Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 272

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 272 It's You Who Are Not Worthy

"Everyone here is trash!"

When this sentence was said, those who were around were stunned and outraged.

"Arrogance! You are indeed arrogant! Who do you think you are?"

"Hey, pals, don't be too arrogant. You will regret it!"

"We are trash? Who do you think you are?"

"You are talking big without even showing your strength? How arrogant are you!?"

The crowd looked at the three of them and criticized coldly.


When the old man saw the crowd staring at him angrily, he gave a faint smile.

"Although what my disciple has said is a little crude, you guys are indeed trash in my eyes!" said the old man as he turned his attention to Mo Yuan and eventually Tang Jiuchao.

"Presumptuous! How presumptuous!"

"Arrogant and conceited!Old man, since you are so arrogant, show us if you have the capital to back your words!"

The old man's words had once again enraged the crowd as the crowd stared harshly at the trio.

"Shut your mouth!"

The old man shouted and changed the aura around him suddenly.


The terrifying aura of an Inborn expert erupted and swept towards the crowd of Half-Step to Inborn experts with reserves.


"Inborn Expert!"

"This He is an Inborn expert!"

"Inborn expert! It's no surprise that he was so arrogant and disregarded everyone!"

"I hadn't expected this mission to attract an Inborn expert!"

The crowd was shaken. They looked at the old man in awe and exclaimed in fear!

Once the Inborn expert had stepped forward, he dominated the area!

The old man looked at everyone proudly and asked, "Does anyone have any opinion if I take three slots?" His aura was domineering and weighing down on the crowd.

"Would anyone still like to object?" The middle-aged man beside the old man smirked and said, "Since an Inborn expert is here, I guess you guys should be on your way back now!"

"We will be taking three spots. As for the last spot, you guys can fight it out!"

The arrogant voice sounded again but the crowd lowered their heads bitterly and didn't say a word.

Once the Inborn expert had appeared, they had already lost the contest.

"I believe the last spot should go to this person. He's pretty strong and worthy to be with us for the mission," commented the other middle-aged man with a faint smile.


Mo Yuan broke into laughter and turned to look at Wang Xian.

Wang Xian replied with a nod.

They had wanted to keep a low profile initially. However, there were always some who wouldn't let this happen.

If that was the case...!

"However, you guys aren't worthy to do the mission with us!" Mo Yuan looked at the middle-aged man and replied.



Upon hearing Mo Yuan, the old man and the two middle-aged men were stunned and glowered at Mo Yuan.

The crowd also turned and looked at Mo Yuan with disbelief.

To speak to an Inborn expert in such a manner, that's too c.o.c.ky!

"I guess you are courting death!" the old man remarked calmly as he looked at Mo Yuan and stretched out his arms.

Shifting his body, he charged towards Mo Yuan like a bolt of lightning.

"It's over! That middle-aged man has offended an Inborn expert!"

"This He must be too eager to die to offend an Inborn expert!"

"I guess you are the one courting death!" Mo Yuan remarked coldly to the astonishment of the crowd.

Mo Yuan moved too. His palm turned into a claw as he grabbed forward towards the old man's fist.

"Die!" The old man shouted.

His eyes were cold and his punch struck much more violently towards Mo Yuan.


As the punch and the claw collided, the situation of Mo Yuan being sent flying back didn't happen. Mo Yuan stood firmly in place, staring emotionlessly at the old man.

A black aura started circling his body. It was an aura from the strong, the aura of an expert.


The old man was astonished, his pupils enlarged as he stared at Mo Yuan in disbelief.

"Just someone who has just reached the Inborn Realm, and yet you dare to be so arrogant!"

Mo Yuan didn't speak and the voice was from another person. All the crowd could see was a series of blurred images.

A figure appeared beside the old man suddenly.

Following which, to the astonishment of the crowd, that figure raised his leg and kicked the old man.

The old man was surprised. However, the kick was too fast and terrifying.


The old man flew back like a kite with a broken string towards the far end of the area.


The old man smashed into the pond heavily.


Everyone gasped and stared in disbelief at the events that unfolded.

Their eyes popped wide open and they were speechless.


The old man stood up in the pond. His body was still trembling as he stared at Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan.

"Inborn, two Inborn experts!"

A coarse voice sounded from his throat as he walked out from the pond with a gloomy expression.

"Indeed! They are really Inborn experts!"

"Horrifying, this is too horrifying!"

"Two Inborn experts vying for this mission! I wouldn't have come if I knew earlier!"

The crowd was flabbergasted. Even Tang Jiuchao and the other two were shocked.

The scarred old man squinted his eyes and looked at Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan solemnly.

A while ago, Mo Qinglong had sent an Inborn expert flying with a single kick. This wasn't something any ordinary Inborn expert could do.

Mo Qinglong was probably stronger than the scarred old man.

"These three experts will do. These three experts shall share the $2 billion reward!"

Tang Jiuchao was flabbergasted. Happiness gleamed in his eyes as he announced this quickly.

$20 billion to hire two Inborn experts as bodyguards was definitely a great deal.

With them around, they could easily match dozens of Half-Step to Inborn experts.

"Fine!" Mo Qinglong nodded in agreement.

Tang Yinxuan, who was carrying the zither behind her, frowned slightly and started to observe the three of them.

"Everyone, we will be handing this mission to these three experts. Thank you for your time here!"

Tang Jiuchao put his hands together and thanked the crowd.

"Let's go, let's go!"

"A mission that attracted three Inborn experts! Sigh. It seems like I have made a wasted trip!"

"Let's go, there are two Inborn experts. Even if they didn't make up the four slots, it wouldn't be unfair for them to split it evenly among themselves!"

The crowd didn't comment further. They shook their heads slowly and headed out.

Some of them looked at the two dumbfounded middle-aged men with ridicule.

They thought that their master was incredible. Yet, their master was easily defeated by others.

Those who were arrogant wouldn't get a good ending.

"Let's go!" the old man said to his two disciples bitterly after giving Mo Qinglong and the group a harsh stare.

The two middle-aged men pulled long faces as they followed behind the old men and left.

"Haha! Please come in, experts!"

Seeing that the crowd had left, Tang Jiuchao went forward and spoke enthusiastically to Wang Xian and the group.

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