Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 267

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 267 Death Of Dragonians 1

Guan Shuqing, Xiao Yu, and the rest of them looked at the old man speechlessly.

The old man came with domineering strength; he was prideful and acted like a child.

When he came to their rescue, he marked Guan Shuqing, saying he would find a boyfriend for her so that she could marry into the Sui Family.

Yet, he wanted to take her as a disciple now. His frequent inconsistency was a mismatch with his image as an expert. Hence, they were speechless about it.

Yet, he was rather cute.

After all, this old man was their benefactor.

Wang Xian also looked at the old man with nothing to say.

The old man had no dignity and temper like an expert. Instead, he seemed more like a rogue by trying to gain returns from the debt of gratitude.

But Wang Xian could not comment on anything.

"I don't think she needs your guidance," Wang Xian said without any excitement in his voice as he did not have a good first impression of this old fellow.

"Why not? I have decades of teaching experience. Several of my disciples are now experts in some regions. I have vast teaching experience, and you can't compare me to any average person."

"I have all the resources and treasures for cultivation. Oh right," the old man said as he fished out something from his pocket with smiles. "Lass, look...what's this? Look!"

"This is the elixir that I refined, Muscle Flex Elixir. After taking a pill, your skin will be as smooth as a baby. Back in those years, the pretty girls in all of Shang Jing were crazy about my Muscle Flex Elixirs. They are priceless. Come, try it!"

As the old man spoke, he took out more pills and handed one each to Elder Fang, Xiao Yu, and Sun Lingxiu.

Sun Lingxiu held it in her hand as the bright energy flashed across. With smiles on her face, she said, "Thank you!"

"You're welcome. My forte is refining elixirs. Refining elixirs is putting various spiritual grasses together to refine more effective elixirs. Lass, if you accept me as your teacher, you can refine Muscle Flex Elixirs and beauty elixirs!"

The old man boasted to Guan Shuqing.


Guan Shuqing's eyes glimmered as she was tempted.

Every girl pursues a youthful appearance.

"Of course. Why would I cheat a bunch of lasses? Become my disciple, and you can have as many elixirs as you want in the future. You could even maintain your current beauty even at the age of fifty to sixty years old."

The old man continued to encourage her with eagerness.

He did not hesitate to reveal what he was capable of just like how he wanted Guan Shuqing to be married into the Sui Family.

Wang Xian smiled at the side. He had also discovered the uniqueness of Guan Shuqing's physique in recent days.

He was speculating whether this had anything to do with mating with his dragon body.

"Shuqing, you can decide on your own!"

Wang Xian did not make any decision for her since the old man, Sui Huang, had formidable strength.

Judging from his look, he seemed genuine in offering to take Guan Shuqing as his disciple.


Guan Shuqing hesitated.

"Lass, what are you waiting for? An invincible and caring teacher is right before you!"

The old man stared at Guan Shuqing and spoke anxiously.

"Eh, I don't want to leave Rivertown..."

"You don't have to leave Rivertown. This is a trivial matter. I'm used to roaming around. I can settle down in Rivertown from now on."

"But...I still have to go to school."

"It's okay. Given your talent, it will be sufficient if you cultivate after school every day.


Guan Shuqing continued to hesitate as she could not make up her mind.

"Lass, this is the gift from your master. You'll accompany me to Shang Jing a few days from now for a formal ceremony of disciple acceptance. Don't worry. It will take at most two days!"

Upon seeing the hesitating Guan Shuqing, the old man took out a bangle from his pocket.

The bangle was fiery red in color with a phoenix on it.

"This is the Flaming Phoenix Bangle and is activated by fire attributions. It can form a fire ring during attacks. If you struck unexpectedly, an Inborn Expert would be bound to be seriously injured. Disciple, wear this on your hand!"

The old man self-proclaimed himself as the master when he handed the gift over.

Guan Shuqing took it without realizing it.

"Haha, lass. Now you have to address me as your master," the old man shouted with excitement.

Wang Xian smiled with no comments. He looked at Xiao Ran, "Come over here. As my unofficial disciple, I'll also gift you a thing."

"Yes, Master!"

Xiao Ran nodded and walked over immediately.

Wang Xian flicked his finger, and a sapphire flame emerged from his hand. He encompassed it with Dragon Energy and injected it into Xiao Ran's body.

"This is...!"

The old man stared with eyes agape. He watched the sapphire flame in Wang Xian's hand with disbelief.

"Heavenly Flame. It's the Heavenly Flame!"

The Heavenly Flame entered Xiao Ran's Elixir Field. Wang Xian moved his palm slightly, and the Dragon Ball emerged as it slowly suspended itself above Xiao Ran.

"We will be using spiritual inferno to refine your body. You'll circulate your Internal Energy to integrate with the blue flame. Use the blue flame to replace other fire elements. Hence, it will be painful for you, so bite through it!" said Wang Xian to Xiao Ran impassively.

Xiao Ran nodded his head with force. "Master, I'm not afraid of pain!"

"Good. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed," said Wang Xian. The Dragon Ball grew to be basketball-size slowly as it suspended above Xiao Ran's head.

Steams of fire energy flowed into his body to remove its impurities!

"This...is Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball!"

The old man opened his eyes wide with shock on his face. His expression changed drastically.

"Such a badass!"

The old man looked at Wang Xian and blurted out the words uncontrollably.

Everyone around him was speechless when they heard it coming from an expert.

"Disciple, this sapphire flame is not suitable for refining elixirs. I'll get you Heavenly Flame that is suitable for it. We also have such a Body Refining Spiritual Flame Ball too!"

The old man peered at this other person's disciple and assured Guan Shuqing.

"Using spiritual inferno to refine the body is way too painful. I have a way. You don't even have to look for Heavenly Flame because I have my own plans next time!"

As the girlfriend of Guan Shuqing, he would make her turn into a dragon in the future.

Once she became a dragon, the Heavenly Flame would not be of much use to her.

This was the reason why he did not pass Guan Shuqing the Heavenly Flame.

The old man twitched his mouth as he glared at Wang Xian with dissatisfaction. He muttered, "She's my disciple!"

"Master, he's my boyfriend!" Guan Shuqing whispered softly beside the old man.

The old man's face turned black and he made no further remark as he was indignant.

The thing is, the entire Shang Jing would get excited if Sui Huang declared he was going to accept a disciple. But now, not only did he have to coax his disciple, he also had to consider her boyfriend's opinion.

Damm, if it were not for her boyfriend being such a badass, would he be humiliated?

"Xiao Xian, is he the disciple you just accepted?" asked Guan Shuqing with her curiosity piqued. She came over to Wang Xian and observed Xiao Ran whose cheeks were flushed with redness as he endured the tremendous pain.

"He's not bad."

Wang Xian nodded with a smile as he explained briefly to them.

On the other hand, Mo Yuan's expression changed as soon as he answered a call.

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