Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 256

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 256 The Autumn Wind Blows And The Flames Extinguished 4


"So strong! How could this group of people be that strong?"

"The heat emitted by that blue flame is really spooky."

"Shit! Elder Liu is hit and injured!"

"Should we run? Should we..."

Fiery Rock Mountain, Flame Palace. At this moment, it was as though Armageddon had descended on Flame Palace.

In the skies, Inborn experts were engaged in intense battles. Flames were raging and illuminated the skies.

The shockwaves from the battles of Inborn experts affected the entire Flame Palace. Sparks were fluttering.

Scorching hot fire dripped down like melted metal. Even a Level 7 and 8 Martial Artist had to dodge carefully.

Blue flames were shot out from the sky. Once in contact, it would quickly reduce everything to ashes.

In the air, the Elders of Flame Palace were injured one after another. The disciples watched from below in shock and disbelief.

They were from the Sacred Sect! A newly-crowned Sacred Sect. They were supposed to be the strongest and the highest tiered existence around.

However, a group of foreigners had barged in and was slowly annihilating them.

This... How could this be happening!

"Fire God Denomination! Get lost from our Flame Palace immediately or none of you are getting away!" The Palace Master of Flame Place stared intensely at the group in front of him and growled loudly as he started noticing his Elders falling one after another due to grave injuries.

"Huo Tu, you have to pay the price for stealing the spiritual treasure of the Fire God Denomination. Not letting us leave? You aren't that capable yet!" Opposite the Palace Master of Flame Palace, the old man covered in three-meter-tall flame remarked coldly. "Today, I'll not let anyone in Flame Palace get away!"


While the old man was speaking, another shriek of pain sounded from the side.

The Palace Master of Flame Palace looked bitterly to his left.

"You guys deserve death!"

Anger filled his eyes as he witnessed an Elder hit by the blue flame and slowly reduced to ashes.

In just ten minutes, three Elders were severely injured and one was killed.

If this went on, the Flame Palace may very well be annihilated.

The Palace Master of Flame Palace gritted his teeth and the long spear in his hand shivered with his body. He declared solemnly, "Since you guys are eager to die, I shall grant you the wish!"


A human head-sized ball flew out of the Flame Palace suddenly. In the night skies, it was just like the scorching hot sun.

"None of you are getting away after killing an Elder from the Flame Palace!"

The human head-sized Flame Ball flew above him and emitted a scorching hot radiance.

"Spiritual Flame Ball! It's the Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball!"

The group of experts from the Fire God Denomination stared at the Spiritual Flame Ball above the Palace Master of Flame Palace fervently.

"Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball! It could refine the bodies of Fire Cultivators and trigger resonance. It could also increase the battle prowess of Fire Cultivators! Huo Tu, this is the spiritual treasure you have stolen from the Fire God Denomination!" The old man opposite the Palace Master of Flame Palace stared at that Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball intensely.

"Haha, spiritual treasures can be possessed by any capable person." The Palace Master of Flame Palace laughed wildly before staring coldly at the group.

"Killing a Prince Realm expert from the Fire God Denomination, stealing our Spiritual Flame Ball... Do you think we will let you off?" The old man shrouded in giant flames smirked and remarked, "Do you think we have come unprepared?"

"Haha, a Sacred Sect that has been established for over a hundred years isn't something a small Flame Palace like yours could imagine. You are digging your own grave!" The young man with blonde hair laughed hysterically. He opened up his palm and a fist-sized ball was revealed on his palm.

The ball seemed to have been sealed by a lava-like object.

Dense flames flooded into the ball. At this moment, cracks started appearing on the exterior layer of the ball and a violent aura started emanating from it.

"Lava Ball! This is a lava ball that was formed a hundred meters below the lava. Today, I will reduce you to ashes with it!"

Heng Wang revealed a thrilled look. There seemed to be lava flowing on the surface of the Lava Ball. In an instant, the surrounding temperature increased by several dozens of degrees.

Luckily, everyone around was a Fire Cultivator. If they were ordinary men, they would likely be roasted to death by the high temperature.


Heng Wang waved his hand and the Lava Ball was thrown towards the Palace Master of Flame Palace at an astonishing speed.


When the Palace Master of Flame Palace saw the ball that was emitting astonishing heat, his face sank and he growled loudly, "Break!"

His body shivered and flames started flowing into his body through his head from the Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball.

Flames circulated in his body before appearing in his hands. A four to five meters thick fire pillar shot towards the Lava Ball.


The instant the Palace Master of Flame Palace stopped the Lava Ball, the old man opposite him immediately attacked.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

The group of experts from the Fire God Denomination launched their attack once again as strong and horrifying powers shrouded the skies.

Flames were raging, and dangers were everywhere.

"Run, we've got to run!"

"Our Flame Palace... Our Flame Palace might really be finished!"

On the ground, seeing that the Palace Master of Flame Palace was being besieged once again, the faces of the group of disciples turned as white as sheets and perspiration started streaming down their faces.

Some disciples who weren't as brave had already started fleeing silently.



Suddenly, two shrieks pierced the atmosphere. When the disciples looked over, fear gripped them immediately.

Miracle Doctor Shenghua and another Elder were slain.

Four Elders were severely injured and on the brink of death while three others had been killed. The Flame Palace's situation was perilous.

If it wasn't for the Spiritual Flame Ball above the Palace Master's Head that allowed him to fight with three experts at the same time, Flame Palace would have likely been defeated by now!

"The Palace Master can't hold on for much longer!"

An attendant of the Fire Palace shivered in fear upon seeing his Palace Master being besieged by several experts.


Shrieks of horror sounded from everywhere. He gritted his teeth and started fleeing.


When the first person started fleeing, more and more followed.

This made the group of Elders of the Flame Palace extremely embarrassed.

However, they couldn't say anything. Battles between Inborn experts weren't something they could interfere with.

"Haha, all of you shall die!"

In the skies, an expert from the Fire God Denomination flapped his fire wings rapidly and violently. Flames started dripping down towards the escaping disciples.

Argh argh argh!

In just an instant, more than a dozen disciples were hit as they cried out pitifully.

"Run! Quick! Run!"

The entire Flame Palace was thrown into turmoil. Everyone was trying to flee and cries could be heard everywhere. It was as though it was the end of the world.

In the skies, the Elders of the Flame Palace shivered in fear.

They weren't a match for their opponents at all.

"Palace Master! Who have you offended?"

The Elders of the Flame Palace were devastated.

"Palace Master Huo Tu, we have joined Flame Palace for protection, not to seek our doom. Please forgive us for not being able to stay with the Flame Palace!"

At this moment, two Inborn experts started fleeing, to the astonishment of Flame Palace.


The Palace Master of the Flame Palace shivered in anger as he witnessed two Inborn experts that had joined them previously fleeing.

"Flame Palace is finished!"

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