Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 254

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 254 The Autumn Wind Blows And The Flames Extinguished 2

Just as Sun Lingxiu was eating, a young man walked over and asked her a question directly. This made her knit her eyebrows a little.

"Scram and go eat while you can, rascal!" Seeing others offending his master again, Miracle Doctor Blood Man lifted his head and chided coldly.


The response of Miracle Doctor Blood Man immediately stunned the Flame Palace disciple who came to strike a conversation. A cold light flashed in his eyes.

He was a disciple of a Sacred Sect. Furthermore, the group was in their territory. How dare he call him a rascal?

"You better choose your words wisely, foreigner! Otherwise, I'll make things difficult for you!" The young man stared harshly at Miracle Doctor Blood Man and pointed at him. "You guys better be honest here. Otherwise... I'll let you know whose territory you are in!"

"Hehe! At this moment, an appropriate thing to say in Chinese would be 'rescuing the damsel in distress!'"

A voice with a similar accent to Miracle Doctor Blood Man's sounded once again.

Following which, a palm suddenly appeared on the shoulder of the young man from Flame Palace.

"Hey beauty, this guy is a crook. Now that I have taught him a lesson your behalf, are you going to pledge to marry me in gratitude?"

The good-looking guy with blonde hair smiled and looked towards where Sun Lingxiu was. His lips curved into a smile as he gave Sun Lingxiu dirty looks!

"You must be courting death!"

The young man from Flame Palace, whose shoulder was being held, growled angrily. He clenched his fist tightly and charged towards the good looking guy with blonde hair.


However, just as the young man threw a punch, his body suddenly started trembling violently. He stared at the good looking guy with blonde hair in front of him with disbelief and shock!

"What the... How dare you cause troubles in our territory?"

"Damn it! There are more and more people who wish to die here!"

The other disciples of Flame Palace stood up immediately and gave the good looking guy with blonde hair an icy glare.

"Hehe! Just a few trash and yet you dare to speak to me like this?" the good looking guy with blonde hair turned over and said mockingly. A strong aura swept quickly towards the four young men from Flame Palace.


The four disciples from Flame Palace choked from the stifling pressure. Their faces turned red quickly as they could only stare at him with their eyes wide open.


With a light push from the good looking guy with blonde hair, the young man from Flame Palace was knocked back onto the chair behind him.

The four disciples of Flame Palace were filled with fear and anger instantly as they could only stare with deadly looks at the good looking guy with blonde hair.

"I love to see your angry looks." The good looking golden-hair looked at the four disciples of Flame Palace as though he was admiring a piece of art. In a light-hearted tone, he continued, "But I'd love to see your despairing looks even more!"

"Oh! This should be quick!"

"Heng Wang, it's time to go!"

At this moment, an old man a short distance away spoke plainly to the good looking guy with blonde hair.

"Haha. You don't even allow me to enjoy myself a little."

The good looking guy with blonde hair smiled at them, turned around and said to Sun Lingxiu, "Hey beauty, I saved you a while ago. Aren't you going to pledge to marry me?"

As he spoke, he tapped once at the void space between them before leaving with the group of old and middle-aged men.

Behind them, the four disciples of Flame Palace glowered at them but didn't dare to give chase.

The stifling pressure they felt from the young man with blonde hair had made them experience fear.


Wang Xian looked at the ten foreigners before turning to Sun Lingxiu.

Sun Lingxiu's eyes lit up as she lifted her right hand and grabbed something off her body. A red flame appeared in her hand.

"Do you recognize them?" She looked to Miracle Doctor Blood Man beside her and asked.

"This mark?" Miracle Doctor Blood Man frowned slightly and answered, "Flame... There are a few Emperor-class Forces internationally that specialize in flames. From how they addressed the young man with blonde hair, he must be Heng Wang from the Fire God Denomination!" [1]

He frowned and squinted his eyes at the disappearing figures of old and middle-aged men.

"They are all Inborn Realm experts!" commented Wang Xian plainly.


Mo Yuan, Maniac Ji and the others were shocked.

All of them are Inborn Realm experts? There are ten of them!

"What are they here for?" Mo Qinglong frowned and mumbled.

Wang Xian looked at the embarrassed and furious disciples from Flame Palace leaving with gloomy expressions before he smirked and said, "It should be related to the Flame Palace. Moreover, they aren't friendly!"

They aren't friendly!

Mo Qinglong and the rest were shocked and quickly sank into thoughts.

"I know a little about the Fire God Denomination. They aren't any weaker than our Sacred Sects. In fact, they are a lot stronger than the newly crowned Sacred Sect. They are here for..."

Doubts surfaced on Mo Qinglong's face.

"Perhaps... Tonight will be an interesting night!" replied Wang Xian with a laugh.

"How dare he place a tracking flame on my master! If I see the blonde rascal again, I will kill him!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man spoke with intense killing intent.


Night. The summer had passed and the autumn wind was soughing.

The Fiery Rock Mountain was still glowing in a faint light.

It was especially so at the main peak. At night, the volcano was shrouded in a red glow that made it exceptionally beautiful.

Six figures descended on a tree a thousand meters from the entrance silently and waited patiently.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, it's already 9 pm. Let's split up to ambush and kill the Elders on each peak before they guard against us. Even if we can't annihilate the Flame Palace, we can also make them suffer grave losses!" Maniac Ji looked at Wang Xian and suggested.

"No rush. Let's wait and see!"

"Wang Xian waved his hand at him. He continued standing silently while staring at Flame Palace.

Maniac Ji was confused but still waited patiently.

Time passed slowly and it was soon 10 pm. Suddenly, ten figures appeared from afar.

They were moving rapidly like a gust of wind and carried with them an intense and violent aura.

"It's them!"

"The ten Inborn experts from the restaurant!"

"They are indeed here!"

Maniac Ji looked solemnly across at the ten Inborn experts.

The ten of them didn't attempt to hide themselves at all. Each of the ten figures was glowing and approaching the Flame Palace like a meteor.

"How arrogant of them to charge into the Flame Palace so openly! What are they trying to do?" Mo Qinglong frowned and asked.

"Huo Yu of Flame Palace and Shenghua! Get here right away! How dare you guys steal the treasure of our Fire God Denomination! Today, we will definitely annihilate the entire Flame Palace!"

A majestic voice propagated throughout the entire Flame Palace and resounded within the Fiery Rock Mountain.

"A small Flame Palace stole the treasures of Fire God Denomination to become a Sacred Sect in the East. Hehe. Today, we will annihilate you!"

A brazen voice sounded once again. In the skies above the main peak, the figures of the ten Inborn experts from the Fire God Denomination were well illuminated by the flames they emitted.

Wings made of flames sprouted behind their backs.

Ten of them had completely sealed off the entire Flame Palace.

They weren't concerned about Flame Palace having more Inborn experts than them at all.

Neither were they fearful of Flame Palace.

An arrogant, domineering and majestic voice and aura shrouded the entire Flame Palace.


[1] Emperor-class is the equivalent of Saint-class in Europe

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