Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 266

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 266 A Powerful Old Man


A strong aura formed a field around the surroundings.

The field was incomparably frightening with immense energy that sent chills down their spines.

Wang Xian and the group were shocked to experience such a powerful field the moment they approached the entrance of the villa.

Mo Qinglong, Mo Yuan and the group instantly sharpened their vigilance as they walked in carefully.

Wang Xian frowned slightly and was shocked by what he was seeing.

At this very moment, the entire space in front of him seemed to be inside a huge furnace. Standing on the outside, he could still sense a scorching sensation.

"This aura... Could it be a Dan Realm expert?"

Mo Qinglong was astonished as his gaze fixed on the person in front of him.

"How is it? Do you know how powerful I am now? Hey, girl, if you marry into my Sui Family, not only will I give you huge authority, but I will also give you powerful strength! Do consider it!"

The voice of an old man sounded once again. From his tone, one could tell the arrogance and haughtiness.

Standing outside, Wang Xian heard that voice as he walked slowly into the villa.

Once he was in the backyard, he saw an old man in a yellow robe standing in the middle of the backyard.

In front of him, Xiao Yu, Guan Shuqing and Elder Fang were standing there, looking at the old man in shock.

The old man stared intensely at Guan Shuqing and it was clear that his previous words were for her.

"Xiao Xian!"

Seeing Wang Xian walking in, Guan Shuqing immediately ran towards him with joy.


The old man frowned upon seeing how Guan Shuqing reacted. He turned around and started scrutinizing Wang Xian.

"What's the matter? Who is this old fogey?"

Wang Xian glanced emotionlessly at the old man in a yellow robe before asking Guan Shuqing.

Guan Shuqing stuck her tongue out playfully and answered, "This man is our benefactor."

"Benefactor?" Wang Xian was taken aback as he knitted his eyebrows.

"I didn't tell you about this when you called in the morning because I was afraid you would be worried about us. I'll tell you the details in a while," mumbled Guan Shuqing softly.

"Hey kid, you better choose your words wisely."

The old man squinted his eyes and observed Wang Xian. He was displeased about Wang Xian's use of "old fogey." He looked to Guan Shuqing and continued, "Hey girl, is he your boyfriend? He has nothing that stands out. Any kid from my Sui Family would be more outstanding than him. Hmm. I'll get my kids over the next two days for you to take a look!"

"Grandpa, I already have Xiao Xian. Please don't try to matchmake me with others or I will really be angry." Upon hearing the old man's comments, Guan Shuqing replied discontentedly.

"Girl, I'm doing all this for your own good. With your talents, you would not be at the same level as him in the future. You guys belong to separate worlds," the old man reminded Guan Shuqing immediately.

"Alright, old fogey. If you are to call the members of your Sui Family over, I'll let them remain in Rivertown forever!" Wang Xian heard the old men and remarked emotionlessly.

If it wasn't for Guan Shuqing saying that he was their benefactor, Wang Xian would likely have turned this old fogey into a dead fogey.


The old man was taken aback by Wang Xian's remarks. His smile disappeared slowly as he stared at Wang Xian.

A scorching hot and terrifying aura that resembled a furnace gathered above Wang Xian and shrouded him.

With a single thought, the old man could let it fall.

An ordinary person would melt under such an aura.

Even so, Wang Xian still felt as though there was a sun above him and the pressure was incomparably scary.

He frowned slightly and stared coldly at the old man. A stream of dragon power pierced through the furnace above his head and towards the old man.

"It seems like this old man is seeking his death!"

Mo Qinglong, Mo Yuan, Sun Lingxiu and Miracle Doctor Blood Man surrounded the old man and locked down on him with their aura.


The old man was shocked and looked at Wang Xian in disbelief. Following which, he glanced at Mo Qinglong, Sun Lingxiu and the rest.

His expression was constantly changing.

The aura emitted by the young man in front of him had smashed through his field easily. This greatly impressed him.

Field... This was his field! And the aura from this young man... This, this...

Besides Wang Xian, four people were surrounding him. Not a single one of them was weak either.

This is just a small Rivertown... How can this be!

The old man was thinking constantly as his expression changed. After tens of seconds, his mouth twitched a little and a smile appeared on his face once again. "Haha, I never expected a small Rivertown to be hiding so many experts. I'm Sui Huang. Sorry for the intrusion! It's fate that brought us together!"

As the old man spoke with smiles and in a light-hearted tone, the aura around him changed.

It was as though the intense atmosphere from before had not existed at all.

Wang Xian looked emotionlessly at the old man and retracted his aura.

"Haha, girl. You are indeed someone I have high regard for. Even your boyfriend is so incredible. I can tell that you two are truly in love with each other and will definitely live together for an entire lifetime."

The old man laughed and maintained a sincere smile. "However, I really think highly of your talents. I, Sui Huang, sincerely hope to take you in as my disciple."

Guan Shuqing was taken aback but was more shocked by how fast the old man's attitude had changed.

Wang Xian took a further glance at the old man before saying to Guan Shuqing, "Let's go. Back to the room!"


The old man stood in the middle of the backyard. Seeing them walking into the villa, his mouth twitched a little.

Damn it! How can a small Rivertown have someone so horrifying. Moreover, he's still so young. Did I live my hundred years in vain?

The old man's eyebrows twitched constantly.

I had thought of getting this girl to marry into the Sui Family. Blood ties and family relationsh.i.p.s are always better to tie her down. Now, I can only go for the best alternative. I must definitely take her in as my disciple!

The old man revealed a determined look. The next moment, he smiled and followed the group into the villa.

"What kinds of danger did you guys encounter yesterday?" Wang Xian asked Xiao Yu, Guan Shuqing and Elder Fang caringly.

"A few Half-step to Inborn Realm experts ambushed us. Sect Leader Tang conjectured that they might be from the Flame Palace," answered Elder Fang.

"They practiced Fire attribute Art of Cultivation and are likely to be experts at the Half-step to Inborn Realm!"

At this moment, the voice of the old man sounded once again. He looked to Wang Xian and continued with a smile, "Oh brother, you might not know about this. The situation was really perilous."

"Four to five Half-step to Inborn experts cornered them. That Sect Leader of a small sect couldn't even deal with one Half-step to Inborn expert. Just as they were all about to be killed, I happened to be nearby. I stepped in immediately and saved them. If it wasn't for me, this matter would have been more dangerous."

Elder Fang nodded his head speechlessly. The incident was just as the old man had described.

"Flame Palace?"

Wang Xian frowned slightly and looked to the old man to thank him. "Thank you for extending your help to save them!"

"Aiyoh, you don't have to. If you would like to express your gratitude, let your girlfriend...in other words, that girl...be my disciple!"

"Brother, please don't take this the wrong way. I'm talking about simply taking her as a disciple. My kids could never match up to you. Let me take the girl as my disciple and I'll guide her diligently and groom her to be an expert!"

This old man was trying to get something by harping on his previous assistance!

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