Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 260

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 260 Generous Spoils Of War

Flames raged and a Fire Divine Dragon flew in circles around them.

The surrounding grass and trees had all perished.


The Fire Divine Dragon let out a roar, turned over gradually and looked to Wang Xian.

Moving his huge dragon body, he flew towards Wang Xian directly.

Wang Xian stretched out his hand. The Fire Divine Dragon turned back into the Dragon Ball and landed on his hand.

Silence returned to the surroundings once again.

The autumn wind was soughing and the Flame Palace had been annihilated.

Only an old man among the group of experts from the Fire God Denomination was left lying on the floor. As for the rest, they had been reduced to ashes.

At a location a short distance away, there were various bags. Inside the bags were treasures that the Fire God Denomination had looted from the Flame Palace.

"My master is incredible! The idol of my master is domineering and imposing!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man chanted loudly. No one knew where he had learnt these phrases from.

"Young master, let us go get the treasures!" Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan commented before moving forward to grab the bags.

Even if the Dragon King could shatter the sky or crush the land, they wouldn't be surprised.

In their hearts, the Dragon King was invincible.

Wang Xian nodded his head as he looked at the Lava Ball that had fallen to the ground in front of him.

The Dragon Ball in his hand flew above the Lava Ball and sucked it up.

The Dragon Ball was devouring the Lava Ball gradually as they slowly fused.

The glow of the Dragon Ball grew even brighter and one could vaguely sense a Divine Dragon moving around him.

Under the control of Wang Xian, the Dragon Ball flew to where the old man with blue flames was.

Flames spewed over and the body of the old man was reduced to ashes.

However, a fist-sized blue flame remained suspended in the air.

"This blue flame is really powerful!"

Wang Xian hesitated for a moment before drawing the blue flame towards himself with the Dragon Ball.

Heavenly Flame, Tranquil Blue Flame: Level 9

"A Level 9 Flame! No wonder it could resist the Level 10 Dragon Ball!"

When Wang Xian looked at the ball of Heavenly Flame, he was slightly shocked. He hesitated for a moment and didn't let the Dragon Ball absorb it.

If the Dragon Ball absorbed it, it would vanish completely. This wouldn't bring much incremental increase in strength to the Dragon Ball.

Its effectiveness would be even worse than the Lava Ball.

When the Dragon Ball fused with the Lava Ball, it would retain the effects of the Lava Ball. However, absorbing the Heavenly Flame wouldn't be the same.

The flames of the Dragon Ball were very similar to the Origin Source. All other types of flames could be absorbed by it.

"Young master, we found quite an amount of treasures!"

Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan carried over the treasures that had been gathered by the group from the Fire God Denomination.

"Approximately 1,500 spiritual stones, three tufts of Level 6 spiritual medicine and ten tufts of Level 5 spiritual medicine. All the spiritual medicines are of fire attribute."

"Besides these, the most precious of all should be this!" said Mo Qinglong before handing the basketball-sized Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball to Wang Xian.

Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball: Level 9

Inject flames into the body to refine one's physical body.

When Wang Xian looked at the Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball and received its information, he was shocked.

Injecting flames to refine the body was an extremely powerful effect. For cultivators with fire attributes, this would bring great benefits.

Through this cultivation treasure, a Martial Artist could increase his affinity with flames and thus the speed of cultivation.

It could even allow one to break through to the Inborn Realm quickly, and thus was incomparably valuable.

"It's no surprise that the Palace Master of Flame Palace stole it away despite risking him incurring the wrath of the Fire God Denomination. For the Flame Palace, this is too valuable."

Wang Xian heaved a sigh. It was also because of the Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball that the Flame Palace could quickly nurture several Inborn experts and push the Flame Palace to the level of a Sacred Sect.

However, there was a huge weakness in them becoming a Sacred Sect through this method, and that was the fact that their foundation couldn't keep up.

This was also the reason why the Flame Palace was easily annihilated.

"This Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball could be absorbed by the Dragon Ball. After absorbing it, the Dragon Ball would also possess the ability to refine one's body!"

A faint smile appeared on Wang Xian as he placed the Dragon Ball above it.

Suddenly, the Dragon Ball ejected a layer of flames that gradually surrounded the Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball and started fusing with it.

"Take all the treasures along. Let's go!"

Wang Xian looked around before instructing Mo Qinglong and the group.

"Yes, young master!" Mo Qinglong and the group nodded their heads.

Sun Lingxiu smiled and followed behind Wang Xian. As for Miracle Doctor Blood Man, he quickly followed behind Sun Lingxiu.

Maniac Ji looked at Wang Xian in astonishment. Nonetheless, he caught up with him quickly.

In the middle of the night, six figures gradually disappeared from view.

No one had expected the experts that annihilated the Flame Palace were in turn killed easily.

At this moment, figure after figure were heading towards Flame Palace at high speed.

Some were strong experts at the Half-step to Inborn Realm while others were horrifying Inborn experts.

All the experts in Flame City and the surrounding cities were heading there.

"Flame Palace has been annihilated!" The voice of an old man pierced through the silent night.

"How can this be? Flame Palace had just become a Sacred Sect. How can they be annihilated?"

"A Sacred Sect was annihilated? How can this be?"

"Oh my god! Flame Palace is on fire! Flame Palace has really been annihilated!"

"Based on Flame Palace disciples that managed to escape, it was the ten experts from the Fire God Denomination that annihilated their Flame Palace!"

"Fire God Denomination is a powerful Force internationally with a deep history. No one would have expected them to deploy so many experts to annihilate the Flame Palace!"

"Ten Inborn experts easily annihilated the Flame Palace. This..."

"Flame Palace's history is still too short..."

Shocking! Astonishing! All the experts that had rushed over stared at the burning Flame Palace in shock.

A Sacred Sect had been destroyed right in front of them.

"Great. Since the Flame Palace had become a Sacred Sect, their disciples had been extremely arrogant. They deserved to be annihilated!"

"Damn! Those absurdly arrogant Flame Palace disciples had been oppressing all the Families in Flame City. They deserved it!"

While some were shocked, others were cheering.

Flame Palace disciples had been too arrogant recently and had totally disregarded the other Ancient Martial Arts Families and Sects in Flame City.

When they saw disciples of Flame Palace, they had to lower their head.

Now that the Flame Palace was annihilated, although they were shocked, they felt gratified.

From this, one could easily tell that the reputation of Flame Palace wasn't too favorable.

Their behavior was similar to a man who got rich overnight.

"Let's find a place for tonight before heading back tomorrow!"

It was already midnight. Wang Xian, Sun Lingxiu and the group were walking towards the city center of Flame City.

Flame City was a small city. It was serene with beautiful landscape.

Some places in the city had preserved the buildings from ancient times. They were arranged neatly in a row and looked beautiful and dignified.

However, as they were in a small city, there was no one around them at midnight.

Pa pa pa!

Just as Wang Xian and the group approached a small street, they heard rapid footsteps.

Two small figures were running quickly while turning back worryingly from time to time.

They were agile and one could easily tell that they were Martial Artists.

"Rascals, you two sure can hide! I can't believe you managed to hide from us for a month. You have no one to blame except yourself. You guys won't be getting away this time!"

Behind them, more than a dozen middle-aged men were chasing them while mocking them.

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