Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 262

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 262 Taking In A Disciple

The morning in Flame City was shrouded by faint fog, making this little city look a little like an immortal's realm.

Wang Xian opened the window of his hotel room and gave Xiao Yu and Guan Shuqing a call on his mobile phone.


At this moment, Wang Xian squinted his eyes and looked towards the entrance of the hotel.

There were two figures. They were skinny but stubborn and looked familiar to him.

Both of them kneeled in front of the hotel, not moving an inch. The boy and girl looked a little pale and seemed like they might faint at any moment.

"They are really stubborn!"

Wang Xian looked at the boy and girl. The boy was at most fifteen years old while the girl might have been just twelve or thirteen years old.

From the two of them, he seemed to have seen Xiao Yu and his shadows.

However, he was generally luckier. He wasn't hunted by others and didn't have to wander the world.

"They probably have been kneeling here for the entire night!"

Wang Xian was a little moved as his resolve wavered.

He had never thought of taking in a disciple, let alone guiding one's cultivation.

At 7 plus in the morning, the boy and girl kneeling at the entrance of the hotel attracted the attention of many people. Some hotel guests that were leaving stared at them, feeling baffled.

"Two beggars? Why are they begging at the entrance of the hotel early in the morning? How unlucky we are to witness this!"

"They are so young and yet are begging here. I really wonder what their family members are thinking. They must have gone crazy from thinking about money."

As the guests from the hotel walked out one after another, they saw the dirty and skinny boy and girl. They couldn't help but frown and critique.

"These two kids are really pitiful."

Only a city cleaner walked towards the two kids after seeing them. From his pocket, she took out a crumpled ten dollar note and said, "Hey kids, get yourself some breakfast!"

The boy looked at the old woman and shook his head.

"Take it. I still have to work. Get yourself something to eat!"

The old woman threw the ten dollar note on the ground before moving to the side and starting to clean the streets.

The boy and girl didn't say a word and simply kneeled there. They were clearly fatigued but still looked attentively towards the entrance of the hotel.

"Wah! Master, there are two beggars right there!"

At this moment, a group of seven to eight people walked out from the hotel. Among them, a little boy pointed at the boy and girl kneeling at the entrance of the hotel as he exclaimed.

He ran towards the boy and girl excitedly while scrutinizing them.

"My servants, you may rise!"

The little boy was roughly thirteen to fourteen years old. He stood in front of the boy and girl and shouted mockingly while imitating what he had seen on television.

"I have already told you to rise. Why are you still kneeling down? Disobedient!"

The little boy tucked his hands on his waist and was clearly displeased. He continued shouting, "Your young master is asking you to rise! Can't you hear him?"


The little boy broke into laughter while speaking. He looked to the girl beside and extended his hand over to pinch her face.

"Get lost!"

Seeing that the little boy was reaching towards his sister to pinch her face, the boy that was kneeling down was furious and pushed him away.

That little boy staggered and almost fell.

"How dare you push me! I'm going to beat you to death!"

The little boy was furious to have been pushed away. He lifted his leg and kicked towards the head of the other boy.

Although the little boy was young, he was extremely agile and fast while striking. The force and speed of his kick was even stronger than an ordinary hunk.

The boy that was kneeling on the floor was enraged. He lifted his hands and pushed away the little boy again.

The little boy had the strength of a Level 2 Martial Artist at most. He was still a far cry from the other boy.

Even though the other boy was kneeling down, the little boy was still pushed away.


That little boy fell to the ground and let out a cry.

"Xiao Qiu!" A middle-aged man from the group of seven to eight people shouted worryingly and walked over from the carpark slot outside the hotel.

"Master, that beggar hit me!"

The little boy was furious. His face was flushed as he stared at the boy on the ground.

"It's alright. Xiao Qiu, master will teach him a lesson on your behalf!"

The middle-aged man caressed the little boy's head lovingly. His attention then moved to the boy and girl on the ground.

"You two are just beggars and yet you dare to hit someone. You guys really do not know where you stand!"

The middle-aged man stared harshly at the boy kneeling on the floor before turning to his disciple and saying, "Xiao Qiu, hit him the same way he hit you. If he still dares to retaliate, master will teach him a lesson!"

"Yes, master!"

The little boy stared at the boy on the ground and remarked, "With my master here, I'll be the one hitting you!" He clenched his fist and threw it towards the boy on the ground immediately.

The boy that was kneeling down could sense the ill intents of the surrounding people. He gritted his teeth and used his hands to protect himself while the little boy attacked him. However, he didn't dare to retaliate!

"Huh? You are pretty good at taking a beating!"

Seeing that his disciple's fist was blocked, the middle-aged man was surprised and looked at the boy on the ground.

"You're just a beggar! A beggar without parents! Yet you dare to hit me! I'm going to beat you to death! Tsk!" As the little boy spoke, he threw punch after punch at the boy on the ground.

"Don't hit my brother. You are a bad guy!"

The girl beside the boy on the ground was furious as she grabbed the little boy's hand.

"How dare you scratch me? I'm going to hit you! Hit you!"

Seeing that the girl left a scratch wound on his arm, the little boy kicked towards the girl furiously.

"Don't kick my sister!"

The boy on the ground pounced towards the little boy once again.

"How dare you retaliate?"

The middle-aged man threw a kick towards the boy on the ground after seeing him retaliate.


The middle-aged man's kick landed on the boy and sent him lying on the ground, grimacing in pain.


Beside them, the exclamation of the girl sounded.


Within the hotel, while Wang Xian was still hesitating, he saw the incident at the entrance of the hotel. A cold look flashed in his eyes.

He moved like a phantom and jumped down from the sixth floor of the hotel without catching the attention of anyone.

"I'll ask my master to beat you to death for hitting me!"

The arrogant voice from that little boy sounded once again.

"Alright, Xiao Qiu. Don't be so calculative with a beggar. He's not qualified yet!" the middle-aged man smiled and said to the little boy.

Wang Xian looked coldly at the middle-aged man, the little boy and the group that came with them. He walked ahead towards the boy on the ground.

"Brother, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, your brother is fine!"

The boy shook his head and forced out a pitiful smile.

"You are pretty good!"

At this moment, an emotionless voice sounded. The boy turned around and was instantly overwhelmed by joy.

He looked agitatedly at Wang Xian as excitement filled his face.

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