Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 257

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 257 Dragon Ball Vs Flames 1

"Flame Palace is finished!"

The group of six remarked softly when they saw the chaotic Flame Palace and the fleeing disciples from afar.

"This could be the most tragic Sacred Sect, since they got annihilated as soon as they were promoted."

Miracle Doctor Blood Man gloated over their misfortune: "Fire God Denomination is much more domineering than Flame Palace."

"After all, they are just a newly promoted Sacred Sect. If they were long-time Sacred Sects like Sword Celestial, Bodhimanda, or Medical Saint, Fire God Denomination would not dare to barge in like this," said Mo Yuan at the side.

"Fire God Denomination wouldn't dare to storm in with arrogance like this if they were Medical Saint sects, not to mention sects like Sword Celestial and Bodhimanda. I bet they would be killed by all the poisonous stuff at the doorstep before they even entered. Flame Palace is still too weak. Otherwise, they wouldn't have recruited experts and disciples through pilgrimage," Mo Qinglong commented nonchalantly.

Sacred Sects had a mixture of strong and weak sects. Medical Saint Sect was one of the strongest ones.

Without any guidance from the Medical Saint disciples, anyone who wished to enter the basecamp of Medical Saint Sect, Medical Saint Mountain, would be eliminated by their defense at the door. Just that alone was good enough to kill dozens of Inborn Experts.

In comparison, a Sacred Sect like Flame Palace that had no foundation would not have set up any defense at the entrance. Any Inborn Experts could enter easily.

"Palace Master of Flame Palace is in danger!" Just then, Maniac Ji was slightly shocked, looking ahead.

Comparing himself with the people in combat, his strength still differed by a lot.

He was not a match for any experts from Fire God Denomination.

"He's doomed!"

Wang Xian looked over. After the two new Inborn Experts members of Flame Palace escaped, they were left with five people. Five against ten, and they were not a match even when it was one on one.

Five Fire God Denomination experts besieged the Palace Master alone.

"The Palace Master is indeed formidable as he managed to survive for so long under the attacks of five experts. It is no wonder that he could bring Flame Palace a step higher to become a Sacred Sect!" Maniac Ji exclaimed.

With the Spiritual Flame Ball above the daunting Flame Palace Palace Master, his combat ability was domineering to fight one against five.

But it was only a matter of time before the defeat.

"I cannot accept it. Flame Palace was just promoted to become a Sacred Sect. I cannot accept this!"

All of a sudden, the Palace Master's despairing and unwilling voice was heard from Flame Palace.


An intense explosion resounded in the earth. The Palace Master, who was putting up fierce resistance, suddenly burst into flame.

A Fire God Denomination expert did not manage to dodge in time and got hit by it.

Immense fire shredded the body of that expert into pieces instantly.

"Alpha!" [1]

A Fire God Denomination expert was looking gloomy.

"Take that Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball with us. That thing is of great use to Fire God Denomination."

"Search around and see if they have other treasures in the Flame Palace."

"Darn it. We lost a Prince Realm expert!"

The group of Fire God Denomination experts bellowed with a nasty look as their voices traveled several kilometers.

"Run now!"

"Even the Palace Master is dead now. We're finished. The Flame Palace has completely fallen!"

"How did this happen? I just joined Flame Palace Sacred Sect. How can a Sacred Sect be annihilated?"

Some of the Flame Palace disciples could not believe it as they fled frantically.

The group of Fire God Denomination experts darkened their expressions as they swung their arms. Tongues of intense flames fired off at the surrounding Flame Palace disciples.

Miserable voices were heard again. The end of Flame Palace had finally arrived.

Wang Xian and his people did not strike at all. They were here to exterminate Flame Palace, but someone had done the job for them.

"Let's go. How dare they came to our territory and play punk. I'll make sure they are buried under this ground forever!"

When Flame Palace was utterly destroyed, Wang Xian saw a group of experts from Fire God Denomination rounding up the treasures within Flame Palace. He then jumped down from the tree with a smile.

"Young Master, there must be a lot of treasures within Flame Palace. I bet those Fire God Denomination experts have good stuff with them too!"

Mo Qinglong chuckled as he followed behind.

"What? Are we striking at the nine people from Fire God Denomination? We're not their match!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man quickly remarked after hearing Mo Qinglong.

"I can handle at most one person. My master can handle two. What about you guys?"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man looked at Mo Qinglong, Mo Yuan, Maniac Ji as he said, "We can't beat them!"

Maniac Ji frowned slightly as he cast a glance at Wang Xian with doubts.

"Leave it to me. I haven't fought for a long time!"

Wang Xian smiled as he headed to the entrance without haste.

They came to a path where Wang Xian stood in the middle. He opened his mouth slightly, and a fiery red fireball appeared in his hand.

"I wonder which is stronger, my Dragon Ball or their flame?"

He arched his lips. This fire Dragon Ball was nurtured all the time. Hence, its power could kill an Inborn Expert.

"If I can absorb the Lava Ball of Fire God Denomination and Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball of Flame Palace, the power of Dragon Ball will increase another level!"

Wang Xian revealed a smile on his face as he stood and waited for them to be out.

When Miracle Doctor Blood Man and Maniac Ji saw Wang Xian spit out a ball of fire, they were taken aback. They gasped when they sensed the daunting amount of energy contained in the flame.

"Miracle Doctor Wang is a cultivator of flame too?" Miracle Doctor Blood Man asked with radiance flickering in his eyes.

"Run. Let's flee now! We need to get out of here!"

Just then, a few figures rushed towards their side with haste.

Fear and panic were all over their faces.

"Hur? There's someone ahead?"

"Get lost, you people!"

"Darn, get out of my way. Do you want to die?!"

About eight or nine Flame Palace disciples were looking frightful and malevolent. When they saw the six people blocking the path, they took the weapons in their hands and hacked at them immediately.

"Get out of my way!"

Several people bellowed with no signs of reducing their speed.

"Oh? Seem like someone we know?"

Wang Xian cast a glance over and saw the four young men they had met in the afternoon. At the same time, Mu Wanwan and a few of her friends were following beside them.

"Hiak hiak, a bunch of losers digging their own graves!"

Upon seeing them charging over, Miracle Doctor Blood Man found them funny. With an arm swing, he fired thick blood at them.

"It's them!"

"Oh no, Inborn Experts!"

The bunch of people who were charging over froze for a moment. Instantly, they were struck down on the floor by the blood. Fear was the only thing left in them.

"How is this possible. Why... are they...?"

The moment they fell onto the ground, their eyes were filled with remorse.

"Trash!" Miracle Doctor Blood Man said indifferently.

Wang Xian cast a glance at the Flame Palace deep in the mountain with a pair of abstruse eyes.

After fifteen minutes, nine figures showed up, walking towards them without haste.

Wang Xian held his Dragon Ball in his hand, drawing his lips slightly.


[1] A bible term which refers to the first and the last.

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