Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 247

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 247 Are You All Worthy? 2

Everyone stared at the extremely arrogant Mo Wushi.

In their eyes, this Wushi might be a retard.

How dare he taunt the Saint and Saintess of Flame Palace. He was obviously digging his own grave.

The Flame Palace would never let him off!

"I'll kill him!" said Saint of Flame Palace indifferently. He had been keeping his quiet. As he spoke, he gazed at Mo Wushi.

"No you don't. How dare a nineteenth-ranked guy on the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart speak impudently? Let me slaughter him!"

Saintess Luan Fanghua cast a glance at Saint Mo Canghai. With an arm swing, she held her sword in her hand.

She fixed her eyes on Mo Wushi and said coldly, "You'll pay for your brazen words with your life!"

As soon as she finished her words, she dived out like a dancing swallow on fire. Her body was glowing with red radiance as she darted towards Mo Wushi.

"What light, flexible footwork and fiery attack!"

"Saintess at the peak of Level 8 has such mighty attacking power. Even I, as a Level 9 Martial Artist, would be terrified by her assault."

"Too formidable. Since average disciples of Flame Palace are capable of beating someone of their same level, the strength that Saintess possesses will be more intimidating!"

"A moth that flies into the flame!"

Mo Wushi was emotionless when he saw the light and fast figure attacking him. He stretched out his arm with black aura exuding from his body.

"Show me what the Saintess of Flame Palace has got!"

Both of his arms danced in the air as the sword of Luan Fanghua approached him.

"Go and die!"

Luan Fanghua's eyes were filled with killing intent. She jerked her arm, and the sword burst into flames. She aimed and thrust her sword at Mo Wushi's arm.

Bam, Bam, Bam!

However, a crisp and clear sound was heard when the honed sword fell on Mo Wushi's arm.

The golden blade aura could not win against the mortal flesh and bones!


Saintess Luan Fanghua made a different expression as she wielded her sword with a stern face.

The battle of the sword and physical body was actually on par.

"The Diamond Bone lives up to his name. He's so formidable that even Saintess Luan Fanghua could not break through his defense!"

"Isn't he impressive? Saintess is in the top 50 on the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart!"

All the spectators were stunned as they placed their attention on the fight between the two people.

Saintess Luan Fanghua wielded her sword, aiming all the vital parts of Mo Wushi. His face was looking colder than before.


A flash of red light darted straight in his eyes. Mo Wushi jerked his arm and Divine Dragon scales emerged on his hand.


His palm grabbed the sword immediately while he moved his body closer to Saintess Luan Fanghua, who was shocked by it. Mo Wushi charged at her with almighty physical strength.


"Weak. Too weak. Saintess of Flame Palace is just so-so!"

Mo Wushi struck a heavy blow to Luan Fanghua's chest. She puked a mouthful of blood and looked pale.

He laughed loudly as he retreated ten meters away from her. With a pair of eyes that shone like torches, he glared at Saint Mo Canghai. "Next!"


Mo Canghai's body quaked, and a faint flaming aura encircled him. He stared at Mo Wushi coldly. "Die!"

"He's formidable!"

Luan Fanghua could not help but puke a mouthful of blood at the side. With a pale-looking face, she warned Mo Canghai.

She was macabre as she looked fixedly at the arrogant figure.

"What? Saintess was already defeated?"

"Dominating. Diamond Bone Wushi's assault was overbearing. His powerful defense vanquished her in all aspects. His strength is definitely higher than his ranking on the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart!"

"Saintess is defeated! Gosh!"

The surrounding crowd got the shock of their lives. The four elders of Flame Palace sitting in the central position had a slight vile expression.

A rogue cultivator defeated their Saintess of Flame Palace at this time. If word about what happened today got around, the Flame Palace would definitely be embarrassed.

"Haha, I made myself clear. Only when two of you join hands can you qualify to fight with me. One is just... a long way to go!" Mo Wushi scoffed at Mo Canghai.

"Stop your arrogance!"

Mo Canghai showed signs of embarrassment on his cool-looking face. He made a shift move and struck Mo Wushi.


Mo Wushi cackled as his body was shrouded within a demonic aura. "I'm capable of doing that in front of you!"

Audacious and boundless arrogance.

The disciples of Flame Palace around exhibited extremely dreadful looks. Their expressions sunk as they fixed their attention on Mo Wushi.

If it were not for the presence of the various sects and families from different provinces here, they would have besieged and whacked that arrogant fellow.

However, they could not do it now. Even if they dared to do it, the reputation of Flame Palace would be ruined.

The four Flame Palace elders sat in the field with darkened expressions as they gazed at the fight with cold faces.

Mo Wushi and Mo Canghai's battle broke out instantly.

Mo Canghai, ranked fourteenth on the Outstanding Young Heroes Chart, was the Saint of Sacred Sect Flame Palace.

He was a Level 9 Martial Artist before he turned 32. Hence, his endowment was intimidating.

But even so, Mo Canghai was at the total losing end when he battled with Mo Wushi.

Everyone was stupefied as they watched Mo Wushi suppressing Mo Canghai with his fearsome steel bones and iron muscles.

The Saint was powerless to put up a resistance.

"Saint of Sacred Sect is just so-so!"

Mo Wushi rolled his five fingers into claws. Black aura wrapped around his hands and his hands took the form of dragon claws!

"You lose!"

He burst out a clap of laughter and ripped the person in front of him with a claw.

Mo Canghai was horrified as he quickly raised his arm to block the blow.

When the terrifying crash was felt, his face went grisly.


Mo Wushi gripped and scratched the arm of Mo Canghai with five fingers. Five deep and bloody marks were left on it with wounds that went deep into the bone.

Blood dripped as Mo Canghai stared at Mo Wushi, who withdrew his arm slowly. Mo Canghai was looking vile.

Mo Wushi was ostentatious.

He had a disdainful face, and was full of arrogance.

"Even the Saintess and Saint of Flame Palace were defeated. I wonder if there are other outstanding young people from Flame Palace?"

Mo Wushi swept his gaze across the disciples of Flame Palace with a sneer. Finally, he looked at the four elders in the field.

"Elders, given the strength of your disciples, how can the Flame Palace be worthy of this girl who is favored by God?"


"This Wushi is such a braggart. He's asking for death!"

"That is simply taking the disciples of Flame Palace as trash!"

"That's right." Wang Xian looked at Mo Wushi with satisfaction. Talking about flaunting, Mo Wushi was still very good at it.

He took a glance at the injured Saintess and Saint before he sneered. He turned to the elders of Flame Palace. "Elders, since anyone can beat the hell out of the Saintess and Saint of Flame Palace, I think you can forget about this marriage."

"Since your Saintess and Saint turned out to be this way, whichever descendant of that highly-ranked member... heh... does he deserve it?" Wang Xian scorned and sneered at them.

The one who humiliates others can be humiliated too.

Since Flame Palace wanted to show off the strength of their younger generation, then they would just vanquish the Saint and Saintess!

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