Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 265

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 265 Sacred Clan

The crowd gathered before the hotel drew the attention of many people.

In particular, today, when the news of Flame Palace getting annihilated had spread around. Numerous powerful families and sects in the surrounding rushed over here.

Those who arrived early were surprised by what they saw at the hotel entrance.

"Hur? Isn't that Miracle Doctor Wang? And a few Inborn Experts around him?"

"Sure enough. I've said Miracle Doctor Wang's subordinates were those who were pit against Flame Palace during their pilgrimage. Looks like it's the truth."

"Miracle Doctor Wang seems to be on good terms with those Inborn Experts!"

"That is Qing Mu Sect. Why did they provoke Miracle Doctor Wang and his people. Are they digging their graves? Didn't they know that Wang Xian and his people were good enough to go against the Sacred Sect?"

"Seems like some Qing Mu Sect disciples offended Wang Xian and his group. Sigh, Qing Mu Sect is really courting their own doom. Given the strength of Miracle Doctor Wang and those few around him, they are comparable to a first-class force!"

"Miracle Doctor Wang has a strong network. Qing Mu Sect only has two Inborn Experts, and yet they actually provoked him?"

Most of those who arrived early had attended the Pilgrimage of Flame Palace. The group of spectators whispered their comments among themselves when they saw what happened.

When the Qing Mu Sect disciples vaguely overheard the surrounding conversations from the center spot, their faces went green.

Miracle Doctor Wang of Rivertown.

They might not have paid attention to this name before. But after what had happened yesterday, this name had already propagated around the surrounding provinces.

He was the Miracle Doctor who dared to pit himself against the Flame Palace, to the extent of embarrassing them.

Now, the Qing Mu Sect actually offended such an existence?

Damm, he could even pit himself against a Sacred Sect, not to mention a Qing Mu Sect.

Five to six Qing Mu Sects could not even match up to a Flame Palace.

"Gentlemen, are you satisfied?"

The two Qing Mu Sect Leaders were looking dreadful. They lowered their heads and asked this with respect.

"Hehe, why go to such extent?"

Wang Xian was sarcastic as he walked ahead, "Let's go!"


The rest of the surrounding Qing Mu Sect disciples hurriedly gave way as they saw them off with fear and respect.

"You'll be my unofficial disciple from now on!"

Wang Xian spoke to Xiao Ran indifferently.

"Thank you, master. My name is Xiao Ran. This is my sister, Liu Mengxin!"

"Oh? Is she your biological sister?"

"Yes, master. I followed the last name of my father while my sister followed my mother's!"

"Sister, the white-colored light you released the other day was impressive. Can you teach me? I want to become your disciple!"

Xiao Ran and Liu Mengxin were elated as they talked to Wang Xian and Sun Lingxiu.

The group of figures and their voices slowly diminished.

Qing Mu Sect disciples heaved a deep sigh of relief behind them. They were gasping for breath.

The two Qing Mu Sect Leaders also wiped the sweat from their foreheads.

"How did they even provoke such a domineering existence!"

They looked at the middle-aged men who were lying on the floor with cold eyes.

Everyone was commenting on it.


A large luxury bus was driving from Flame City to Rivertown at a rapid speed.

Wang Xian was hugging manuals in the car.

These manuals were taken from those Fire God Denomination people which included Cultivation Arts of Flame Palace and Fire God Denomination.

They were the top-notch manuals.

But they were of no use to Wang Xian. He cast a glance at Xiao Ran who looked reserved while standing beside him.

"I think you also practiced fire-attributed manual? Your Art of Cultivation is great!" said Wang Xian, looking at him.

"Yes, master!" Xiao Ran answered as he nodded. But he quickly lowered his head. "It was from my father's family."

"Family?" Wang Xian nodded. "Where did you stay?"

"Shang Jing; Xiao Family of Shang Jing. We came from a huge family known as the Sacred Clan!" Xiao Ran answered without the slightest hesitation or concealment.

"Shang Jing Sacred Clan?"

An unexpected radiance flashed in his eyes.

Shang Jing, the capital of the country, used to be the ancient city where Emperors lived. Now, it had become one of the cities with the strongest foundations in the country.

Shang Jing, a place known to have gathered hidden talents and experts.

In this country, Sacred Sect did not represent a sect, but rather, a Sacred Clan.

However, Sacred Clans were rather scarce as compared to Saint-class sects.

Besides, every Sacred Clan was a powerful family with hundreds of years of legacy. The disciples in the clan could hit more than thousands!

Sacred Clans were not any weaker than Sacred Sects, they were even more united and stronger.

"Memorize these fire-attributed Cultivation Arts!"

As Wang Xian spoke, he grabbed Xiao Ran's arm and examined him.

His physique was considered good, but it was still far off compared to Inborn Constitution.

But Wang Xian did not unblock his eight extraordinary meridians with his Dragon Energy. He had his own plan.

Xiao Ran was only his unofficial disciple, and he would not turn him into a dragon. So Xiao Ran was just a human disciple.

"Yes, master!"

Xiao Ran was showing his excitement as he nodded his head hard to Wang Xian. He took the manuals and began his reading at the side.

Wang Xian nodded with satisfaction. He fidgeted his finger with a ball of blue flames dancing on it.

Even though you're just an unofficial disciple, I'll make you rise above the Sacred Clans. As an incompetent master, this flame is my gift for you!

Wang Xian pondered to himself as he looked to the other side.

Liu Mengxin was sitting beside Sun Lingxiu, watching her with a pair of watery eyes.

This lass wished to possess magical power so that she could treat her brother's injuries in the future.

Sun Lingxiu examined her body before she finally agreed to it.

The bus quickly came back to the city. Maniac Ji bid goodbye to Wang Xian with respect.

After witnessing Wang Xian's capabilities and strength, he was in complete awe.

He could not imagine how Wang Xian could transform a ball into a Divine Dragon and kill eight powerful Inborn Experts.

"Old Mo, there's another villa not far from here. Go and buy that villa, so that Xiao Ran, his sister, and you guys can stay over there," Wang Xian said to Mo Qinglong.

"Yes, Young Master!"

His villa was getting crowded. Wang Xian did not want too many people to disturb his happy s.e.x.u.a.l life.

"Lass, I roamed around the world for nearly a century. Anyone who sees me must address me as "Sui Huang" in respect. After you marry into the Sacred Clan Sui Family, no one will dare to bully you. All the guys in the Sui Family are outstanding. You can take your pick then!"

"You can marry anyone you like. I'll make the decision for you. In the future, everyone in the Sui Family will treat you with respect!"

"Also, I'll let you have a taste of my strength. Don't be alarmed. Haha!"

Just when Wang Xian and the group of people were approaching the villa, an old man's elated voice was heard from it.

Subsequently, overspreading oppression exuded from it.

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