Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 271

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 271 Everyone Here Is Trash

"We'll be taking three slots then!"

An emotionless voice resounded through the open space. Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong, and Mo Yuan were striding to the right with beaming faces.


"The three of them?"

The voice cut the silence in the courtyard of the villa. All the Half-step to Inborn Experts were slightly taken aback as they looked over doubtfully.

"Three slots for you?"

The Four Heavenly Blades turned to the trio with arrogance on their faces. They revealed a hint of sarcasm. "You don't take the slots. You fight for them with your own strength!"

"There's a lad among them. If you want three slots, you should get on your knees and beg us for it!"

The four of them mocked the trio, especially when they saw Wang Xian.

How dare a lad ask them for a slot?

"Hehe, beg you guys? You better scram!"

Mo Yuan cast his icy-cold gaze at the Four Heavenly Blades. With a swift movement, he attacked them directly.

He did not exhibit his imposing demeanor as an Inborn Expert. Nor did he fully display the strength of an Inborn Expert.

"Seeking your own death!"

Upon seeing Mo Yuan's assault, one of the middle-aged men of the Heavenly Blades' eyes were cold. He picked up his machete, slashing away.

Mo Yuan had no expression. He reached out his hand slowly with his palms opened with glimmering dragon scales.


With creepy body movements and serial wielding of blades, the middle-aged man of Heavenly Blade struck ferociously again.

An air-rending sound was heard.

The surrounding spectators wore grave expressions as they witnessed the middle-aged Heavenly Blade man's assault.

One after another swift and non-stop slashes. No one could react in time.

"That middle-aged man is blocking with his palms!"

"What? Isn't that a suicide move? His palm could be hacked in a single move!"

The people were astonished by Mo Yuan as he received the blades with his bare palm.

Receiving the Heavenly Blade with a bare palm? That was as good as suicide.

Bam, Bam, Bam!

However, what amazed everyone was the sound of a metal collision that kept coming through.

Mo Yuan's palms continued to slam against the machete, and his speed was even faster than it.

But a weapon was, after all, a weapon. The Four Heavenly Blades had not reached the stage where they could wield their weapons just like parts of their bodies. Wielding weapons was greatly different from using the limbs.

Bam, Bam, Bam!

At this time, Mo Yuan was so fast that the machete could not keep up with it.

He struck his palms on the body of middle-aged Heavenly Blade man. The forceful impact caused him to spit out mouthfuls of blood.


He had a drastic change in his expression as he staggered back with eyes full of fear.

"Three of you can strike together!"

Mo Yuan was expressionless. He did not feel anything about defeating the middle-aged Heavenly Blade man.

After all, he was an Inborn Expert, and he was concealing his cultivation level. Hence, there was nothing to brag about.

"Seeking your own death!"

The remaining three middle-aged Heavenly Blades saw Mo Yuan charging at him, and they were infuriated at once.

None of them hesitated. They picked up the machetes uniformly and slashed at Mo Yuan.

"Let's stay harmonious!"

An old Inborn Expert standing beside Tang Jiuchao reminded them when he saw three of them striking together.

"He's too c.o.c.ky. How dare he challenge the other three Heavenly Blades!"

"That middle-aged man has a formidable physical body that can actually block the offense of the Heavenly Blades."

"The combined force of the three of them was on a totally different level as compared to a solo attack. Gosh, look! The frequency of their strikes matches each other perfectly."

"That is to say, each one of them will attack three to four times at the middle-aged man in a second. Even Inborn Experts have to handle such intensive blade moves carefully!"

"Scary! This is the Four Heavenly Blades' forte!"

Seamless serial attacks. No wonder they could kill an Inborn Expert!

Mo Yuan remained unwavering. He jerked his arm, darting out towards one of them.




"I don't believe you can defend against our full blow!"

Upon seeing Mo Yuan focusing his attack on one person, the three middle-aged Heavenly Blades switched their techniques, bringing their machetes from the top with tremendous force.

Like a crescent moon, their machetes were smeared with cold radiance.

"So what if I did?"

Mo Yuan's expression remained unmoved as he quickly raised his arm to block the machetes.

Bam, Bam, Bam!

Three machetes slashed Mo Yuan's arm, and the imposing force field caused rings of ripples in the pool next to them.


"How is this possible!"

Everyone around them drew a cold breath as soon as they witnessed it. Even the three Heavenly Blades were stunned, with a hint of horror in their pupils.

"That physique is formidable. It's absolutely invincible!"

"That's just scary. With such a physical body, I don't think he would get hurt from bombings either!"

Mo Yuan looked at the three middle-aged men impassively. He swung both his arms and assaulted two of them.


The two of them were unable to react in time. Both got a hit in their chests. They staggered about a dozen steps back with trembling bodies.

"Do you want to continue?"

Mo Yuan threw an emotionless gaze at the last middle-aged man and asked nonchalantly.


That middle-aged man swallowed his saliva with horror in his eyes. Slowly, he shook his head.

"I want all three slots. If anyone is unhappy about this, you'll have to defeat me first!" said Mo Yuan without a doubt as he swept his overbearing gaze across everyone.

Tang Jiuchao, Tang Yinxuan and the old man beside them were looking doubtful, but they did not refute him.

With such an expert around, it did not matter, even the other two were weaker.

He was domineering and was almost on par with an Inborn Expert.

"Is there any Half-step to Inborn Expert that is as strong as him?"

"He must be practicing some unique cultivation techniques. Even without unblocking his Conception Vessel and Governing Vessel, his physical body is as good as an Inborn Expert!"

Everyone gulped.

He was so strong that he could beat the Four Heavenly Blades easily, even when three of them combined their power.

He was really invincible among Half-step to Inborn Experts.

"Invincible among Half-step Inborn Experts!"

"Invincible! He's invincible!"

Everyone was aghast at the prowess exhibited by Mo Yuan, and none of them had the desire to battle.


"Not bad. You're impressive and almost invincible in the world!"

Suddenly, everyone heard a praising voice.

"But three is too much. You can take one at most!"

An old man spoke casually from a corner of a crowd. Beside him stood two middle-aged men.

With his chin lifted up, the middle-aged man looked prideful.

They looked at everyone.

"We also want three slots."

They swept their gazes across Wang Xian and the rest and eventually halted, looking everyone.

"Honestly, everyone here is trash!"

As he spoke, the old man beside him was serene-looking.

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