Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 250

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 250 Just This Level?

"Damn it, they really are!"

When the arrogant voice sounded, Fengyang Lie's mouth twitched a little.

His face darkened at the sight of the middle-aged man in a bright red tuxedo.

Although his actions previously were a little embarrassing, he felt that his decision was a brilliant one when he heard this arrogant voice.

These people are indeed together!

"Who is that foreigner? Why is he so arrogant?"

"What an arrogant guy! However, the phrase 'cheap old man' and 'this old man' became really hilarious in his tone!"

"Who is that middle-aged man in a red tuxedo? How could he still be so arrogant to Miracle Doctor Shenghua?"

The surrounding crowd looked in shock at Miracle Doctor Blood Man who stepped forward.

"How dare you speak like this to the Miracle Doctor of the Flame Palace! You must be courting death!" an attendant from Flame Palace looked at Miracle Doctor Blood Man and chided.


Miracle Doctor Blood Man did not pay attention to the attendant and simply stared at Shenghua. "Old man! Not doing so well in Europe? Why are you here?"

"Oh, little blood man!"

Upon hearing Miracle Doctor Blood Man calling him an old man, Miracle Doctor Shenghua was clearly displeased. He stared harshly at Miracle Doctor Blood Man as he remarked with contempt.

"Hehe. You better be careful when speaking. I've reached the Prince Realm now and an old man like you isn't at the same level as me anymore!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man stared at him with contempt before adding, "Let's compete with medical techniques. Let me see what you are capable of!"

Prince Realm!

Shenghua squinted his eyes upon hearing him. Although he was a little surprised, he still remarked coldly, "Do you want me to purify you?"

"Haha, old man. Do you think I, Miracle Doctor Blood Man, am still the same as before? Why don't we fight it out?"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man smiled sheepishly but gradually restrained his smile. On his red tuxedo, black and viscous blood started circulating.

The scent of blood and raging aura emanated from his body.

"For blood cultivators and light cultivators like us, strength also represents the level of our medical techniques. Hehe. My raging blood is making me really excited now."


Miracle Doctor Blood Man lifted his head slowly. To the astonishment of the crowd, a pair of blood-red wings appeared behind him.

This symbolized the strength of a Prince Realm expert and an incomparably noble existence.

"Come, come! Since I have advanced to the Prince Realm, I haven't experienced a battle that has made me tremble. My blood is now raging and calling out to you!"


Miracle Doctor Blood Man laughed hysterically. From him, an invincible vibe started to form around him.

His devilish blood wings extended behind him as the scent of blood covered him.

Miracle Doctor Blood Man had turned completely red. His eyes were even glowing in blood-red light and two huge fangs were exposed from his mouth.

"What horrifying aura!"

This is the Vampire from Europe! He's a Prince Realm Vampire! Oh my god! What a terrifying aura!"

"He's too strong! Get back, get back!"

The crowd was shocked. The stifling aura that Miracle Doctor Blood Man had exhibited sent chills down the Sect Leaders and Family heads of various First-class Forces.

Those Inborn experts stared fearfully at Miracle Doctor Blood Man, who was flapping his blood wings.

"Too strong. He's too strong! I'm so glad I did not mess with him previously!"

Fengyang Lie looked at Miracle Doctor Blood Man suspended in the air and his heart was thumping violently. The strength that Miracle Doctor Blood Man had exhibited at this moment was even more frightening than before.

Fengyang Lie was sure that it would be difficult for him to escape if they ever fought.

"This vampire...!"

The four Elders of Flame Palace, who were sitting in the central location, were dumbfounded.

Inborn experts could be distinguished by their battle prowess and could be separated into four tiers. The four tiers were Exploratory Inborn, Small Mastery Inborn, Great Mastery Inborn and Pinnacle Inborn.

The four of them had the strength level of a Small Mastery Inborn expert. Together with the unique Art of Cultivation of the Flame Palace, they could fight with a Great Mastery Inborn expert.

However, Miracle Doctor Blood Man made their hearts shiver in fear.

The four of them exchanged gazes as fear gripped them.

"I had not expected a small blood man could improve to this extent!"

Shenghua looked in shock at the impetuous Miracle Doctor Blood Man in the air.

"I could crush you easily in the past and I still can do it now. We are your natural nemesis!"

Shenghua's expression was glum. Waving his hand, a staff appeared in his hand.

He held the staff with both of his hands and a dense Light attribute energy emanated from his body.

Light, Illuminate!

A pair of wings made up of Light energy appeared behind Miracle Doctor Shenghua. He had a holy glow around him and looked just like the angel in the legends.

"Light will definitely annihilate darkness!"

Miracle Doctor Shenghua held the staff in his hand as he gradually levitated towards Miracle Doctor Blood Man.

"Hehe, darkness has already fallen!"

Carrying his bloody aura along, Miracle Doctor Blood Man charged towards Miracle Doctor Shenghua directly. "Die!"

"Holy Slash!"

At this moment, Miracle Doctor Shenghua had an imposing look on him. The Light energy around him masked the details of his face, making him look a little holier.

He waved the staff in his hand and a cross-shaped slash flew towards Miracle Doctor Blood Man.

"My blood is raging!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man stretched out his arms. Thick fresh blood surrounded him as he ripped apart the cross-shaped slash.


However, the moment the cross-shaped slash impacted his hand, it mysteriously entered into the body of the Miracle Doctor Blood Man. This shocked him a little.

To his surprise, he felt his blood become exceptionally excited when the Light energy entered into his body. It was as though they were cheering.

"This... This...!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man was thrilled. Light had always been the counter against blood cultivators. However, he was no longer affected by Light.

In addition, he had a warm feeling when the Light landed on him.

Hehe! Hehe!

Miracle Doctor Blood Man started laughing hysterically. "My master! My master is indeed incredible! Hahaha!"

He screamed excitedly as he looked fervently at Shenghua.

"Old man, have a taste of the powers of darkness!"

Moving his body, he charged towards Shenghua at an astonishing speed.

In the air, Miracle Doctor Blood Man looked just like a curtain made of blood that descended towards Shenghua.

"Darkness shall expel Light!"

Miracle Doctor Shenghua was unmoved. The powers of Light had always been a good counter against blood cultivators. Even if the cultivation level of Miracle Doctor Blood Man had reached the level of Prince, it would still be highly effective.

He held his staff with both hands as he chanted, "Holy Light Illumination! Slash!"

Blinding rays appeared in front of him. The dense white light was just like the daytime sun that shrouded towards the approaching Miracle Doctor Blood Man.

"I rise from the darkness but I revel in the Light!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man opened up his blood wings as he charged into the Holy Ray Illumination.

"Foolish!" Seeing Miracle Blood Man charging in directly, Shenghua remarked with contempt.

"Hehe. You are the foolish one. Trash! You dare to play hero here with just this level of strength? A Miracle Doctor of an Emperor-class Force is just at this level?" [1]

Vulgarities and insults sounded at this moment, shocking everyone!


[1] Emperor-class Force is equivalent to a Sacred-class Force in Europe

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