Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 264

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 264 Comparing Number Of Inborn Experts?


Wang Xian and the rest stopped and stared coldly at the few middle-aged men who shouted at them.

"You can't possibly leave like this today. How dare you cripple our junior brother's arm? We will definitely make you pay twice!"

The group of middle-aged men stared harshly at them after catching sight of their Sect Leader and members walking over.

"Oh? Hehe!"

Mo Yuan looked at the group of middle-aged men and noticed another group of people from Qing Mu Sect walking towards them. His expression turned callous.

Just as the group of middle-aged men was feeling pompous while waiting for the Sect Leader, Mo Yuan suddenly moved.

He disappeared from his original location suddenly as one could only see a black shadow sweeping by.


Shrieks of pain propagated through the air.

"You guys... You dare..."

All the middle-aged men were stunned. They looked blankly at Mo Yuan, their eyes filled with horror and disbelief.


The group from Qing Mu Sect that was walking towards the incident was shocked. The two old men walking at the front of the group were clearly infuriated.

"How dare you injure the disciples of our Qing Mu Sect! You must be seeking your own demise!" shouted the old man as he led the group over swiftly with his eyes fixed on Mo Yuan.

"How dare you show arrogance in front of us? Do you guys believe you are qualified to do so?" Mo Yuan had completely ignored the approaching group of people from Qing Mu Sect while staring at the few middle-aged men that he had crippled completely with contempt.

"YOU... You..."

The few middle-aged men were gripped by fear. They had never expected themselves to be crippled because of some brazen words. Moreover, they were crippled right in front of the experts from their own sect!

Feeling their crushed Elixir Field, they were desolated.

With their Elixir Field crushed, they would become ordinary people. This made them feel despair.

Swish swish swish!

At this moment, the people from Qing Mu Sect had surrounded Wang Xian and the group. Two old men standing in the middle of the circle looked extremely gloomy.

"Sect Leaders, he... He crippled all of us! He..."

A middle-aged man reported to the two old men while grimacing in pain.

"If you say another word, I'll slaughter you!" said Mo Yuan coldly as he stared at the few middle-aged men.


The few of them were immediately frightened.

"You guys aren't even going to show us, Qing Mu Sect, the slimmest of respect! Great! Great!"

The two old men turned their heads over and stared at Mo Yuan. From them, strong killing intent and the aura of Inborn experts shrouded towards Mo Yuan.

To attack their disciples right before their eyes...this was completely disrespectful to Qing Mu Sect.

As experts, they would naturally want them to pay a huge price for their actions!

"Sect Leaders, you have to back us up. We have two Inborn experts while they only have one. Yet, they dare to mistreat us!"

Beside them, a middle-aged man pointed at Wang Xian and the group angrily while remarking.

"We will definitely back you up on this incident. Since they dare to cripple you, I'll let them pay a price a hundred times more!"

The two old men glowered at Mo Yuan. "If you don't give us a good explanation today, we will put you down forever even if you are an Inborn expert!"

"Two Inborn experts?" Wang Xian looked towards the two Sect Leaders of Qing Mu Sect and smiled mockingly.

"Are you guys comparing the number of Inborn experts?" asked Wang Xian in a ridiculing tone.

"Within the Underworld, the strong rule. Those who die because they offend the strong will not be pitied!"

One of the old men stared at Wang Xian coldly and demanded strongly, "I'll give you five seconds to give us a satisfactory answer. Don't you ever harbor the idea that you could offend the Qing Mu Sect just because you have an Inborn expert with you!"

The two old men put on an arrogant front as they stared gloomily at them.

"You want a satisfactory answer?"

Mo Qinglong smiled at them mockingly. Suddenly, the atmosphere around him changed. A horrifying and stifling aura shrouded towards the Sect Leader of Qing Mu Sect.

Mo Yuan also released his aura as he pushed back.

"Are you satisfied with this answer?" Mo Qinglong looked plainly at the old men with disdain.

"Hehe! If you still aren't satisfied!"

Miracle Doctor Blood Man walked out slowly and stared coldly at the group from Qing Mu Sect. "Let's have a fight, and your death will really not be pitied by anyone!"

As he spoke, blood started flowing throughout his tuxedo. A strong scent of blood propagated towards the two old men from Qing Mu Sect.


When the two Sect Leaders saw Mo Qinglong and Miracle Doctor Blood Man stepping forward and directing their strong aura towards them, they were horrified.


At this moment, another violent aura shot over.

"This is bad!"

Facing the pressure from four Inborn experts, the two old men were petrified and this was clearly evident in their expressions.

Perspiration covered their foreheads suddenly as they staggered back subconsciously.

As for the disciples that had surrounded them, their bodies had completely gone stiff.

The pressure from the four Inborn experts made them feel like there was a mountain weighing down on them. Their bodies couldn't help but shiver slightly.

Bam! Bam!

A few weaker disciples couldn't withstand the horrifying and dense pressure as they fell to the ground.

"I'm... sorry. If our Qing Mu Sect has offended you guys, please forgive us!"

The two Sect Leaders of Qing Mu Sect were flushed while looking at Mo Qinglong, Mo Yuan, Maniac Ji and Miracle Doctor Blood Man with horror.

They had never expected the other party to have four Inborn experts! Four of them!

They still thought they could have easily suppressed the other Inborn expert, as there were two of them. However, to their surprise, the other party had four Inborn experts!

That's twice theirs.

This... Who the hell did these disciples offend?

The two Sect Leaders of Qing Mu Sect immediately begged for mercy. Four Inborn experts could easily annihilate their Qing Mu Sect.

"Hehe. Since we have given you a satisfactory answer, should you give us a satisfactory answer too?" Mo Qinglong said mockingly while staring at the two Sect Leaders.


The two old men looked conflicted as they gritted their teeth while withstanding the aura from the four Inborn experts.

The surrounding disciples of Qing Mu Sect were horrified.

As for those few middle-aged men, they were completely dumbfounded and lay flat on the ground.

They had never expected themselves to draw such horrifying enemies because of a spoilt child.

Four Inborn experts!

"I'll give you five seconds to consider!"

Mo Qinglong returned the words back to the two old men.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The two old men were bitter. They gritted their teeth, exchanged glances and waved their hands.

Streams of energy fell on the few middle-aged men that were previously crippled.


Shrieks of horror sounded once again. The few middle-aged men shivered violently. Their eyes were filled with despair and desolation.

Their Elixir Fields were crushed previously and now their limbs were crippled by their Sect Leaders.

This made them feel like they had fallen into hell in a day.

If only we had not halted them arrogantly!

Remorse and regret overwhelmed the group of middle-aged men.

If they had not halted this group of horrifying people, neither their Elixir Field nor their limbs would be crippled.

Misery filled their faces.

The strong ruled the Underworld after all.

If you offended an expert when you did not have the strength, your outcome would be devastating.

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