Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 253

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 253 The Autumn Wind Blows And The Flames Extinguished 1

"Shuqing, you'll return to the villa with Elder Fang and Xiao Yu," said Wang Xian to Shuqing and Xiao Yu when the sects and families gradually dispersed from the square in Wuduan Mountain.

"Xiao Xian, you..." Shuqing bit her tongue. "Be careful!"

"Don't worry!"

Wang Xian caressed Guan Shuqing's head with confidence. He beamed at Sect Leader Tang. "I hope Sect Leader Tang can send them back!"

"Rest assured, Miracle Doctor Wang!"

Sect Leader Tang cupped his fist and assured him.

Wang Xian nodded and waved goodbye to Guan Shuqing and Xiao Yu.

"Brother, come back soon!"

"I'll be back tomorrow morning. Don't worry!"

Wang Xian smiled and nodded.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, do you intend to strike Flame Palace?"

After Xiao Yu and Guan Shuqing were gone, Maniac Ji looked at Wang Xian and asked with a solemn expression.

"Even if we don't, they'll still strike at us." Wang Xian smiled impassively. He turned to Mo Yuan. "Where is the basecamp of Flame Palace? We'll exterminate them today."

"At the foot of Fiery Rock Mountain which is more than a hundred kilometers away from here!" Mo Yuan answered.

Maniac Ji was a little taken aback when Wang Xian took it so easily when he said they were going to exterminate them.

"Let's go over there!"

Wang Xian did not have the slightest hesitation. Since he decided, he would execute immediately.

"Yes!" Mo Yuan nodded. "Shall we gather the disciples of Dragon Sect?"

"No need. We're good enough!" Wang Xian smiled, and Mo Yuan nodded. He immediately went to look for a vehicle.

"Master, just a few of us are going to strike an Emperor-class Family? Isn't it too few of us?" Miracle Doctor Blood Man at the side whispered his question to Sun Lingxiu.

"Following Xiao Xian will do!" said Sun Lingxiu nonchalantly.

Miracle Doctor Blood Man pouted and kept quiet. He stood respectfully by the side as he sized up Wang Xian and the rest.

They had one more Inborn Expert, which made it six in total.

To exterminate an Emperor-class force with six Inborn Experts was wishful thinking.

The vehicle drove to Fiery Rock Mountain, which was a renowned mountain range of Dongqing Province.

Fiery Rock Mountain was a colossal active volcano.

One could see the rising smoke in the sky from far away. The temperature was higher than in other regions by a few degrees.

Volcanoes did not necessarily have magma rumbling underneath. In fact, many volcanoes had now turned into tourist attractions.

Flame Palace Sacred Sect did not turn into one such scenic spot, but the scenery was not any inferior to the rest of the beautiful scenic spots.

"The basecamp of Flame Palace is situated on the main peak. The surrounding mountains were for the elders and some disciples. There are 23 peaks in total, out of which, only the main one is connected to the underground volcano. I heard it is the sacred ground for the cultivation of their disciples."

Mo Yuan did an introduction to Wang Xian as the vehicle entered the Flame City. As soon as they arrived in the city, they saw the volcanoes far away.

"Let's find a place to have dinner. We'll go over after sunset," Wang Xian said with a smile after looking at the time.

"Yes, Dragon King!"

Mo Yuan nodded as he instructed the driver to drive them to the best restaurant in Flame City.

Flame City may have been a small city, but it came with a rich historical heritage.

Flaming Flower Restaurant was the best restaurant in Flame City. All their dishes were put together with the various wild animals hunted from the volcano mountains.

The group of six people went into the restaurant and sat in the main hall of the restaurant.

Flaming Flower Restaurant may not have been big, but it looked posh.

"Sir, we serve the tastiest wild vegetables and meat here. Please try it!"

Wang Xian and the rest sat down, and the service staff served their dishes warmly not long after.

"Chinese cuisine is impressive!" Miracle Doctor Blood Man sat beside Sun Lingxiu and put a thumb up to compliment.

"Hehe, that's true. Chinese cuisine is the best in the world." Mo Yuan chuckled.

"Not only do we have delicacies, but we also have pretty girls too!"

At this time, a quirky voice was heard. It was a distinctive voice that sounded frivolous and dissolute.


Mo Yuan and Miracle Doctor Blood Man raised their eyebrows as soon as they heard the remark. They immediately turned to look over to their side.

Ten odd-looking men.

The two tables beside them sat queer people with seven old men, two middle-aged men, and one young man. They were all foreigners.

The seven old men had big builds and wore oversized clothes. They exuded an extraordinary demeanor.

The old men seemed to be people who had just come out from seclusion.

The two middle-aged men were ordinary-looking. The young man who spoke was a blonde hunk.

"Eat your food, and shut up. Stop disgracing the foreigners!"

When Miracle Doctor Blood Man noticed the blonde hunk was staring at his own master, he glowered at him.

"Hehe." The blonde hunk did not mind him and giggled, "Chinese girls, good skin!"

"Boss, bring all your best dishes here!"

Just then, a sharp voice was heard from the outside.

"Coming. Gentlemen, this way please!"

Immediately, a middle-aged man in a suit greeted them quickly with reverence.

"Gentlemen, please have a seat here!"

The restaurant manager quickly ushered the four people inside.

"I heard the news from Wuduan Mountain that a fellow ruined our pilgrimage this time!"

"Yes, several elders already rushed over here. Even Palace Master found out about this."

"Hehe, looks like someone is digging his own grave!"

The four gentlemen had outstanding bearings. They lifted their chins as though they were condescending someone as they discussed this briefly.

Wang Xian and the group's attention was drawn by the conversations between the four young men. They turned around and ignored the young blonde foreigner.

"Boss, get us some wine!"

A young man instructed the middle-aged man in front of him. "If he dares to offend us, he will need to pay a heavy price. We can establish our reputation at the same time!"

"That's right. Who within the five provinces dares to provoke us? He's obviously asking for it. I heard he's a factionless doctor. Haha!"

The four young men continued their conversations at a table beside Wang Xian and the rest who smiled as they exchanged glances.

The four young men must be disciples from Flame Palace.

They enjoyed their drinks and exchanged conversations boomingly without any restraint.

"I heard our Mu Wanwan was wounded. We must check her out tonight. Hehe!"

"This fellow is up to no good again. But Mu Wanwan was too haughty. She's difficult. You should find yourself other targets!"

The young men were exchanging conversations when one of them spotted Sun Lingxiu suddenly. He was slightly stunned as a tinge of passion flashed in his eyes.

The saying, "women are like disasters" was right. This was especially true for pretty ladies.

That young man stood up in amazement. "Pretty, are you from Flame City?"

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