Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 248

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 248 All Rounded Suppression

The line, "Are you deserving?" resounded throughout the entire field.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they turned to Wang Xian and the Flame Palace.

Are you deserving?

This had shamed the members of the Flame Palace.

"You aren't deserving!" At this moment, Mo Wushi, who was standing in the middle of the field, made a shocking remark.

His remark seemed to be a response to Wang Xian's question. After which, he walked to Xiao Yu and did something that made the crowd into disheveled.

Mo Wushi went down on one knee in front of Xiao Yu. With his head lowered slightly, he said, "Saintess, if there's anything Wushi can do to be of help to you in the future, please give me your orders!"


Everyone in the field looked at them in disbelief.

The one favored by the gods, Wushi, questioned if Flame Palace could merit a girl like Xiao Yu.

Miracle Doctor Wang questioned whether Flame Palace was deserving of Xiao Yu.

Also, the proud son of Heaven, Wushi, kneeled respectfully in front of the Saintess of the Thistles and Thorns Sect like a servant.


Together, this was equivalent to openly questioning if Flame Palace was qualified to match with the Saintess of the Thistles and Thorns Sect.

A slap! A tight slap to their faces.

A while ago, Flame Palace declared with dominance the marriage of the Saintess of the Thistles and Thorns Sect with a retard from the Flame Palace.

The next moment, a Miracle Doctor and a proud son of Heaven questioned their qualifications through a display of strength.

Do you guys merit her? Are you deserving?

The entire field had quietened down. At this moment, no one dared to say a word.

The four Elders of Flame Palace in the middle of the field were aghast and stood up coldly.


Strong flames raged on from the large cauldron behind them as the sounds of fire burning resounded in the field.

Their eyes fell gradually on Wang Xian and Mo Wushi.

Miracle Doctor Wang of Rivertown!

At this very moment, a middle-aged man, who was wearing attire with a large mountain embroidered on it, stared at Wang Xian with a vengeance from the corner of the field.

"It's all because of him that our Lingyue Sect suffered such great losses!" said the middle-aged man to the old man beside him.


The old man nodded his head as his eyes turned cold. He squinted his eyes and looked towards Mo Wushi who was in the field.

"This rascal is clearly standing up for Miracle Doctor Wang. In that case..."

The lips on the old man slowly arched into a smirk. Since Lingyue Sect was at deep enmity with Miracle Doctor Wang, he might as well get on the good books of Flame Palace at this moment.

The old man stepped forward and shouted, "Rascal, how dare you be so brazen to the Sacred Sect, Flame Palace? Are you courting death?"

Are you courting death?

The voice of the old man broke the silence in the field and resounded in the ears of the crowd.

"Huh? This voice?"

"That's the aura of an Inborn expert!" Just as the old man opened his mouth, everyone was shocked and looked over quickly.

"It's the Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect!"

"Lingyue Sect! Is he...?"

An old man walked towards the middle of the field amidst the gazes from the crowd. He was staring coldly at Mo Wushi. The crowd was slightly shocked and soon understood what was happening.

The Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect was intending to take on Mo Wushi.

As a Sacred Sect, the Elders of the Flame Palace couldn't act as they wished when Mo Wushi defeated their Saint and Saintess.

If they did, the Flame Palace would bear the name of a bully and one who didn't follow the customs and rules.

Although Mo Wushi was arrogant, his challenge to the Saint and Saintess of the Flame Palace was official after all. The Flame Palace couldn't possibly kill him just because he defeated the Saint and Saintess of the Flame Palace.

As a new Sacred Sect, they had to pay a lot of attention to their reputation.

However, even if the Flame Palace couldn't act, themselves, it didn't mean others couldn't act on their behalf.

The Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect was attempting to get on the good books of the Flame Palace.

Seeing the approaching Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect, the four Elders of Flame Palace revealed a gratified look.

As a Sacred Sect, there would be times when they wouldn't have to handle some matters themselves because others would volunteer to do it for them.

"Rascal, you must be eager to die for being so arrogant to the Flame Palace. I'll give you three minutes. Get lost or... Die!"

The Sect Leader stared at Mo Wushi as he spoke emotionlessly. At the same time, he sent the aura of an Inborn expert towards Mo Wushi directly.

Mo Wushi was surprised. He covered himself in a devilish aura as he tried to withstand the aura of the Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect.

"This... If Wushi still chooses to act rashly, he is likely to be killed!"

"He's too arrogant. Under such circ.u.mstances, even if the Flame Palace doesn't act, there would be people jumping out to teach Wushi a lesson!"

Although they were slightly surprised by Wushi initially, they weren't exactly surprised to see an Inborn expert targeting Mo Wushi.

"Tsk! How dare you be so arrogant in the territory of our Flame Palace? Even if we don't do a thing, others would step forward to put you down!" When the group of disciples of Flame Palace saw an Inborn expert stepping forward to target Mo Wushi, they smiled c.o.c.kily.

They wouldn't need the Elders to do anything and there would naturally be experts who would step in.

Everyone looked at Mo Wushi who was in the middle of the field. At this moment, he probably couldn't be arrogant.

"He's just a junior. As an Inborn expert, why are you so calculative?"

However, just as everyone thought that the Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect would act to suppress Mo Wushi, a cold voice sounded.

An invisible aura blocked the stifling pressure of an Inborn expert from Lingyue Sect directly.


"An Inborn expert! There's an Inborn expert who wants to stick up for Wushi!"

"Is this an open confrontation with the Flame Palace?" Everyone was shocked and immediately turned their head over.

At the corner where the people from Flow City gathered, a middle-aged man held a long sword in his hand, his hair covering his face.

"Maniac Ji!"

The crowd was stunned and so was the Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect. He stared intensely at him as his expression turned solemn!

"Maniac Ji!" The Elders and disciples of Flame Palace looked over coldly.

"Maniac Ji of Flow City!" The Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect stared harshly at him and chided, "This is a matter of Lingyue Sect. You can't stop me!"

"I'd love to give it a try!" Suddenly, an emotionless voice sounded from the crowd. A strong aura swept towards the Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect directly.

The strong approaching aura shocked the Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect.


Everyone in the crowd immediately looked over.

It was another middle-aged man standing beside the Thistles and Thorns Sect. He was staring harshly at the Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect.

"Get back to your sect. Otherwise, Lingyue Sect won't have a single peaceful day!"

The middle-aged man was none other than Mo Yuan, who demanded coldly.

"F*ck! Two Inborn experts! Two freaking Inborn experts!"

"What is he trying to do? Challenging the Flame Palace openly? Oh my god! There are two Inborn experts now!"

"This is too terrifying. The Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect tried to suppress the proud son of Heaven, Wushi. To his astonishment, two Inborn experts stepped forward to safeguard him!"

"What a domineering appearance. Who is that middle-aged man standing beside the Thistles and Thorns Sect? What a terrifying aura he has? Why haven't I heard of such an Inborn expert!"

The surrounding crowd was shocked to witness the development of events!

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