Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 270

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 270 Who Else?

"The Four Heavenly Blades are four well-known Half-Step to Inborn experts from Beifeng Province. They once killed an Inborn expert together!"

"What? They are that strong?"

"The four of them can kill an Inborn expert? Under normal circ.u.mstances, it would be hard for ten Half-Step to Inborn experts to kill even a single Inborn expert."

"What horrifying strength!"

Those Half-Step to Inborn experts in the crowd pulled a long face.

In the Underworld, there was a common saying. Your existence was similar to an ant until you entered the realm of the Inborn. Although Half-Step to Inborn experts were strong, they were nothing compared to Inborn experts.

However, these four men had once killed an Inborn expert. This was incomparably terrifying.

"When these four men use their Heavenly Blade Techniques together, the strength is incredible. They are widely known and even First-class Forces wouldn't trifle with them recklessly," the crowd whispered.

Their expressions changed when they saw them carrying a curved blade each and walking towards them.

"There are quite a number of experts here!" remarked Wang Xian with a smile.

Any one of these people could be considered an expert in today's world.

"Aren't you guys leaving yet? In that case, you guys better be careful when facing us in a while!" the Four Heavenly Blades Looked across the crowd and remarked coldly.

At that moment, everyone felt that the pressure on them had increased. They frowned and looked bitterly at the four men.

The sudden appearance of these four experts had lowered their chances of getting this mission substantially.

"Is everyone here?" A clearly fatigued voice sounded.

At this moment, three people walked out from the villa.

One of them was a middle-aged man. He was approximately fifty years old and slightly plump.

An old man and a gorgeous lady followed closely behind him.

The old man had scars all over his face and looked intimidating.

As for that beautiful lady, she wore a long white dress and was carrying a green zither behind her. Her long hair was tied up in the same manner as those heroines in dramas about the past.

Her temperament resembled that of an immortal.She seemed out of the world and was very attractive. This kind of beauty was rare in modern times.


Wang Xian looked at the beautiful lady and found her to be familiar.

Tang Yinxuan!

When he was in the hostel, Wang Dahai often talked about her. In fact, this rascal even went to another city just to have a look at her.

Tang Yinxuan was a singer and a musician who specialized in zither. She had quickly become known by many since last year.

Although her fame had not spread nationwide, many had a strong impression of her.

Tang Yinxuan had never taken up endors.e.m.e.nts or attended any variety shows.

She gained popularity after working with a piano master. Subsequently, she released an album and the songs on it became widely popular.

Her popularity was on par with second-tier celebrities and she had held several concerts.

I heard from Wang Dahai that when he attended Tang Yinxuan's concert, he was so moved that he teared up after hearing her voice and her playing of the zither. It was as though she could sing into his heart!

If she could make Wang Dahai, who is nearly tone-deaf, cry after listening to her music, there are likely other factors on top of her zither skills.

Heavenly Sound Sect used musical instruments as their weapons. By playing and using the attributes of metal and water energy, they could influence their opponents and kill them.

According to records, when disciples of Heavenly Sound Sect played the war instruments on the battlefield, it had the incredible ability to lift the spirits of the soldiers, making them fearless and causing them to forget about fatigue.

Wang Xian looked at the beautiful lady and thought to himself.

"Mr. Tang, those who should be here are already here. Those who aren't here are unlikely to be coming!" an old man said to Tang Jiuchao.

"That's right! Those who should be here are already here. I'd like to thank everyone for coming!" Tang Jiuchao said.

He took a quick glance through the crowd in front of him. There were nearly thirty people and every one of them had a strong disposition.

"Everyone, I believe you all know clearly that I have issued a mission in the Underworld to look for four bodyguards for my daughter. The period shall be for two months. After two months, I will reward each of you with $500 million."

"Now, I need to select four people from you guys. The selection process will be simple. The strongest four will be chosen. Does anyone have any objections!"


