thistles and Thorns Sect was dumbfounded at the scene. Darn, this foreigner was definitely a supreme talent.

"He's at least a Half-step to Inborn Expert!"

When Sect Leader Tang looked at Miracle Doctor Blood Man, he was stunned. However, he frowned immediately when he saw the people from Fengyang Family.

"How dare you injure my son! You must be tired of living!"

Fengyang Lie jerked his body and exuded a strong and intense aura from it. He glared at Miracle Doctor Blood Man with a pair of emotionless eyes before he stretched out his hand, taking a sword from a middle-aged man next to him.


The surrounding Martial Artists within a radius of a few hundred meters away were drawn by the immense aura exploded by Inborn Expert immediately. Everyone looked over in shock.

"It's the Fengyang Family. That's Fengyang Lie. Who's the one who offended them?"

"Another first-class force? Otherwise, who dares to offend them?"

The crowd looked over with doubt. Even people from the Flame Palace in the middle turned their attention over here.

"Heh, old freak. Since you can't even teach your son well, I'll have to do it for you. Why?"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man's expression remained unchanged. He maintained his disdainful look when he looked at Fengyang Lie.

However, the scarlet tuxedo that he was wearing got darker as he released bloody aura from his body.

"Eh, this is...? Inborn!"

Sensing the demeanor of Miracle Doctor Blood Man, Fengyang Lie sharpened his eyes as he fixed them upon him.


Miracle Doctor Blood Man widened his mouth, "How dare you disturb my master. Count him lucky that I didn't kill him!"


Fengyang Lie heard that word again. Radiance flickered in his eyes as he peered at Sun Lingxiu who was sitting there with a darkened expression.


At this time, Miracle Doctor Blood Man made a move at a frightening and daunting speed. A red figure flashed immediately.

"Even if I'm tired of living, can you kill me? Old freak!"

When the Miracle Doctor Blood Man reappeared, he was already a half-meter away from Fengyang Lie's left-hand side. Scarlet radiance blinked in his eyes as he fixed his cold eyes on Fengyang Lie.


Fengyang Lie was appalled as he gazed at Miracle Doctor Blood Man with his blood run cold.

In fact, he did not even capture the trace of his opponent's movement.

Realizing this, the hand that was holding the sword trembled slightly.

The surrounding crowd from Fengyang Family also gazed frightfully at Miracle Doctor Blood Man. They swallowed their saliva and clung to their weapons tightly.

"So...Sorry. It was my son's fault!"

Fengyang Lie apologized with an embarrassed look.

"That's right. Hiak hiak. Be good. I'll kill all of you if you continue to infuriate my master."

Miracle Doctor Blood Man broke out in ghastly laughter before he flashed back to Sun Lingxiu.

He straightened his clothes and stood by her side, just like a British steward.

By ignoring them, he acted as though nothing had happened.

No one thought that such a person could be a daunting Inborn Expert.

And no one would have thought the pretty girl reading her book quietly was the master of this Inborn Expert.

"Take Cai'er over for treatment!"

Fengyang Lie spoke to the members beside him with a vile expression.

"Yes, Chief!"

Fengyang Family gazed at the foreigner in a scarlet coat with a stern look. Eventually, they turned their attention to the pretty girl who was reading a book.

What background does she have to have an Inborn Expert as her slave?

Everyone pondered the doubt to themselves.

"How daunting!"

The people from Thistles and Thorns Sect also peered at Miracle Doctor Blood Man with shocked looks.

"People around Miracle Doctor Wang are not any average people!" Sect Leader Tang was stunned, but he heaved a sigh of relief to himself.

The sects and families far away shook their heads eventually as they wondered.

"Chief, who is that girl and that middle-aged man in a scarlet coat? How could they be so domineering?"

An old man squatted beside Fengyang Cai and proceeded with his treatment. His face was solemn as he swept a glance towards the other direction and asked in a low voice.

"I don't know. A master of Inborn Expert is definitely not an average person!"

Fengyang Lie clenched his fist tightly with a vile expression. He felt a slap on his face when he recalled what he said just now -- a girl that was befitting of the Fengyang Family.

Given what happened just now, he had to succ.u.mb to that mysterious existence despite the fact that he was an Inborn Expert!

Regardless of the backings they had, he was unable to deal with that foreigner in a scarlet coat.

"Could they be from the Thistles and Thorns Sect?" a young man suddenly asked.

"How is that possible? Where on earth did Thistles and Thorns Sect get such domineering experts? Besides, only that terrifying scarlet man made his move just now!"


Wang Xian peered casually at Fengyang Family as he revealed a smile on his face upon hearing their conversations.

He did not make his move just now because Miracle Doctor Blood Man was around. Given Sun Lingxiu's ability, she did not require his help either.

Without three or four Inborn Experts, no one could really take Sun Lingxiu and Miracle Doctor Blood Man down.

An average first-class force was nothing to them.

"Those are...? Disciples from Flame Palace! All of them are young talents!"

"They have large numbers of talented people. No average first-class forces can be comparable to them!"

"I must join Flame Palace and become one of their members today!"

At this time, a commotion broke out not far away. All the attention was turned to that side as everyone witnessed the young disciples from Flame Palace. They walked out, wearing uniforms with flames embroidered on them.

There were about thirty to forty disciples aged thirty and below. All of them were considered young talents.

They made an impressive presence with haughty looks on their faces, giving off immense self-confidence on their own.

The core disciples from various families and sects felt inferior when they saw them.

"The Flame Palace will be recruiting outstanding disciples today. Please get ready if you wish to join us. We'll have assessments later on," the disciples from Flame Palace said in a low voice as they swept their gazes around.

"Child, you must work hard to get into the Flame Palace later on!"

"Dad, I'll become the disciple of the Flame Palace!"

"Once you join the Flame Palace and become a disciple of Sacred Sects, you'll have a strong backing in the future. There would be no need to worry for the rest of your life!"

The surrounding crowd was thrilled with what the disciples of Flame Palace had said. All of them turned to their children and reminded them.

They would be extremely lucky if they could join a Sacred Sect.

"Hey, disciples from Flame Palace are heading towards us!"

Just then, Guan Shuqing was looking ahead as she told Wang Xian.

Wang Xian spun around and exhibited a smile as soon as he spotted the disciples walking towards them.

Wang Xian had seen the leader before. It was the young man who came to the Divine Dragon Medical Hall with an old man the other day.

The rest of them were Mu Wanwan and her clique, who they had seen in the school canteen.

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