Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 249

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 249 All Rounded Suppression 2

Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect warned Wushi, the outstanding young hero, to get lost within three minutes or die!

Then, two Inborn Experts appeared immediately.

Maniac Ji, who possessed the strength to annihilate a first-class force by himself, showed up.

An unknown middle-aged man who exhibited domineering appearance with similar overweening tonality.

He just said, "Get back to your sect. Otherwise, Lingyue Sect won't have a single peaceful day!"

Overbearing to the max!

Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect's expression turned vile instantly. With a darkened expression, he stared at Mo Yuan who had a murderous look on him.

Two Inborn Experts. One was Maniac Ji who was both ruthless and righteous.

Another one was a middle-aged man who proclaimed Lingyue Sect would not have a single peaceful day.

Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect dared not take what the two Inborn Experts said as jokes.

Hence, he was extremely embarrassed as he was stuck in a difficult position! A difficult one!

With a sullen look, he swept his gaze across Maniac Ji and Mo Yuan, then to the surroundings.

Unless another Inborn Expert helped him out at this time, he would have to grit his teeth and scram.

He looked at all the Inborn Experts of first-class forces and finally stopped at his good friend.

Fengyang Lie, the leader of Fengyang Family. So long as he had his good friend's help at this moment, and the backing of Flame Palace, so what if it were two Inborn Experts?

Fengyang Lie, who was standing below the stage, sensed the gaze from the Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect. He was hesitant for a moment before he nodded his head slowly.

If he stepped forward at this point in time, he would befriend the Flame Palace and Sacred Sect.

"What? Not a single peaceful day? Hehe. Do you think you're qualified to do so to Lingyue Sect?"

Fengyang Lie held a sword and strode out slowly.

"Another Inborn Expert!"

"Is this going to be the battle between Inborn Experts?"

"Gosh, the leader of Fengyang Family is here. Another Inborn Expert!"

Hiak hiak!

The entire quiet square bustled with the voice of Fengyang Lie.

Another Inborn Expert, another one. Forget about others. Just the lineup was good enough to thrill anyone!

However, Fengyan Lie, who was striding forward, suddenly froze.

He heard a familiar voice.

A voice that could tremble him.

That 'hiak, hiak' with the foreign accent was annoying to his ears, but at the same time, it left a deep impression on him.

His body froze as he peered to his left.

He saw the foreigner in a scarlet tuxedo staring at him coldly, licking his lips.

Seeing this, he was unsure if he should swear.

"Damm. Are they from the same gang?"

Fengyang Lie had a drastic change in his expression. Three Inborn Experts! Fu*k, these three Inborn Experts are obviously from a gang.

Fu*k, the Fengyang Family was not Flame Palace. Three Inborn Experts could annihilate not only the Fengyang Family but also Lingyue Sect. It was a piece of cake for them.

Is it worth it to fawn over Flame Palace and be offend the three Inborn Experts? Fu*king no!

Fengyang Lie froze suddenly as he had a mixed expression.

The Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect in the middle was stunned slightly as he looked at Fengyang Lie with consternation.

Everyone was staring at Fengyang Lie with questions. What's going on? Why did he stop half-way?

Flaunt it! Why did you stop being ostentatious?


Fengyang Lie put on a different expression. He spun around, looking awkward yet polite as he headed to his original position.

Just like that!

Fengyang Lie's series of actions stunned everyone around him.

What's going on? What does this Inborn Expert mean?

Everyone was taken by surprise. He asked if they thought they were qualified to bring turmoil to Lingyue Sect.

Then he went back. What the hell was that?

"What's going on?" What is this leader of Fengyang Family doing? Why did he suddenly retreat?"

"I have no idea. His action was perplexing. We can't guess the thoughts of an Inborn Expert."

The crowd commented in astonishment.

However, Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect had a dramatic change in his expression on the stage. He found himself in a difficult position as he looked at the two Inborn Experts who were staring back at him.


"Stand back, everyone. Are you courting your own doom to seek troubles on our territory?"

When Elder Liu noticed such a situation, he slammed his hand on his chair with a vile expression and bellowed in a low voice.

He swept his cold gaze over Maniac Ji and Mo Yuan.

"Yes, Elder Liu!"

Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect felt relieved as he quickly answered.

Elder Liu looked at Wang Xian indifferently. He observed the people around him with a grave expression.

The elders of Flame Palace could tell that Maniac Ji and the middle-aged man beside Thistles and Thorns Sect were here because of Miracle Doctor Wang.

"How dare you embarrass the Flame Palace!?"

Several elders of Flame Palace were looking inhospitable. One of them cast a glance at Shenghua at the side.


Shenghua revealed a faint smile on his face as he stood up slowly and walked to the center spot. His attention was on Wang Xian.

"I've long heard of your name, Miracle Doctor Wang. I thought we could be buddies of the same sect and exchange our medical skills. Never did I expect you would turn down the invitation. I guess I can only use this opportunity to learn from you!"

Shenghua spoke to Wang Xian with a beaming face. "I also want to see if Miracle Doctor Wang lives up to his name as the young Miracle Doctor!"

"This is...!"

"The way Miracle Doctor Wang handed this obviously pissed Flame Palace off. Hence, they were going to teach him a lesson."

"That's right. After all, they cannot get humiliated as a Sacred Sect. They must restore their dignity!"

"Miracle Doctor Shenghua is renowned overseas. I wonder how he will do it!"

Everybody felt it was all imposing as they watched quietly. The impact that they got today was overwhelming.

"Shenghua, that cheap old man!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man stared daggers at Shenghua as he whispered.

"Hur? Do you know him?" asked Sun Lingxiu, looking at him.

"Yes, he's a lecher. Fu*k. He stole a woman from me and even lectured me."

Miracle Doctor Blood Man glared at him and said coldly, "But master, my strength has improved tremendously. I'm not afraid of Shenghua now!"

"Really?" Sun Ling Xiu smiled.

"I used to be afraid of this cheap old man. But now, I'm not!" Xiao Hong patted his chest and acted as though he was formidable.

"Go on!" Sun Lingxiu said impassively.

"Yes, master. Today, I'll get a good game in with that cheap old man!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man was elated as he stared at Shenghua and chuckled.

"Shenghua, you cheap old man. How dare you challenge my master's friend in medical skills. I think I will be the best person to do it!"

Just as when Shenghua was staring daggers at Wang Xian, Miracle Doctor Blood Man's broken Mandarin was heard again.

As arrogant as ever!

As broken as ever!

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