Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 255

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 255 The Autumn Wind Blows And The Flames Extinguished 3

"Who is it? Who dares to play punk in Flame Palace?"

"Who is it? Who dares to clamor at Sacred Sect?"

The resounding voice shook up the entire Flame Palace. All the disciples walked out of their rooms as they bellowed in anger.

They enjoyed the utmost glory after they were promoted from a first-class force to a Sacred Sect.

Everyone treated disciples of Flame Palace with respect, and none of them dared to be rude to them.

Now, someone dared to talk big at the Flame Palace. That was as good as digging their own graves.

"Gosh, there are ten people in the air!"


Every Flame Palace disciple was surprised as they looked up towards the main peak.

"It's true. Ten people with huge flaming wings on their backs!"

"They...they are Inborn Experts!"

"Ten Inborn Experts. Gosh, ten of them!"

"So what? We have 14 Inborn Experts guarding the Flame Palace now!" all the disciples said with trepidation as they looked over.

"Who dares to play punk in Flame Palace?"

"Fire God Denomination? How dare you barge onto the sacred ground of Flame Palace. You guys definitely have a death wish!"

One by one, figures sprouted out from each of the peaks, shouting at the ten Inborn Experts of Fire God Denomination in the sky.

"Fire God Denomination, any capable man can retrieve the Spiritual Treasures. How dare you barge into Flame Palace with just ten people? I guess you're here to die!"

An old man's voice cut the air from the main peak. He had a pair of enormous wings behind him, and he held a flaming spear as though he was a flame warrior.

"I didn't think you guys would chase all the way here. Looks like you're not giving up!"

Shenghua's voice was heard too. He flapped the glowing feathered wings and glowered at the people from Fire God Denomination. He then flapped towards the Palace Master of Flame Palace.

Flame Palace experts arrived at the back of their Palace Master.

Instantly, 14 Inborn Experts stood at the back and glared at the Fire God Denomination in front of them with sharp and cold eyes.

"Get out of Flame Palace now. Otherwise, leave your bodies here!"

Palace Master of Flame Palace who was in the center spot glared with a pair of cold eyes. He fixed his eyes on the ten people with seriousness climbing all over his face.

"We'll leave after we annihilate you people."

One of the old men from the Fire God Denomination in the middle chuckled with a ghastly sound. "How dare you steal our things and kill a Prince Realm expert. Today, I'll use your flesh and blood as offerings to him!"

"I see. You're here to offer us your lives. Do you think you can annihilate us with just ten people? The Flame Palace is fearless even if you send the entire Fire God Denomination over!"

Palace Master of Flame Palace looked fixedly at them with a darkened expression.

"Haha, all of you are trash. Five Exploratory Inborn Experts? I can kill two without any problem. Why do we need the entire Fire God Denomination here?"

The blonde-haired young man at the side was looking cool. He stared at the elders of Flame Palace insolently.

"Kill them all and reclaim our treasures!"

The old man in the lead stopped the useless talking and made a swift move. His movement was accompanied by a powerful flame that struck directly at the Palace Master of Flame Palace.


Palace Master and Shenghua had awful looks when they saw ten experts charging at them.

They knew the strength of Fire God Denomination. Therefore, they had grave expressions.

"Besiege and wipe them out!"

The Palace Master bellowed and made a move. His body was shrouded in flames as he darted out to attack the old man at the center.

"How dare an insignificant Pinnacle Inborn create a Sacred Sect. Die!"

The old man in the middle jerked, and a virtual image of a Fire Demon appeared on him.

The Fire Demon that was formed with flames encompassed the old man who grew three meters tall.

"Go to hell!"

The old man swung his enormous fist with daunting strength at the Palace Master.

"So strong!"

He raised his Flaming Spear to block, but he was pushed back a dozen meters.

Palace Master had a sharp change in his expression as his eyes were filled with horror.


Yet a desperate scream was heard from the side in that instant.

A blue flame shrouded a Flame Palace elder.

The creepy blue flame burnt that elder immediately.

The elder tried to use his flaming ability to counterattack. But his fiery red flame seemed like a stimulant that ignited a bigger blue fire.

A horrifying scream struck consternation in all the people in Flame Palace.

In an instant, an elder of Flame Palace was seriously wounded or probably dead. All these things happened in a split second.

"How is this possible? How could they kill an elder in an instant?

"It's a raid. They are sneaking an attack. When our Palace Master realizes it, they can wipe us out even if it's 10 against 13!"

All the disciples of Flame Palace exclaimed from below. They found it unbelievable that a dozen Inborn Experts of Flame Palace could not defend the other party with ten Inborn Experts.

"Heavenly Flame!"

Palace Master was shocked as his expression turned grave immediately.

"How dare you steal our Spiritual Treasures. I'll make sure the Flame Palace is wiped out today!"

The old man who displayed the Heavenly Flame was looking cold. The blue-colored flame was burning around him.

Even the air gave off a loud sound.

"Make it quick and kill them all!"

An old man from Fire God Denomination shouted as he burst into a giant ball of fire. His entire body was on fire.

He swung his arm and blasted a basketball-sized fireball at the Flame Palace elder in front of him.

The Flame Palace elder wielded his machete and hacked the ball of fire.


However, metal-like fire droplets fired off a radius of hundred meters from the exploded ball of fire.


At the same time, the disciples of Flame Palace screamed in horror from below.

The fire droplets penetrated Level 7 and 8 Martial Artists, and the mightiness of the fire struck terror into them.

The spillover fire from the combat burned the surrounding woods.

"Oh, no!"

Palace Master and the elders had the shock of their lives. The moment their opponent struck, their hearts already skipped a beat.

"Go to hell!"

The blonde-haired young man held a red scepter, firing off tongues of blazing flames at the elders of Flame Palace.

Terrifying stance!


Flame Palace elders held their weapons and slashed those flames.

"Haha, kill them all! How dare a reserved place snatch Fire God Denomination's staff. Die!"

At this time, one middle-aged man from Fire God Denomination picked up his Flaming Spear and sprinted over.

The blazing fire was burning atop Flame Palace. Such a sight was spectacular from afar.

"The gap is huge. As a force for hundred years, Fire God Denomination is definitely far more powerful than the Flame Palace!"

"These ten experts from Fire God Denomination were Inborn Experts with a strong foundation. Those Exploratory Inborn Experts from Flame Palace could not hold a candle to them."

"The Flame Palace is going down soon!" said Maniac Ji and Mo Yuan shockingly as Wang Xian and the rest witnessed this from far.

"Heavenly Flame... looks like we have a lot of good stuff here!"

A tinge of red sparks flashed in Wang Xian's eyes as he was ebullient.

I haven't struck for a long time!

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