Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 252

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 252 Conduct Yourself Well


Everyone looked at them with shock and disbelief.

Seeing how arrogant and savage Miracle Doctor Blood Man was, the crowd quickly averted their gazes.

Only the four Elders in the central location continued staring. However, they were clearly embarrassed and infuriated.

The Flame Palace had truly been embarrassed today.

A disciple of Flame Palace was completely thrashed by a Saintess of a Second-class Force.

The Saint and Saintess of Flame Palace were easily crushed by a rogue cultivator.

The one who had defeated them was extremely arrogant. Flame Palace couldn't do anything, as they were concerned about how others would view them. Inborn experts tried to stick up for them but were forced to back away by two other Inborn experts.

And now, Miracle Doctor Shenghua, whom the Palace Master had invited personally, was defeated by an unknown vampire.

In quick succession, one after another...

Initially, Flame Palace wanted to make use of this opportunity to recruit disciples and experts while displaying their might. However, the outcome was beyond their expectations as they were humiliated consecutively.

This made the four Elders of the Flame Palace unusually furious.

"It's all because of that guy!"

The four Elders looked at Wang Xian who was below the stage. Strong killing intent leaked out from their gazes.

If it wasn't for Miracle Doctor Wang, how would Flame Palace be humiliated as such?

How would their disciples and Miracle Doctors be defeated in quick succession?

"He deserves death for tarnishing the reputation of Flame Palace!" Elder Liu directed his voice softly to the other three Elders around him.

"Our Flame Palace shouldn't just take this humiliation. There's only one outcome for him for offending us!"

"Kill! He's just a small Miracle Doctor no matter how many strong experts surround him."

"The reputation and name of Flame Palace aren't things that can be infringed upon!"

The other three Elders replied coldly immediately.

What Miracle Doctor Wang had done today was deserving of ten thousand deaths in their eyes.

"Call upon a few other Elders tomorrow. We shall announce the Flame Palace's Killing Order and we must definitely kill him!"

Elder Liu was filled with killing intent. His gaze swept across Maniac Ji, Mo Yuan, Wushi and the crowd.

If it wasn't for the fact that they were wary of how others might view them, they would have struck right away.

"For those who wish to join our Flame Palace, Level 8 Martial Artists and above can apply for direct enrolment."

Elder Liu looked to the surrounding crowd and said solemnly with an expressionless face, "Today, the selection of disciples for Flame Palace shall end here."

"What? It's ending so quickly?"

"It's just been two hours and they are ending it now...? This..."

The surrounding crowd was taken aback as they had not expected the Elder of Flame Palace to announce the end so quickly.

"This might be due to..."

Some people looked to where Wang Xian was as their eyes lit up.

Flame Palace wanted to display the might and authority of a Sacred Sect today. In the end, they got a tight and ruthless slap from Miracle Doctor Wang of Rivertown.

Their disciple, Saint, and Saintess were defeated. Even the Miracle Doctor that their Flame Palace had invited personally was defeated.

Nonetheless, the connections that Miracle Doctor Wang had displayed greatly shocked the crowd.

In fact, even Flame Palace did not act hastily and swallowed their grievances.

However, Flame Palace won't just let this go. As a newly crowned Sacred Sect, they will definitely return the humiliation they suffered ten folds over. Otherwise, their authority would be non-existent! the surrounding crowd thought to themselves.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, our Flame Palace will remember the incidents of today!" As many had expected, the voice of the Elders of Flame Palace sounded at this moment.

Elder Liu stared coldly at Wang Xian with fervent killing intent. He gritted his teeth and remarked with a gruesome expression, "Miracle Doctor Wang, I hope you conduct yourself well in the future!"

As he finished his sentence, his eyes swept across Maniac Ji, Mo Yuan, the vampire, Sun Lingxiu and the crowd of the Thistles and Thorns Sect.


When the crowd saw the cold looks of Elder Liu, they immediately understood a feud had broken out between the Flame Palace and Miracle Doctor Wang.

Moreover, Miracle Doctor Wang would most likely encounter a mishap soon!


Wang Xian revealed a smirk and replied to the Elder from the Flame Palace, "You can remember it if you wish. As to how I should conduct myself, I don't need you to remind me!"

"Haha, great. I'm impressed by your courage! Tsk!" Elder Liu laughed loudly and stared harshly at Wang Xian before turning around and left.

The other Elders also gave Wang Xian cold looks before heading towards the depths of Wuduan Mountain.

In the middle of the field, the disciples of Flame Palace also looked fiercely at Wang Xian.

"Cultivate diligently when you get back! Those who offend the Flame Palace will definitely die!"

The Saint, Mo Canghai, glanced at Mo Wushi sternly and sneered.

In the middle of the field, Mu Wanwan gritted her teeth as she looked to Xiao Yu before rejoining the group of disciples of Flame Palace shamefully.

The group of disciples of Flame Palace left shortly after.

Around them, everyone intentionally and unintentionally looked towards Wang Xian as they whispered among themselves.

Within Lingyue Sect, the Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect, was looking extremely displeased.

Not only did they fail to get on the good books of the Flame Palace, but they had also offended strong enemies today.

"Luckily, the Flame Palace will eliminate Wang Xian and the other two Inborn experts. Otherwise, we would be in trouble!"

The Sect Leader of Lingyue Sect glowered at Wang Xian before leading the crowd of Lingyue Sect and leaving.

Around them, various Sects and Families also started leaving one after another.

The outcome of today's pilgrimage was something they had not expected.

They were shocked to see someone humiliating a Sacred Sect during their pilgrimage.

"Look out for news on Miracle Doctor Wang of Rivertown for the next few days. I believe Flame Palace will strike within the next two days!"

"He should be dead soon. Even if he has great strength and can summon three to four Inborn experts, it would be futile if a Sacred Sect wished to target a factionless doctor like him."

"This Miracle Doctor Wang isn't rational to go against an entire Sacred Sect. He's likely going to be dead soon."

Around them, some sects and families whispered softly as they left.


"Brother!" Xiao Yu walked towards Wang Xian with a blushing face and greeted him softly.

"Your performance was pretty good!" Wang Xian caressed her head and gave his compliments.

"King!" Mo Wushi walked over and greeted Wang Xian respectfully.

"Yeah!" Wang Xian looked at Mo Wushi and nodded his head. "Just continue with your own journey!"

"Yes, King!" Mo Wushi nodded his head. After paying respects to Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan, he turned around and left.

"Miracle Doctor Wang!" At this moment, Maniac Ji and Sect Leader Tang had also walked over and greeted him solemnly.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, Flame Palace will definitely not let the events of today rest. I'm afraid of what's coming next..." Sect Leader Tang frowned and reminded Wang Xian.

"I understand!"

Wang Xian nodded his head and a cold flash of light blitzed past his eyes. "Sect Leader Tang, you don't have to worry about this!"

Conduct myself well? I naturally will do as I see fit!

Wang Xian's eyes flickered.

Considering what Flame Palace would do next, if he wished to do as he deemed fit, it would be to strike first.

Sacred Sect, Flame Palace! Let me show you what I'm capable of!

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