Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 263

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 263 Beat Him Up

"Will you accept me as a disciple?"

The boy's face was filled with thrill. He immediately knelt beside Wang Xian with a pair of eyes filled with anticipation.

"Stand up!"

Wang Xian looked at him and patted his shoulder gently.

"Master, if you don't take me as your disciple, I...will not stand up!" The boy said to Wang Xian with some obstinacy.

"That would depend on your performance!"

Wang Xian looked at the boy with a smile on his face. He repeated, "Stand up now!"

With some hesitation, the boy stood up slowly. He supported his numb feet with his hands before he picked his sister up from the ground.

Wang Xian nodded and turned to the middle-aged man and the other boy. Then, he told the boy beside him, "Duel him. Hit him just like how he did to you!"


The boy looked at the middle-aged man and hesitated.

"It's okay!"

Wang Xian shook his head and continued, "He has a backing, so do you!"

"Yes, Master!"

The boy brightened up his eyes as he nodded his head with force. He looked at the other boy and walked towards him.

"I, Xiao Ran, want to challenge you!"

The boy walked towards the other boy and spoke with seriousness.


The boy who was talking to the middle-aged man was slightly stunned. That middle-aged man was also taken aback as he looked at Xiao Ran.

Xiao Ran was earnest as he repeated to the boy again, "I want to challenge you!"

"Haha, a little beggar wants to challenge other people. I think you can get lost and return to your begging!"

The middle-aged man found Xiao Ran funny as he teased him.

"You're an a.d.u.l.t. Don't meddle around in the kids' affairs!"

Wang Xian looked at the middle-aged man as he spoke coldly.

"Oh?" The middle-aged man spun his head and looked at Wang Xian with coldness flashing in his eyes.

"Is your disciple afraid to answer his challenge?" Wang Xian looked impassively at the middle-aged man.

"Ha! Just a beggar. I'm afraid my disciple will kill him by accident!"

The middle-aged man threw a disdainful look at Wang Xian. He then looked at his disciple. "Xiao Qiu, show them your Kungfu that you learned from me. Teach that little beggar a lesson!"

"Yes, Master!"

The boy nodded as he straightened his body and got into his ready stance.

Xiao Ran's expression turned cold. Despite his young age, his eyes were sharp when he stared at the boy. "I'm going to attack!"

"Show them what you've learned from me!"

The middle-aged man smiled and spoke to the boy.

"Hehe, what a spoiled child!"

Wang Xian looked at that boy with an aloof expression.

"Lad, watch your mouth!" said the middle-aged man to Wang Xian.



Just then, Xiao Ran launched his attack at that boy with a frail-looking body.

The young boy let out a cry as he attacked Xiao Ran in his stance.


However, the boy was obviously not of the same level as Xiao Ran in terms of their strength and experience.


Xiao Ran's fist punched forcefully on the boy, sending his teeth flying out as he landed on the ground.

He did not put up any resistance at all. It was a combat of different classes.

"What? How dare you hurt my disciple. You're asking for your doom!"

When the middle-aged man saw his disciple landing on the ground instantly, he was infuriated.

He reached out his arm to grab Xiao Ran.

Standing at the side, Wang Xian narrowed his eyes and stretched out his hand to grab the middle-aged man by his arm!


The middle-aged man let out a scream. He turned his head and stared at Wang Xian in horror.

"Do...you want to die?!"

"I think it is you who wants to die!"

Wang Xian looked at him indifferently.


Xiao Ran walked over with a thrilled face when he saw Wang Xian stopping the middle-aged man's attack.

"If someone hits you, just fight with him. Don't be afraid!" said Wang Xian to him impassively.

"Yes, Master!"

Xiao Ran nodded his head with force.

"Let me go!" the middle-aged yelled in embarrassment. Wang Xian was still gripping his arm. No matter how he tried to shake him off, he could not struggle out of his grip.

Ka Ka Ka!

Wang Xian looked at the middle-aged man emotionlessly. He moved his arm, and a bone-cracking sound was heard.


The middle-aged let out a painful cry.

"Fang Liang!"

"Junior Brother!"

At this time, six middle-aged men who heard the scream turned their heads immediately. They were waiting to fetch someone when they realized the boy was lying on the floor and the middle-aged man was in pain. All of them were exasperated.


"Junior brother, are you all right?"

Six of them walked over and asked with nasty looks.

"How dare you cripple my arm!"

The middle-aged man was shaking as he glared daggers at Wang Xian with a darkened expression. His eyes were filled with killing intent.


"You want to die?"

The group of middle-aged men turned and glared at Wang Xian immediately.

"No, I think you guys are asking for it!"

Just then, a cold voice suddenly cut the air. Daunting oppression enveloped the group of middle-aged men instantly.


For a moment, terror struck the middle-aged men. They turned around with shaken bodies.

Several people walked over from the hotel entrance. Two middle-aged men were leading at the front as one of them was giving them cold stares.

Daunting oppression exuded from his body.

"Such oppression. This is...Inborn!"

"Inborn Expert! He's an Inborn Expert!"

A hint of terror flashed across their faces while looking extremely dreadful.


Wang Xian cast a contemptuous glance at them. He then turned to Xiao Ran and his sister and gestured for them to walk away.

"They... turned out to be..."

The middle-aged man whose arm was crippled was shivering. He stared angrily at Wang Xian.

"Sect Leader is here!"

"Sect Leader and Vice Sect Leader are here!"

At this moment, the group of middle-aged men looked into the distance with shaken bodies and embarrassed looks. Faint glimmers flashed in their eyes.

They looked at Wang Xian and his clique with ruthless expressions.

"Stop right there, all of you!"

"You're leaving after you wounded Xiao Qiu and my junior brother. I'll make you pay a hefty price for this!"

"Inborn Experts. Do you think you can bully us just because you're an Inborn Expert? It's not going to work today even if you have Inborn Experts!"

Several middle-aged men bellowed coldly at Wang Xian and his clique with radiance flashing in their eyes.


Wang Xian drew his lips when he heard their cold bellows.

He spun around, gazing at them with a smile on his face.

Mo Yuan and Mo Qinglong threw them emotionless glances with impatient looks.

"Qing Mu Sect is not afraid of you. If you do not give us an explanation today, you'll not leave this place easily!"

Several middle-aged men's barking drew the attention of another group of people who were walking towards them from a short distance.

They wore green uniforms with two elders walking in the middle of the group.

The old man took a majestic gait as he exuded imposing demeanor.

Their eyes were sharp as they turned their attention over here.

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