Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 251

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 251 Never See A Pretty Girl Before?


As the voice of Miracle Doctor Blood Man trailed off, the Holy Ray Illumination displayed by Miracle Doctor Shenghua was suddenly flushed with blood.

The Holy Light encompassing a radius of five meters was stained with a bloody color.

Hiak hiak!

Miracle Doctor Blood Man let out a clap of wild laugher as he charged swiftly and ferociously towards Shenghua.

"How did this happen?"

Shenghua was horrified as he watched the Miracle Doctor Blood Man charging at him with disbelief.

"Cheap old man, you lost!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man was thrilled. His nails were long, exuding a glistening bloody mist.

"Why weren't you punished by the Holy Light?"

Shenghua was appalled as he raised the staff in his hand and struck heavily at the Miracle Doctor Blood Man.

"Because you're too weak!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man slashed at Shenghua's staff.

The absence of the limiting effect from two different attributes freaked Shenghua out.

Logically speaking, the Holy Light emitted from his staff should have dissolved the blood in Miracle Doctor Blood Man. But nothing happened.

On the contrary, he realized the other party was undaunted by the power of Holy Light.

"Incredible, that Miracle Doctor Blood Man is incredible!"

"Domineering. Both of them are simply domineering!"

"Shenghua lives up to his name with his daunting combat ability. That Holy Ray Illumination looked like it could purify me in one go!"

"That vampire was more formidable. Wasn't the Holy Light supposed to suppress vampires? Why is he badly beaten up now?"

Everyone around spectated the duel with disbelief.

This was another kind of combat of medical skills.

"Interesting. the battle between Xiao Hong and Shenghua felt like combat between two mages!" said Wang Xian with a smile, as he could tell that Miracle Doctor Blood Man had suppressed Shenghua completely.

"Young Master, the Art of Cultivation in Euramerica is like this. In ancient Europe, they have knights, mages, and witches just like our ancient Martial Arts Experts. They may have different cultivation systems, but they are ultimately similar too!"

Mo Qinglong explained to Wang Xian, "They have mages and knights in Euramerica. Shenghua and Miracle Doctor Blood Man were more of mages who attack with elements. However, Miracle Doctor Blood Man had a stronger physique."

"Besides," Mo Qinglong paused for a moment. "Euramerica has the most comprehensive cultivation system. They have many experts that are much more formidable than our side."

"Really?" Wang Xian was slightly taken aback as he looked at Mo Qinglong.

Mo Qinglong nodded. "The Ancient Martial Artist Families in the underworld like to keep to themselves. They don't share their skills with outsiders. Hence, many secret manuals that contained powerful skills were lost."

"However, they have a more complete inheritance system in Euramerica. Take Shenghua's Holy Light for instance. If he has a chance to practice a higher level of cultivation, Miracle Doctor Blood Man has an equal chance too. But such Cultivation Arts can only be found in Sacred Sects here in the underworld."

Mo Qinglong spoke as though he was reminiscing. "When Spiritual Treasures were spotted in spiritual mountains in the underworld, the news was leaked, drawing many powerful forces from overseas to compete for them. In the end, we lost them to someone else in our territory!"

Wang Xian nodded his head slowly. He may not have understood other places, but not many experts were found in the underworld. Most of them were concentrated in Sacred Sects. Like Flame Palace who just got promoted, they already had dozens of Inborn Experts. Those long-standing Sacred Sects should be even stronger. Maybe they possessed a more high-class combat ability!

"You're gone!"

At this time, the haughty voice of Miracle Doctor Blood Man was heard. Wang Xian looked over. He saw Miracle Doctor Blood Man tearing Shenghua with a bloody claw, leaving deep bloody marks on him.

Shenghua was pale-looking. Immense bright energy healed the injuries on his body.

But his face was grim as the thick blood was constantly absorbing the energy from his body.

"Haha, Shenghua, are you convinced now?!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man stood in front of him with a c.o.c.ky face. He looked just like a villain when he stood tall and high, overlooking Miracle Doctor Shenghua.

Upon seeing his stance, Shenghua had a dreadful expression. Even his body was jittery.

"Geez, that's too strong. That vampire was tough! I think even the two Inborn Experts may not be a match for this vampire!"

"Their Art of Cultivation is compelling. Given our techniques, Inborn Experts can only take flight in the sky for a short moment. Yet, they can form wings, and even battle in the air with their cultivation arts!"

"What they practiced was magic, using a special way to perform remote attacks with their spiritual strength. The experts in the underworld are more proficient in using weapons such as swords and sabers. Each has their own strengths!"

The crowd including Inborn Experts exclaimed too.

"By the way, the vampire seemed to mention that his master is a friend of Miracle Doctor Wang. He has a master?"

Suddenly, some people realized something. That vampire had said he has a master before his fight just now.

His master? Such an existence like him as a master?

Everyone was stupefied. Does such a daunting existence actually have a master?

Then how domineering could his master be? Beyond imagination!

Back at Fengyang Family, Fengyang Lie could not believe it. He was wiping cold sweat that broke out on his forehead with a tissue paper.

"I admit defeat!" Shenghua said with a low voice and grave expression as he clenched his fist tightly.

"Haha, great that you admit defeat. Don't be arrogant, and keep a low profile. Do you get it?"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man educated Shenghua with a conceited face.

Hiak hiak!

Subsequently, Miracle Doctor Blood Man burst out laughing. With a swift movement, he darted to Sun Lingxiu like a bloody shadow.

"Master, how did I do? Am I not impressive?"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man lifted his chin and asked Sun Lingxiu just like an elementary student who just got first in his class.

"Not bad!" Sun Lingxiu praised him without much emotion except drawing a faint smile on her face.


All the people, including the disciples from Flame Palace, cast their glances over there in disbelief. They could not help but gulp.

"That pure and holistic girl is the master of the vampire?"


"What a pure and holy goddess. Her demeanor is impressive!"

"Given the temperament she exhibited, she seems like a fairy from Heaven. Is she a princess from some Sacred Sects or Sacred Clans?"

"Gosh, she's the master of the vampire. Given her demeanor, she doesn't seem to be groomed by any average forces. Besides, the fairy doesn't seem to be weak!"

"The super c.o.c.ky and domineering vampire is acting like a child, waiting to be praised over here. This..."

Everyone was shocked to see this. Even the four elders from Flame Palace looked at Sun Lingxiu with grave expressions.

What kind of backings did she have for the mighty vampire to be a slave to her? Or what strength did she possess?

"What are you looking at? Never see a pretty girl before?"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man stared and chided those people who were staring at them.

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