Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 258

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 258 Dragon Ball Vs Flames 2

"Flame Palace is really trash! They only have a thousand plus spiritual stones!"

"They have spent all their spiritual stones on increasing the ability of the Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball! They barely have any spiritual medicine left!"

"For a Sacred Sect to be this poor... Hehe, they are really trash!"

At the entrance of Flame Palace, a few mocking voices sounded. The nine of them each carried something as they walked out slowly.


Suddenly, the nine of them stopped. They squinted their eyes and looked ahead of them.

Six people! Six figures were standing at the entrance and seemed to be waiting for them.

"Eh? Isn't that the beautiful girl from the restaurant?"

Heng Wang, who was standing at the right of the group, saw Sun Lingxiu and was surprised.

"Hehe, pretty. Are you here to offer yourself to me? Haha. Look! Take a look at how attractive I am!"

An arrogant voice sounded from Heng Wang as he scrutinized Sun Lingxiu from head to toe with vile eyes.

"Those are the people we met in the afternoon!"

An old man looked at the group of people in front of him and was baffled. Eventually, his gaze landed on Miracle Doctor Blood Man.

Due to the cultivation arts, he wasn't able to tell the level of Wang Xian and the group. However, he was able to get some clues from Miracle Doctor Blood Man.

"This... He seems to be a vampire!"

"As such, the remaining people shouldn't be ordinary either."

"How dare they wait for us here..."

The group of people from the Fire God Denomination squinted their eyes and looked at Wang Xian's group coldly.

"Since you dare to kill on our land, are you all prepared to be buried here forever?"

Wang Xian looked plainly at them while scrutinizing the nine of them.

"To wait for us here after seeing us in action! It seems like you guys are pretty brave!"

The old man in the center of the group stared emotionlessly at Wang Xian and flames had started flowing in his hands.

"Hehe. We aren't as brave as you guys to come to our land and annihilate an entire sect!"

When Wang Xian saw them carrying something in the back, his smile grew deeper. "That's nice of you to pack the treasures nicely for us!"

"Brat, you must be seeking your own demise!" the old man in the middle growled angrily. A ball of flames appeared in his hand as he launched his attack towards Wang Xian.

Wang Xian was unmoved. With a flick of his finger, the Dragon Ball appeared in front of him.


The flames were absorbed immediately by the Dragon Ball the instant the flames landed on it.

"Huh? A fire attribute spiritual treasure!"

When the old man saw the Dragon Ball that absorbed the flames, his eyes lit up.

"Spiritual treasure! Haha! It's a fire attribute spiritual treasure! It seems like we are really in luck!"

Heng Wang saw the Dragon Ball suspended in the air and got excited immediately.

"Flame Palace has few treasures. This spiritual treasure would make up for it nicely!'

The old man stared at it fervently. Stretching his hand forward, flames shrouded over.

The flames formed a claw made of fire as it grabbed towards the Dragon Ball.

"Annihilate all of them!"

A middle-aged man beside the old man charged ahead enthusiastically and attacked the group.

"Haha, leave that beautiful girl to me. I've got to teach her a good lesson!"

Heng Wang's eyes lit up with enthusiasm. The next instant, he charged towards Sun Lingxiu with desecrating eyes.

"Interesting. How arrogant are they!?"

Wang Xian was clearly getting excited. "Stay behind, guys! Let me handle this!"

Wang Xian was currently Level 7. In his human form, his strength could match Dan Realm experts, which was above the Inborn Realm.

Up to this point, he had never fought with any human Inborn experts. Nonetheless, he could easily kill Inborn level creatures in the sea with a single strike.

Wang Xian stood there without moving. The Dragon Ball in front of him started glowing dazzlingly under his control.

"Xiao Xian, leave that young man with blonde hair to me!" Sun Lingxiu shouted to Wang Xian suddenly.


Wang Xian was slightly shocked initially. However, eventually, he simply nodded his head as a response to Sun Lingxiu.

It seems like that young man with blonde hair has really infuriated Sun Lingxiu!

"What a strong spiritual treasure!"

When the group from the Fire God Denomination saw the dazzling glow and felt the scorching heat from the Dragon Ball, they were shocked.

"We must definitely get it. Don't let them escape!" an old man from Fire God Denomination reminded the group loudly and enthusiastically.

"Rest assured. None of them are getting away!"

An old man flapped his blue fire wings behind him and shifted to the side.

The other experts of the Fire God Denomination also flapped their wings at the same time, forming a circle around Wang Xian.

In their eyes, they were the hunters. The other party was simply their prey.

"How arrogant and brazen!"

Wang Xian revealed a cold look upon seeing the experts from Fire God Denomination getting ready to hunt him.


At this moment, a dragon roar pierced through the atmosphere.

The surrounding experts from the Fire God Denomination looked on in disbelief.

The Dragon Ball that was glowing dazzlingly was transforming slowly into a Fire Divine Dragon! A Fire Divine Dragon from the legends of the Chinese!

The Divine Dragon was five meters long and vivid. At the same time, it was emanating horrifying dragon aura.

"What? This is...?"

"What a horrifying spiritual treasure! What a powerful fire attribute spiritual treasure!"

"Oh my god! It can transform into a divine dragon!"

All nine experts from the Fire God Denomination stared fervently at that Fire Divine Dragon!

It was no different from a living thing. Even its eyes were extremely lively.

Maniac Ji and Miracle Doctor Blood Man, who were standing beside Wang Xian previously, were greatly shaken as they stared blankly at the Divine Dragon.

"Haha! Kill! Kill it!"

The experts of the Fire God Denomination weren't wary at all. Instead, they charged over hysterically.

"We must definitely get that spiritual treasure!" Heng Wang clenched his fist tightly and charged ahead.

"Your opponent is me!" A soft and crisp voice sounded from Sun Lingxiu. Dense Light energy emanated from her body.

An arrow made of Light energy appeared out of nowhere and shot towards Heng Wang.


The speed of the arrow was incomparably fast. The speed of Light attacks could easily match or exceed the speed of Wind.

The Light attack disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Heng Wang, who was shrouded in flames, was completely caught by surprise as the arrow made of Light energy appeared right in front of him in an instant.

He crossed his wings rapidly in front of him.


However, the arrow made of light pierced through the fire wings and into his body directly.

He let out a cry in pain.

"How is this possible?"

Heng Wang couldn't believe what had happened. Blood oozed out from the edge of his mouth as he stared with a deadly look at Sun Lingxiu.

"Blonde trash, how dare you taunt my master. You really don't know where you stand!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man was c.o.c.kily satisfied upon seeing his master severely injuring Heng Wang with a single blow.

"Be careful! Kill!"

The old man in the center looked at Sun Lingxiu before reminding the group solemnly.


At this moment, the Fire Divine Dragon roared. Its five-meter-long body flew in circles in the air as it attacked the group of experts from the Fire God Denomination.

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