Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 269

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 269 Vengeance

Wang Xian did not know how to teach at all. He did not have the capability, and he had a different cultivation system. Hence, he could not teach even if he wanted to.

Since a formidable expert was here, Wang Xian simply got Xiao Ran to follow Guan Shuqing's lessons.

He believed it would be better than teaching Xiao Ran himself.

After a relaxing afternoon, Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan rushed back in the evening.

"How did it go?" Wang Xian asked as soon as he saw them enter.

"Young Master, it's a little tricky!"

Mo Qinglong frowned slightly. "According to the updates we've gotten, the richest man of Gui Province, Tang Jiuchao's, daughter seems to be a disciple from one of the Sacred Sects, Heavenly Sound Sect. They are now selecting their Saint and Saintess. As the Saint and Saintess, they have to experience the outside world and acc.u.mulate enough strength and experiences before they can become a Saint and Saintess."

"While Tang Jiuchao's daughter was roaming around, someone attempted to assassinate her. It may have been sent by her rivals from the same sect, or Tang Jiuchao's. After all, the more power his daughter gained, the lesser obstacles he had in his business!"

"So many parties are involved in this?"

Wang Xian frowned as it would be more complicated if Sacred Sect was involved.

Heavenly Sound Sect, unlike the newly promoted Flame Palace, had so many experts that even Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan had to be cautious.

"The assassins may not be from the Sacred Sect. They may be from some assassination organizations," Mo Qinglong added as he knit his eyebrows slightly. "If we want to take our revenge, we need to obtain some news from the daughter of Tang Jiuchao. Otherwise, it will be difficult to know who our enemies are!"

Radiance flickered in Wang Xian's eyes. "We must avenge them."

"Young Master, there's a way now. Mo Yuan and I accepted Tang Jiuchao's mission. We'll get close to his daughter for more information." said Mo Qinglong.

"I'll go with you guys!"

Wang Xian hesitated slightly before he made the decision. "Get the rest of the Dragonians to be careful. No more accidents."

"Yes, Young Master. I'll accept the mission tonight. Tomorrow, we'll rush to Gui Province." Mo Qinglong nodded.


Wang Xian nodded too. "We'll set off tomorrow."


Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan left while Wang Xian had his thoughts.

At night, Wang Xian gave a heads-up to Xiao Yu and Guan Shuqing that he would be busy for the next few days. He left Xiao Ran in Sui Huang's hands.

Hence, Sui Huang was indignant.

Damm you for taking me as your babysitter.

But the thought of having a formidable talent as his disciple stopped him from complaining after his mumblings.

The next morning, Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong, and Mo Yuan took a flight to Gui Province.

Sun Lingxiu, along with Miracle Doctor Blood Man, had officially started their business in Divine Dragon Medical Hall.

Gui Province was about a thousand kilometers away from Rivertown. It was a rather far and less economically-developed province.

There were more mountain ranges within the Gui Province. It was important to have mountains in terms of geographical location.

Tang Jiuchao was the richest man in Gui Province. The provincial capital of Gui Province was a not-so bustling second-tier city, Wu Mountains City.

Even though the city was not bustling, it was beautiful for a provincial capital.

"Young Master, according to the mission's instruction, we need to go to Tang Jiuchao's villa for a test!" said Mo Qinglong to Wang Xian.

"Do we still have to get tested?" Wang Xian was unsure as this was his first time accepting a mission.

"Yes, Young Master. They wanted to test if we're capable of the mission. After the test, there's another round of selection too!"

Mo Qinglong nodded. "A total $500 million commission for four selected candidates each. That's a total of $2 billion. Such a huge sum of money could tempt some of the first-class forces."

"Perhaps, some of the Inborn Experts will be here too."

$500 million commission was not a small amount to Level 9 or Inborn Experts. Hence, it was worth it for some of the disciples from powerful forces to take up this assignment.

Wang Xian nodded, and the trio took a cab to the Wu Mountains villa district within the city.

Wu Mountains City was named after the mountains. Dozens of huge mountain ranges were surrounded by luxurious villa zones.

Tang Jiuchao lived in one of the biggest villa zones in the region surrounded by lush trees and beautiful scenery.

The villa occupied half of the mountain top, and it could be considered a manor house.

The trio arrived at the villa entrance and identified themselves.

Seven to eight bodyguards dressed in black were inspecting everyone at the entrance.

Their waists seemed to be bulging with things.

Guns were still a threat to average Martial Artists. Even Inborn Experts could not block out intensive artillery bombardment.

Only those that were known as the Immortals of the Land, Dan Realm experts, could ignore those weapons.

But if it were a nuclear bomb, even Dan Realm experts would be blasted to death.

Wang Xian had no idea if there were any other special weapons to attack individual experts.

The security guards grew in numbers as they entered the villa. It was a huge villa that was seven to eight times larger than the one Wang Xian had near the sea.

"Only the richest man in the province could own this!"

Wang Xian sized the place up with a tint of shock on his face. This portrayed a true-blue rich man.

"Please come with me!"

The bodyguard in black led the way in front and came to the front of the villa.

There was a huge pool and an open space in front of it.

At this time, there were twenty to thirty people at the open space.

"Please wait over here. There are more people to come!" the bodyguard in black told them before he left.

"All of them are Half-step to Inborn Experts!"

Mo Qinglong swept his gaze around and spoke in a deep voice.

Even Half-step to Inborn Experts could not be free of this money temptation."

Wang Xian smiled and waited quietly at one corner.

"A lot of people came!"

Just then, another four men entered. As soon as they looked at the people around them, they had a taunting smile on their faces.

"Don't waste your time over here. We are clinching the mission. You guys...can go back."

Out of the four, one of the middle-aged men swept his gaze around and spoke with a beaming face.

Each one of them was holding a blade in his hands, dressed like a minority race as they exuded harsh and furious auras.


The c.o.c.ky voice drew the immediate annoyance of many people around.

Everyone was a Half-step to Inborn Expert...what was there to be afraid of?

"The Four Heavenly Blades?"

An old man spun his head around with impatience. But when he saw the four of them, he was slightly stunned, with trepidation in his eyes.

"What? The Four Heavenly Blades. They're the Four Heavenly Blades!"

"Never did I expect their arrival. Aren't they from the far Beifeng Province?"

"The Four Heavenly Blades, what a familiar name!"

All of them looked at the incoming four people with solemn expressions!

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