Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 243

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 243 Pilgrimage Or Tearing Down The Place 2

The experts who were recruited by the Flame Palace stunned everyone.

They stared dumbfoundedly at the two Inborn Experts and two Miracle Doctors who were sitting there.

"One of the Miracle Doctors is a top-notch European Miracle Doctor, Miracle Doctor Shenghua. I heard he possessed a strength of Inborn Realm."

All the surrounding spectators gazed at the disciples of Flame Palace with more respect.

This has spurred all the disciples of Flame Palace to look proud. They lifted their heads up slightly with pride.

"The Flame Palace will be recruiting another batch of elites today. Those who wish to join the Flame Palace, you may participate in the assessment later."

"For those who wish to join the Flame Palace of Sacred Sects, you must have outstanding abilities. For 20 years old and below, you must be at least a Level 5 Martial Artist. For 30 years old and below, you must be a Level 6 Martial Artist and Level 7 for those who are between 30 to 40 years old. For 50 years old and below, you'll need to be a Level 8 Martial Artist. For Level 8 and above, you're eligible to join us. However, we can't promise you'll be recruited even if your level of cultivation meets all the requirements. We still need to test your combat ability!"

"At that time, our disciples will be testing you!" The old man continued with a smile, "We'll start from those Martial Artists below 30. Once you have passed the test, you'll become a disciple of Sacred Sect. The glory is waiting for you."

"Elder, I want to join Flame Palace and become a disciple of Sacred Sect!"

As soon as the old man finished his sentence, a young guy took an eager step forward as he exclaimed loudly.

"No hurry." The old man drew a smile on his face when he saw the eager young man. He cast a glance at the disciples by the side. Softly, he shouted, "Where are the disciples aged 30 and below?"


About 70 disciples stood out in a row and answered at the top of their lungs.

Every one of them was exhibiting a prodigious amount of self-confidence.

At the very front stood a guy and a girl with blazing eyes and extraordinary demeanors.

"Our Saint and Saintess will be doing the assessment. Those who pass will be recruited by the Flame Palace!"

The old man made his speech slowly. The rest of the elders moved swiftly and sat beside the huge cauldron.

The flame rose, exhibiting domineering outward bearing force.

"Luan Fanghua, Saintess of Flame Palace!"

"Mo Canghai, Saint of Flame Palace!"

The Saint and Saintess of Flame Palace took two steps forward as they overlooked the surroundings with haughty looks.

"Greetings to Saint and Saintess!" The Martial Artists around the area immediately clamored.

The status of Saint and Saintess of Flame Palace were just after the elders. Hence, the two of them were young talents from the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart!

"If you want to join us, show us what you've got. Don't assume that you are a talent. Our Flame Palace has no room for mediocrity. Show us everything you've got!"

Saintess Luan Fanghua turned to the people around her and said, "Those young people who want to join the Flame Palace, step forward now!"


Once Saintess Luan Fanghua finished her talk, hundreds of young people walked out with excitement on their faces, staring at the front.

There were two kinds of forces in the underworld. One was the Sacred Sects, while the rest made up the other one.

Joining Sacred Sects was as good as achieving great success in life. It was something of the utmost glory.

Even those disciples from first-class forces also wanted to join Sacred Sects very much.

And all the families and sects supported their offspring in joining the Sacred Sects and becoming an expert there.

"Level 5 Martial Artists, please line up in a row. Same goes for Level 6, 7, and 8. Please line up in your respective levels!" Saintess Luan Fanghua gazed at everyone and said nonchalantly.

Level 6 Martial Artists who were 30 years old and below were known to be gifted people in any sects or families. Level 7 was considered to be a supreme talent. Level 8 Martial Artists could make it off to the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart!

Hundreds of young people lined up in rows.

There were only about seven to eight Level 5 juveniles who were below 20 years old. Becoming a Level 5 Martial Artist at such an age was considered to be something of extreme talent.

Level 6 Martial Artists had the most number with more than 80 people.

There were only three Level 7 Martial Artists, and no Level 8 Martial Artists were below the age of 30!

"Song Sheng from Flame Palace, 19 years old. I will be testing two Level 5 Martial Artists!"

"Zhao Wu from Flame Palace, 27 years old. I will be testing two Level 6 Martial Artists!"


Just then, disciples from Flame Palace stepped out and spoke to those juveniles and young people who were here for the assessment.


"They are very confident to challenge two people of the same level as them at the same time."

"Impressive to challenge two people of the same level as them right away. The Sacred Sect really lives up to their name!"

"The Flame Palace is exhibiting their strength!"

When the sects and families noticed each Flame Palace disciple was going to test two Martial Artists of their same level, they were overwhelmed by shock.

The four Flame Palace elders on the stage wore faint smiles.

They wanted to exhibit the power of the Flame Palace through this method.


"After you!"


The juveniles and young people around were not convinced.

"Bring it on!"

Yet the Flame Palace disciples displayed confident looks. With a simple move, they leaped to vacant space at the side.

Two juveniles immediately followed.

"Do it!"

A disciple placed his hands behind his back and spoke impassively.


The two juveniles exchanged a glance before they launched an attack at that Flame Palace disciple.

However, the outcome blew everyone away.

That disciple exuded a faint glow in red and fired off explosive and ferocious assaults that forced his two opponents of the same level back!

"The Sacred Sect disciple indeed. They are domineering!"

"They are formidable! Is this the power of a Sacred Sect?"

Everyone was stunned while the ones fighting with Flame Palace disciple had cold sweat breaking out from their foreheads as they were appalled.


At this moment, that disciple of Flame Palace sent one of the juveniles flying with a punch. The other juvenile had a drastic change in his expression with wariness all over his face.

"Enough!" The Flame Palace disciple stopped and shook his head as he looked at the two of them who he had exchanged blows with.

"Poor in actual combat. Fail!" Saintess Luan Fanghua said with a calm voice.

"Fail? Both of them were Level 6 Martial Artists at such an age, yet they could not make it to the Flame Palace!"

"Such a strict test. But what they did was right. After all, it's the Sacred Sect!"

"The disciples of Sacred Sect are just too formidable!"

Everyone around the field watched in awe.

"The Art of Cultivation in Sacred Sects is definitely better than those average sects. They can easily attain the realm above Inborn Realm."

Radiance flickered in Mo Qinglong's eyes as he sat below.

"Easily attain the realm above Inborn Realm? What do you mean?" Wang Xian asked doubtfully when he heard Mo Qinglong.

"Master, the Art of Cultivation is divided into many grades. Some of the mediocre ones would find it difficult to reach the Inborn Realm, while some of them can easily do it. To achieve the realm above Inborn Realm, you must practice an Origin Source, a.k.a. an attribute. But there aren't many of these techniques around, yet the Flame Palace is practicing one!"

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