Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 261

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 261 Be Your Teacher?

"Little Sister, run now. Hurry! Let me handle them!"

A little boy was holding a girl's hand as they raced across a serene path.

Upon hearing the taunting voices from behind, the little boy had a hopeless look on his face before he stopped and shouted at the little girl.

"No, brother. I'm not leaving. I'm staying with you!"

The eyes of the little girl were flushed with redness as she shook her head with stubbornness. She bit her lip as she stared at her elder brother.

"Mengxin, be good. Go now. If not, none of us can escape!"

As the little boy spun his head and looked at the dozens of middle-aged men, he pleaded with his sister anxiously.

"Hiak hiak, none of you can escape!"

A dozen middle-aged men gazed at them with a teasing look and approached them just like how a cat would play with a rat.

"You people...stop right there!"

The boy glared at the group of people with anger.

He put out his arms and stood firmly in front of the little girl, protecting her with a pair of determined eyes.

"Wow, this little fellow is great since he knows how to protect his sister. I wonder if you will want to kill us when we kill your sister before you later on. I'm so scared!"

A middle-aged man who was leading the team stared at them playfully as he revealed a ghastly smile on his face.

"You villains, I'll never let you off even if you kill me!"

The little boy gritted his teeth until traces of blood were seen. He stared at the man with a pair of obstinate and vengeful eyes.

"Hehe, what a pair of fierce eyes!"

The middle-aged man stared at the juvenile coldly. "I wonder if you can be fierce when I dig your eyes out!" said the middle-aged man as he approached the two children, looking ruthless.

"Little sister, run now!"

The little boy gritted his teeth. He turned and pushed the little girl away before he took out a sharp dagger from his waist and thrust it at the group of middle-aged men.

"Hehe, you're already a Level 4 Martial Artist at such a young age. You are talented. But it's your fault for coming to this world!"

The middle-aged man raised the sword in his hand with a cold face. Along with the scabbard, he wielded his sword at the little boy.


When the sword scabbard hit the young body, the little boy was thrown five meters away from his spot like a doll. He even spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.


When the little girl saw her brother spit out blood after being knocked down on the ground, tears rolled down from her cheeks immediately. She quickly ran to the boy and threw herself on him.

"Don't kill my brother!"

"Hehe. Lass, don't worry. You'll soon be joining him!"

The middle-aged man put on a creepy smile.


Wang Xian and the rest walked over slowly. When he swept his gaze across the boy and girl, he felt odd as his eyes glistened.

Seeing them reminded him of himself and his sister, Xiaoyu. They were so similar.

The group of middle-aged men paused slightly when they saw Wang Xian and his gang walking over. With a cold bellow, one said, "Get lost now!"

Sun Lingxiu looked at the pair of children and frowned as she strode towards them.

"Poking your nose around? I guess all of you are digging your own graves!"

The middle-aged man threw Sun Lingxiu and Wang Xian death stares while the rest of the middle-aged men watched them coldly from behind.

Sun Lingxiu ignored the middle-aged man as she continued on her way to the two kids with an unwavering expression.

The little boy gazed at Sun Lingxiu and Wang Xian as his eyes were seeking for help. Subsequently, he turned and stared daggers at the middle-aged man.

"Do you want to die? How dare you come over?"

The middle-aged man stared at the approaching Sun Lingxiu with a ruthless expression as he drew his sword with his right hand.


Before Sun Lingxiu and the rest could strike, Wang Xian swung his arm, sweeping blazing flames at the dozen of middle-aged men.


All of them stared with wide and round eyes. That was the only word that appeared in their minds before they lost consciousness and vanished in the air as though they had never existed before.


The little boy who fell on the ground was shaken as he turned to look at Wang Xian in a stupor.


Sun Lingxiu came to them. With an arm swing, a white-colored light entered the little boy's body and healed his injuries straightaway.

The little girl parted her lips slightly as she lifted her head and looked at Sun Lingxiu with tears all over her face.

"Let's go!"

Wang Xian took a look at the siblings and spoke impassively to Sun Lingxiu.

Sun Lingxiu paused for a moment before she nodded to Wang Xian.

The group of people made their way forward once again.

"Thank you, big brother and sister!"

The little boy quickly got up and went to Wang Xian.

"You're welcome. You're pretty good too!"

Wang Xian gave him a faint smile and continued on his way to the hotel ahead.

"Brother, I would like to become your disciple!"

The little boy hurriedly followed beside him and shouted with passionate eyes and a face full of anticipation.

Wang Xian looked at him and shook his head slowly.

"Brother, please. I beg you to take me as your disciple. I will practice hard, and I'll become an expert!"

The little boy was desperate as he pleaded loudly again.

Wang Xian kept his silence and strode ahead.

"Brother, please! I beg you to accept me as a disciple!"

The little boy's voice was shaking and he was almost in tears. He went down on his knees immediately, with a knocking sound coming from the ground.

"Big brother, please accept my brother as your disciple!"

The little girl ran to her brother and knelt down to Wang Xian, just like how her brother did.

Wang Xian paused for a moment. He shook his head gently before he went ahead.

Disciple? You've got to be kidding me. He was not in the mood to be taking in any disciple. Besides, he did not know how to teach one even if he did.

Sun Lingxiu spun her head and looked at the siblings with pity.

"Brother, please accept me as a disciple!" the little boy shouted again.

Wang Xian ignored him and walked into the hotel along with the rest.

The little boy's expression darkened as he stood up slowly. He gritted his teeth while he watched Wang Xian entering the hotel.

"Let's go, sister. I must ask him to be my teacher and master formidable martial arts so that I can protect you in the future. We will not be hunted by someone else, and we'd be able to avenge our mother!" said the little boy with determination as he wiped the tears on his sister's face.

"Okay, I'll follow you!"

The little girl nodded as she reached for her brother's hand.

"Let's go over!"

The little boy followed behind Wang Xian and came to the entrance of the hotel.

He stood at the door and knelt on the ground with a pair of resolute eyes.

The girl followed suit beside him.

"Sister, I'll not let you suffer with me again!"

The boy stroked the head of his sister when she knelt together with him.

"Okay, I trust you. I'll be happy if I can be together with you from now on!"

A smile surfaced on the little girl's face.

Two children were kneeling in front of the hotel without moving an inch!

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