Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 268

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 268 Death Of Dragonians 2

The villa got livelier with more people in it and Xiao Ran was still undergoing the baptism by the Dragon Ball.

He would at least be a Level 6 Martial Artist after being baptized by the energy of the Dragon Ball combined with the Heavenly Flame, Tranquil Blue Flame.

For a teenager of fifteen years old to be a Level 6 Martial Artist, the talent could easily be considered demon-like.

Even the Saints and Saintess from the Sacred Sect or Sacred Clans might not have such capability at this age.

Sui Huang dragged Guan Shuqing aside to explain to her about cultivation and refining elixir pills.

Mo Yuan respectfully walked to Mo Qinglong and reported an incident.

"We couldn't get in contact with them. They might have encountered a mishap?"

Mo Qinglong frowned upon hearing Mo Yuan. He looked at Wang Xian who was talking to Xiao Yu before replying, "Investigate this matter thoroughly. If they encountered mishaps, find the culprit!" A tint of brutality flickered across Mo Qinglong's eyes as he spoke.

At noon, the whole group had lunch together. Sui Huang unabashedly sat down together with them. He even requested that Wang Xian provide him with a room in the villa so he could stay for a long while.

Naturally, he was mercilessly rejected by Wang Xian. Instead, Wang Xian allowed him to stay with Mo Qinglong and the rest in the neighboring villa.

There's no way he would let an old guy live in his villa and disrupt their lives.

In the afternoon, the group went to the top of the villa to take a break. Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan walked to Wang Xian and reported solemnly, "Young master, something bad has happened to two of our dragonians!"

"Huh?" Wang Xian, who was lying under the umbrella and looking at Guan Shuqing and Xiao Yu on the yacht a short distance away, was taken aback and sat up.

"What happened?" His eyebrows knitted a little as he looked at the duo and asked.

"Young Master, although the dragonians split off to roam the Underworld, we have been maintaining communication.The norm would be to communicate once every three days," said Mo Yuan.

He looked at Wang Xian before continuing. "Yesterday, we weren't able to contact two brothers of ours. The dragonians who are in charge investigated the matter and confirmed that they were met with an accident!"

"Two dragonians were met with an accident?"

Wang Xian was a little gloomy, and solemness gleamed in his eyes.

The fifty dragonians were his most loyal subordinates. They had stayed with him since his rise.

And now, two of them had died.

Although asking them to roam the Underworld was risky to a certain extent in the first place, Wang Xian was still furious to learn about their deaths.

"Who killed them?" asked Wang Xian glumly.

"We don't know. We have not found out who the culprit was, but what we know is that they died during a mission." Mo Yuan shook his head and continued, "We have found the mission. It was a protection mission and the rewards were great."

Mo Qinglong handed Wang Xian a mobile phone.

Wang Xian took the phone and looked at the mission.

It looked just like any ordinary protection mission. The protection period was just two months but the reward was $200 million.

The reward was really handsome but the requirement for the strength of bodyguards was really high too. It requested Level 9 or stronger Martial Artists and there would be no reward if the mission failed.

A protection mission where a Level 9 Martial Artist would die in mission? Furthermore, with the capabilities of the dragonians, they wouldn't have to fear Half-Step to Inborn Realm experts! Wang Xian frowned as he read through the details of the mission.

"Considering the strength of Mo Ersan and Mo Sanyi, there's no way they could have been killed unless there were five to six Half-Step to Inborn Realm experts attacking them together, or an Inborn expert involved," Mo Qinglong continued. "According to the information we have gathered, there are two more Level 9 experts who accepted the mission. All of them died. My guess is that an Inborn expert is involved!"

"Do we have nothing on the enemy?" asked Wang Xian with a frown.

"We do not know yet. Perhaps the issuer of the mission and the one being protected might know something. We are currently investigating," replied Mo Qinglong.

"Investigate it thoroughly. We must definitely find the culprit and take revenge for our brothers!" Wang Xian ordered.

He didn't care who the enemy was or why they killed the two dragonians. This feud must be avenged.

"Yes, Young master!" Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan nodded their heads and left immediately to investigate the matter.

Wang Xian looked at the mission on the mobile phone again. The issuer of the mission wasn't hiding at all. His name was Tang Jiuchao, the richest man of Gui Province with assets of approximately $70 billion.

He was a hugely successful businessman. However, this mission wasn't protecting himself but his daughter.

Wang Xian sank into deep thought while reading about the mission. He noticed that Tang Jiuchao had issued a new mission yesterday.

He was hiring Half-Step to Inborn experts and the rewards were $500 million.

$500 million in rewards for two months was an exceptionally attractive mission.

Wang Xian had never had $500 million.

This amount might even tempt some Inborn experts.

"Master!" At this moment, Xiao Ran and his sister came and respectfully greeted Wang Xian.

"It's done?"

Wang Xian observed Xiao Ran's body attentively from head to toe as he revealed a satisfied look.

Level 6 Martial Artist! After undergoing the refining by the dragon ball, he now had the strength of a Level 6 Martial Artist.

Although his body was still lean, his complexion had changed substantially. His pupils had a tint of blue and his body had a drifting disposition.

Wang Xian smiled faintly and said, "Have something nutritious for the next few days."

"Oh yes," exclaimed Wang Xian as he looked at Sui Huang who was beside him. "Old man, aren't you well-versed in refining elixir pills? Take care of my disciple and refine some elixir pills for him. Feel free to use the spiritual grasses and medicine in the small garden. Make some for Shuqing too. Don't attempt to keep some for yourself!"

Sui Huang, who happened to be in the small garden observing the various spiritual grasses and medicines, was taken aback. The edge of his mouth twitched a little subconsciously.

"These spiritual medicines aren't to my liking!" replied Sui Huang.

"This" The moment Sui Huang completed his previous sentence, he asked, "Brother, I'd like to ask you something. The attributes of these spiritual medicines are totally different. How did you manage to plant them together while ensuring they survive?"

Sui Huang was an alchemist and he knew a lot about spiritual medicines.

The Sui family also had a garden with spiritual medicines and grasses. There were even Level 6 spiritual medicines in his garden. However, the breeding of spiritual medicine was extremely troublesome with extremely stringent requirements for the environment.

However, spiritual medicine with fire attributes could be planted with spiritual medicine with water attributes in this place. That was darned amazing to him!

"I don't know. They just survived after I planted them there," answered Wang Xian emotionlessly before lying back on the chair.

Spiritual Medicine indeed had stringent requirements for its environment. However, Wang Xian just needed to inject them with Azure Dragon energy regularly for them to survive. Moreover, their growth would also be quicker with the nourishment of the Azure Dragon energy.

"If you have nothing to do, just rest or cultivate. As for the matter regarding cultivation, follow your master's girl. Also, listen to the teachings of this capable old man. He's someone with decades of experience," Wang Xian said to Xiao Ran.

Xiao Ran looked at his own master and the old man at the side before replying, "Yes, master!"

Damn it!

Sui Huang's face turned gloomy. You didn't answer my question when I asked you about breeding spiritual medicines. Yet, you are pushing your responsibilities of teaching your disciple to me?

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