Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 246

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 246 Are You All Worthy? 1


Xiao Yu, who was standing on the stage, was shocked to see the Elder who stood up and decided her marriage suddenly.

Her marriage wasn't something that could be casually determined by others.

Moreover, she was asked to marry a mentally challenged guy?

Were they trying to humiliate her?

Below the stage, Sect Leader Tang and Elder Fang looked aghast upon hearing the Elder of the Flame Palace.

"Elder, you don't have to worry about the marriage of a disciple of the Thistles and Thorns Sect. Moreover, we are just a small second-class force. There's no way we deserve someone from the Flame Palace!" Sect Leader Tang immediately stood up and said bitterly.

"As long as I say it can, it can. This matter is settled!"

That old man looked nonchalantly at Sect Leader Tang and spoke in a definitive tone.

"It's over, the future of that genius girl is ruined!"

"Marrying an idiot? So what if he's the descendant of a highly ranked member of the Sacred Sect?"

"What a humiliation! Thistles and Thorns Sect finally found a genius young girl. Yet, she has to marry an idiot from the Flame Palace. What a huge insult!"

"This young lady has chosen the wrong sect. It will be easy for her to join a First-class Force or even a Sacred Sect. She might very well make it to the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart one day and become an Inborn expert!"

Around them, voices of discussion didn't stop. However, they did not mock the Flame Palace or say a single word that suggested Flame Palace was wrong.

This was a manifestation of the influence Flame Palace possessed.

"Interesting! Trying to humiliate us?"

Below the stage, Wang Xian saw the old man acting like his words were the decree of an Emperor. Instantly, murderous intent flashed in his mind.

"Even an idiot wishes to marry my sister. Is the Flame Palace crazy?" Wang Xian remarked emotionlessly, stepping forward and staring at the old man.


Wang Xian's voice shocked the surrounding crowd.

"Who dares to retort the Elder of the Flame Palace?"

"Are you seeking death?"

The crowd followed the source of the voice and looked over. The Elder from the Flame Palace was shocked. He squinted his eyes, stared at Wang Xian and was shocked.

"So it's Miracle Doctor Wang. I had not expected this genius young girl to be your sister!"

The Elder of Flame Palace looked ahead as he commented.

"Miracle Doctor Wang?"

"Miracle Doctor Wang? There's only one Miracle Doctor that is so young. He must be the eighth-ranked Miracle Doctor, Miracle Doctor Wang from Rivertown!"

"So this young girl is the sister of Miracle Doctor Wang!"

"An eighth-ranked Miracle Doctor on the Miracle Doctors Chart! There's no wonder his sister is so strong. I was still wondering how a small Thistles and Thorns Sect could nurture such a talented young girl!" the crowd looked towards Wang Xian and exclaimed.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, isn't this a great thing?"

At this moment, Elder Liu stood up slowly. A ruthless light flashed in his eyes as he continued, "Our Flame Palace wished to invite you to join us but was rejected. If this goes through, although Miracle Doctor Wang couldn't join our Flame Palace, you can become related to us. That's a good outcome too."

Elder Liu's word shocked the crowd as they looked at Wang Xian.

"Who could have expected Miracle Doctor Wang to reject Flame Palace's invitation?"

"We are talking about an invitation from a Sacred Sect! As a new Sacred Sect, if Miracle Doctor Wang joins them, he would definitely be treated generously. Who would have expected him to reject the invitation?"

"Hehe. Asking my sister to marry a retard?" Wang Xian looked emotionlessly at Elder Liu.

"He's not a retard. He's the descendant of someone who has contributed much to the Flame Palace! His standing in the Flame Palace won't be low!"

Elder Liu's lips curved up slightly.

"Is it so?" Wang Xian laughed mockingly. A light flickered in his eyes as he looked in the opposite direction.

At that place, an expressionless young man stood there. He had short hair and a devilish aura around him.

The young man felt the gaze from Wang Xian, bowed respectfully and nodded his head.

Following which, the young man looked to the central location coldly.

"A retard of the Flame Palace wishes to marry a girl favored by the gods. Isn't the Flame Palace a little too indulged in your own fantasies? Are you guys deserving of her?"

He walked slowly ahead with a cold smirk without a tinge of fear that he was facing a Sacred Sect.


The crowd was surprised by the voice and looked in the direction of it.

"Who's that young man? Is he courting death?"

Everyone looked over and was confused by the young man in front of them.

Elder Liu also turned around immediately and stared coldly at the young men.

Before the Elders of Flame Palace said a word, the Saintess, Luan Fanghua, remarked coldly, "A descendant of one of the contributors of Flame Palace isn't someone you can comment on casually. You are digging your own grave by insulting the disciples of the Flame Palace!"


The young man gave a sarcastic smile and continued, "Can it be that trash disciples of Flame Palace can't be criticized by others? Just because you are from a Sacred Sect?"

"Exactly! It's because we are from a Sacred Sect!"

Saintess, Luan Fanghua, stared domineering at the young man. She waved the long sword lightly in her hand before continuing, "If you say another word, I'll definitely slay you!"


At this moment, the young man burst into laughter. "I'm Wushi. Since the Saintess of Flame Palace wishes to slay me, it's only natural that I take on the challenge!"

Wushi was a name used by Mo Wushi in the Underworld.

Mo Wushi leaped and descended onto the field. He looked at the four Elders at the central location and smirked. "I'm guessing the Elders of Flame Palace wouldn't fight with a junior! Am I right?"

"Diamond Bone Wushi! He's the nineteenth-ranked Wushi on the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart!"

"Wushi was one favored by the gods, who emerged from nowhere half a month ago. As a rogue cultivator, he made it to the nineteenth position on the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart at the young age of twenty-six years old!"

"Wushi from the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart? What is he trying to do? Challenge the Saint and Saintess of Flame Palace?"

"I heard that Wushi has been going around challenging various geniuses. Just a while ago, he defeated the nineteenth-ranked genius and replaced him on the chart.

When the crowd heard Mo Wushi reveal his name, they were slightly shocked.

At the central location, the Elders of Flame Palace squinted their eyes and fixed their gazes on him.


Saintess, Luan Fanghua, stared coldly at Mo Wushi and remarked, "A nineteenth-ranked guy on the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart isn't qualified to make our Elders take you on. Since you want to kick up a fuss today, I just have to cut you down!" said the Saintess.

She handled the long sword in her hands slowly and said, "Diamond Bone? I'll turn you into a corpse today!"

"Haha, just you alone? Oh, little Saintess of the Flame Palace, you are just trash to me! Come forward with that Saint!" shouted Mo Wushi brazenly as he stared at Luan Fanghua.

His arrogance was through the skies.

The surrounding crowd stared at the brazen Mo Wushi in disbelief.

"Is there something wrong with his head? How is he so daring to taunt the Saint and Saintess of the Flame Palace here?"

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