Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 242

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 242 Pilgrimage Or Tearing Down The Place 1

"Brother Wanshuai, who would have expected that Miracle Doctor to be so brazen to reject our Flame Palace's invitation to become our dedicated Miracle Doctor? How arrogant is he?"

In the field of the Wuduan Mountain, Mu Wanwan lifted her head slightly and gave off an arrogant vibe while speaking to the young man beside her.

"He's just a brazen factionless doctor. When I went with my master to invite him, he was so arrogant and didn't have any respect for us at all!"

The young man's eyes turned chilly. He looked ahead of him and smirked.

"He didn't give us face even when Elder Liu went to invite him personally. Brother Wanshuai, why are we still trying to invite him? He's just a factionless doctor who we, the Flame Palace, could easily crush!"

Beside him, a young man remarked vengefully.

"That's not how it works. Although our Flame Palace has advanced to become a Sacred Sect, we are still too weak among the Sacred Sects. We need to recruit various experts and Miracle Doctor Wang is rather capable!" answered the young man plainly. However, he added with a chilling expression, "However, if Miracle Doctor Wang chooses to remain arrogant, our Flame Palace wouldn't let him off easily. Our Flame Palace has yet to establish our prestige!"

"This is the last opportunity we will be offering him!"

"Brother Wanshuai, hasn't the Palace Master invited the powerful Miracle Doctor Shenghua? Miracle Doctor Shenghua's strength could even rank in the top five in our country. Why do we still need to invite that Miracle Doctor Wang?" the young man who spoke earlier frowned and asked.

"Miracle Doctor Shenghua couldn't remain in our country all the time. Moreover, it's a good thing for us to have another Miracle Doctor joining us!" the other young man answered plainly. "This will be the last invitation. If he doesn't accept it, our Flame Palace wouldn't be bothered either!"

The group of Flame Palace disciples discussed among themselves before walking towards where Wang Xian was.

"Oh? I had not expected people from the Thistles and Thorns Sect to be here. Miracle Doctor Wang seems to have a good relationship with the Thistles and Thorns Sect."

When the young man saw the crowd from Thistles and Thorns Sect beside Wang Xian, his eyes flickered. Nonetheless, he walked directly towards Wang Xian.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, my master, Elder Liu, would like to extend the invitation to you once again and invite you to join our Flame Palace. This will also be our last invitation!" said the young man plainly after getting ahead of Wang Xian.

"It's still the same answer." Wang Xian looked at the young man, smiled and shook his head.

"Since Miracle Doctor Wang isn't willing to give our Flame Palace face, we shall forget about this. I hope Miracle Doctor will conduct yourself well in the future!"

The young man revealed a cold smirk before leaving.

"He's just a small factionless doctor and yet he rejected the invitation from the Flame Palace. How foolish is he!"

Mu Wanwan looked coldly at Wang Xian before following behind the young man and leaving.


At this moment, the crisp sounds of a bell were heard throughout the entire Wuduan Mountain!


Those Ancient Martial Artist Families and Sects who were here stood up and headed towards the central location.

Swish swish swish!

At this moment, four figures landed on one of the mountain peaks before approaching the large cauldron on the central area.

Three old men and a middle-aged man stood on the four corners of the large cauldron respectively.


At this moment, the flames in the large cauldron below them raged up and rose over ten meters into the skies.

The aura of the four men connected and a strong disposition filled the entire field of Wuduan Mountain.

"So strong!"

"What stifling pressure!"

The surrounding Ancient Martial Artist Families and Sects were shocked. All of them lowered their heads slightly as they walked towards the central location.

Swish swish swish!

At the five entrances of Wuduan Mountain, disciples of Flame Palace entered. Each entrance had approximately two hundred disciples.

All of them wore neat attire and gave off extraordinary vibes.

The four Flame Palace Elders who were standing on the large cauldron showed satisfactory smiles. Looking at the approaching Ancient Martial Artist Families and Sects who had their heads lowered, they raised their heads proudly.

This was what pilgrimage was supposed to be!

"This is deserving of a Sacred Sect. The strength of their Inborn experts isn't something that could be matched by ordinary Inborn experts. Eh? Isn't that Wushi?"

Mo Qinglong squinted his eyes and took a glance at the four Inborn experts on the large cauldron. When he looked ahead, he spotted a familiar figure.

"It's Wushi! This kid chose to roam alone and has made a name for himself!" Mo Yuan looked over and commented.

Wang Xian saw Mo Wushi but acted nonchalantly as he walked towards the central location.

"Three days ago, our Flame Palace invited various heroes, families and sects over. Today, everyone has come. I'd like to express my gratitude to everyone for your recognition of our Flame Palace!"

Seeing the crowd around them, an old man announced this with a smile and directed his voice to the ears of everyone.

"Our Flame Palace was established 230 years ago. Now that we have advanced to become a Sacred Sect, we would like to recruit all heroes and talented disciples to join us so we can grow stronger together. Here, I'd like to announce the entire First-class Force, Fire Origin Sect, joining our Flame Palace and becoming disciples of Flame Palace!"

The old man looked ahead of him and revealed a smile.

"I, Yan Guangwen, shall lead all the disciples of Fire Origin Sect to join the Flame Palace. From today onwards, Fire Origin Sect shall no longer exist!"

From the center of the crowd, an old man walked forward and shouted.


"First-class Sect, Fire Origin Sect, has joined the Flame Palace. This is shocking!"

"That's an entire First-class Force! For them to all join the Flame Palace, this is truly shocking."

"Incredible, Flame Palace has managed to convince the Fire Origin Sect!"

When the shocking news was announced, the surrounding martial artists were clearly astonished.

"Other than that, rogue cultivator and Inborn expert of Combustion Palm, Cao Haokong, will also be joining our Flame Palace!" the voice of the old man sounded once again.

"I'm Cao Haokong of the Flame Palace!"

An old man walked slowly ahead. Clasping his right fist in his left palm, he greeted the crowd ahead of him.

Between his hands, flames were raging furiously.

"Cao Haokong! Cao Haokong of the Combustion Palm has joined the Flame Palace! Oh my god, two Inborn experts have joined them!"

"Who would have expected these experts to join the Flame Palace?"

"The Flame Palace has gotten substantially stronger. Even if all the other forces here allied together, we wouldn't be a match for Flame Palace!"

The crowd looked towards Cao Haokong in shock once again.

"Twenty-third ranked Miracle Doctor on the Miracle Doctors Chart, Miracle Doctor Tai Mingshou, will be joining the Flame Palace!" The old man wasn't finished with his announcement as he continued with a smile.

"I'm Tai Mingshou of the Flame Palace!" an old man walked forward and shouted.

"And for the final announcement, let us welcome Miracle Doctor Shenghua, whom our Palace Master has invited over personally!"

When the old man finished his words, an old man with a foreigner's looks walked to the side of Tai Mingshou.

He had a faint glow emitting from his body which gradually shrouded an area that spanned a hundred meters.

The entire space turned to be similar to an immortal realm. Tai Mingshou greeted Shenghua deferentially.

"Top-tier Miracle Doctor Shenghua from Europe! Who could have expected Flame Palace to be able to invite Shenghua to the Flame Palace!"

"Insane! This is insane! They are truly deserving of the name, Sacred Sect Flame Palace!"

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