Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 259

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 259 Dragon Ball Vs Flames 3

"Do you think you can stand against us with just that Spiritual Treasure of yours?"

With a pair of icy-cold eyes, the old man who was giving off blue flames jerked as soon as he saw the imposing Fire Divine Dragon.

His blue flames formed into a long spear, bursting with fire and fiery edges.

"Let me slay the dragon!"

The old man wielded his spear and thrust at the Fire Divine Dragon.

When Wang Xian saw the old man striking at the Dragon Ball, he sneered.

The Dragon Ball was almost part of his body after his nurturing.

As such, the Dragon Ball possessed part of the mightiness from Divine Dragon under his control.

The Fire Divine Dragon did not only have the look of a dragon, but it possessed the soul of a Divine Dragon.


The Fire Divine Dragon stared at the old man in blue flames with a disdainful look in the corner of its eye. Immediately, it swept its tail at him.

"Hmph, an illusory Divine Dragon will only restore into its original form with my sapphire flame!"

Blue flames continued to flicker in the eyes of the old man. He hurled the long navy spear in his hand at the dragon tail immediately.

Pop, pop, pop!

Suddenly, loud crisp sounds were heard. The navy Flaming Spear fell onto the tail like an egg bashing itself on a rock.

The mighty dragon tail broke the spear instantly, sweeping at the old man forcefully.


That old man was appalled.

"Oh no, block it!"

The rest of the Fire God Denomination experts around him were looking slightly surprised. They fired off tongues of flames at the Fire Divine Dragon.

Two of the experts even charged at Wang Xian.


Fire Divine Dragon exhibited a contemptuous look in its eyes as it swept its invincible dragon tail.


The strong fire dragon tail hit the old man with blue flames. The daunting dragon energy immediately sent him flying off, along with his agape eyes.


The rest of the Fire God Denomination experts were horrified.


But before they could react, the Fire Divine Dragon spun around and hurled dragon flames at the two experts who tried to assault Wang Xian.

"What a daunting flame!"

The two Fire God Denomination experts were aghast as they quickly dodged to somewhere far away.

The tongues of flame hit the ground, causing the ground to have a five-meter-long crack with dragon flame ignited everywhere.

"What a terrifying Spiritual Treasure. Is this...even possible?!"

The two Fire God Denomination experts who escaped had a dreadful look as they looked at the fissure on the ground.

"Penetrating Light!"

Just then, a gentle and noble voice was heard.


Heng Wang's horrified voice cut the surrounding air, attracting all the attention of the Fire God Denomination experts.

They saw that Heng Wang had the Lava Ball in front of him. He was holding the Lava Ball with both his hands, forming a flaming shield with immense fire on it.

The shield was blocking the beams of lights that looked like the aurora.

The light rays were like inexhaustible domineering lasers passing through the flaming shield.

The shield was quickly dissolving at a rate visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye.

"What a formidable lady!"

Every Fire God Denomination expert was aghast.

Heng Wang might have been the weakest among them all, but with the Lava Ball in possession, his strength was equivalent to the strongest one in the group.

Yet, Heng Wang was forced to use Lava Ball as a defense in such a short time. Moreover, he was completely suppressed now.


Wang Xian cast a glance at Sun Lingxiu with a smile. With the Fire Divine Dragon under his control, the dragon scratched one Fire God Denomination expert with its dragon claws.

Mighty dragon claws about half a meter long seemed like they were tearing the void.



That Fire God Denomination expert wrapped himself with a pair of fire wings. The flame burst into a sword, thrusting at the dragon claws.

Ka Ka Ka!

However, the sword was grabbed by the dragon claws tightly.


A horrifying shriek was heard. Before any blood could drip, it was already dissipated in the air.

Boundless might struck unlimited terror in them!

"This...No way!"

The Fire God Denomination experts were in disbelief.

The guy only had a Spiritual Treasure which had transformed into a Fire Divine Dragon. But the dragon severely injured and killed two of their men.

They were top-notch Inborn Experts!

Moreover, there were another five people from their group who had not yet made their moves.

"Besiege and kill that Divine Dragon first!"

An old man bawled and wrapped himself with flames. Subsequently, he turned into a three-meter flaming giant.

Another five Fire God Denomination experts surrounded the Divine Dragon immediately.

The fireballs they fired were absorbed by the Fire Divine Dragon immediately.

The fire rings that they chained on the neck of the dragon were melted straightaway!

"Hehe, the Dragon Ball was nurtured by the Origin Source of Flame. No ordinary flames can destroy it. The blue flame just now was able to counter the Fire Divine Dragon, but he is simply too weak!"

Wang Xian watched with a smile.

Miracle Doctor Blood Man and Maniac Ji by his side were stupefied by what they saw.

A Fire Divine Dragon transformed from a ball spat out from Wang Xian's mouth could easily fight against eight experts from Fire God Denomination.

Is he still a human?

"God dammit. He's domineering. No wonder my master is fond of him. He's too strong!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man muttered as he was dumbfounded. He turned around and looked at his master.

"Screw this golden haired lad. How dare he tease my master? Haha, now he's scared stiff!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man yelled with a contemptuous face as he saw Heng Wang holding his Lava Ball in defense of the Penetrating Lights, sweating.

Upon hearing Miracle Doctor Blood Man, terror surfaced in Heng Wang's eyes.

He could not have imagined that this holy and beautiful-looking girl would be such a terrifying person.

He had wanted to follow his tracker later at night to abduct her and make her his concubine after annihilating Flame Palace.

But now, he only had fear and despair.

If it were not for the Lava Ball, he could have been penetrated by those daunting lights and been completely purified!


However, he heard a pleasant voice when his thoughts were running wild.

The voice sounded like a devil's call from hell.

He stared with wide open eyes. Suddenly, the beams of light in front of him quickly gathered and formed into the head of a Light Divine Dragon.

The enormous head of the Light Divine Dragon bit him straight away!


Terror and remorse were heard from his scream as Heng Wang was swallowed by it.

The fist-sized Lava Ball fell onto the ground.

The head of the Light Divine Dragon and Heng Wang disappeared.

Heng Wang was completely purified!

"Dragon Incineration!"

At this time, Wang Xian let out a soft bellow.

The Fire Divine Dragon in front rolled its body with immense fire encompassing a radius of more than ten meters.

The entire region turned into Fire Divine Dragon's territory as it rolled itself.

Shrieks and screams of disbelief were heard.

The ten of them had annihilated dozens of Inborn Experts of Flame Palace. Yet they were exterminated by one person with a Spiritual Treasure.

Since when did China have such a formidable existence?!

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