The crowd of Half-Step to Inborn experts nodded their heads. Some of them were gloomy after catching sight of the Four Heavenly Blades.

"Those who believe they are stronger, please step to your right. Anyone can challenge them but please don't take anything personally!" the scarred old man, who was beside Tang Jiuchao, remarked at this moment. He looked across the crowd and started emitting an aura.

"Inborn expert!"

The crowd was astonished! They looked at the old man in awe and nodded, "That's a given. In the Underworld, the strong rule."

"Haha, that's right! In the Underworld, the strong rule!"

After a peal of loud laughter, four men walked towards the right.

Waving their arms, they held the blades in their hands and their eyes gleamed with arrogance.

"WE are the Four Heavenly Blades and we will be taking these four slots!" the middle-aged man in the middle of the group announced.

"Four Heavenly Blades!"

The crowd looked at the four men who walked out straightway and their expressions were gloomy. Some of their eyes were flickering.

"Four Heavenly Blades?"

Tang Jiuchao and the old man beside him looked over. They were surprised but gradually revealed smiles.

The beautiful lady who was carrying the zither, looked at the Four Heavenly Blades and she nodded her head slightly in approval.

Clearly, they had heard of the Four Heavenly Blades. They were the pinnacle among Half-Step to Inborn experts.

"This mission is mainly for protection and isn't for the four of you to fight together. What's more important is your individual strength. I'd like to challenge!" An old man stepped forward and had his eyes fixed on the Four Heavenly Blades.

"That's right! A protection mission wouldn't possibly allow the four of you to fight together. Hence, individual strength is the best gauge!" a middle-aged man seconded.

The Four Heavenly Blades were strong together but once they were separated, the rest weren't necessarily afraid of them!"

"Haha, fine! Even if it is just one of us, you are no match for us. Old man, I'll fight you!" one of the Four Heavenly Blades said.

A middle-aged man stepped forward and showed his curved blade. The next moment, he charged and attacked the old man.

"Hah!" the old man roared.

He stretched his arms and he had a pair of long metal gloves over them.

"Mountain Suppressing Palm Strike!" The old man shifted his arm and met the attack from the middle-aged man with his palm.

The battle between Half-Step to Inborn experts was not only powerful but also highly destructive.

If those around them weren't Half-Step to Inborn experts, they would likely have backed off.

"Haha, Succession Heavenly Blades!"

The middle-aged man was ecstatic. Holding the blade with two hands, his body turned like a spinning top. The slashes of the blade were incomparably fast and the attacks were relentless.

Bam bam bam!

In a span of just a second, the curved blade had collided with the palm of the old man over a hundred times.


The old man was flushed and shocked. His opponent's attacks were relentless, pushing him back constantly.


"Scram!" the middle-aged man shouted loudly as he came down hard with his last strike. The old man was knocked back directly.


The old man fell into the pond, sending up a huge splash of water.

"What fast swordsmanship!"

"How swift and horrifying! The attacks were relentless. If the four of them combined forces, wouldn't they be just like a meat grinder?"

"Such horrifying swordsmanship combined with agile movements. It's no surprise that they managed to kill an Inborn expert. That's simply too strong!"

The Half-Step to Inborn experts in the crowd looked at the Four Heavenly Blades in awe.

At that moment, the atmosphere seemed to have been frozen. No one dared to step forward.

With the previous display of strength that seemed invincible amongst the Half-Step to Inborn experts, no one seemed daring enough to launch a challenge.

"Haha, who else?" the Four Heavenly Blades looked at the crowd and lifted their heads proudly.

The four released their aura at the same time and shrouded everyone in it.

The combined pressure imposed by the four men was shockingly on par with an Inborn expert.

Once again, they had managed to impress the crowd as a gloomy atmosphere shrouded the crowd.

"Hmm. Don't forget about the three of us!"

"We will be taking three slots then!"

An emotionless voice broke the silence of the room!

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