Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 273

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 273 Tang Yinxuan

"Let's sign the contract!"

Upon entering the magnificent and resplendent villa, Tang Jiuchao told the trio with a beaming face.


Wang Xian nodded. Mo Yuan examined the contents in the contract and signed after the confirmation.


Just then, a clear voice that was pleasing to the ears like birds was heard.

Such a voice. No doubt she's from Heavenly Sound Sect. Wang Xian pondered to himself as he looked at Tang Yinxuan, who had the zither on her back.

"You possess great and outstanding skills. No average Inborn Experts could ever be compared with you."

Tang Yinxuan looked at them indifferently. Her eyelashes were long, and they moved gently when she talked. It was as though her eyes spoke.

Her voice was a pleasure to the ears, and no one looked as beautiful as her. She was a ravishing beauty.

Sensing their doubts, Tang Yinxuan continued to say, "Just now I saw your moves. Somehow, they seemed familiar. Besides, there is no need for you to take on this task given your strength!"

As she spoke, her eyes flickered with intelligent radiance.


Tang Jiuchao was stunned for a moment as he fixed his eyes on the trio.

"Hehe, a babe like you is indeed smart. No doubt you're one of the strong contestants for the Saintess of Heavenly Sound Sect!"

Mo Yuan looked at Tang Yinxuan with smiles. They were not surprised when their identities were revealed.

When they decided to expose their real prowess, they had already taken that into consideration.

Tang Yinxuan narrowed her eyes as a tint of surprise flashed in her eyes.

Not many people knew about her identity as the disciple of Heavenly Sound Sect.

"Do you know who killed Ji and Mu?"

Ji and Mu were the fake names Mo Ersan and Mo Sanyi used.

"Ji and Mu?" Tang Yinxuan suddenly understood everything. Subsequently, she shook her head with bitterness. "Honestly, I don't know who killed them!"

"The selection of Heavenly Sound Sect's Saint and Saintess is rather cruel. During the two years, the one who proves herself to be the strongest or has the highest number of subordinates will become the Saintess!"

"During this period, our sect prohibits killings between disciples. But there are always people who cross the line. On top of that, the killer might be the rival of my dad's business."

As she spoke, her eyes were filled with helplessness. "I still have two months before the time is up. My cultivation has reached a bottleneck. Hence, I need to find a way to break through it within these next two months. Hence, we hired bodyguards with a handsome reward. I'm sorry about Ji and Mu too!"

When Tang Yinxuan was talking, Mo Yuan and Mo Qinglong were staring at her.

"We don't blame you for their deaths. But we want the killer to die!" Wang Xian said coldly. Regardless of the reason that caused the death of Mo Ersan and Mo Sanyi, the killer must pay for it with his life.

"From the way they did their job, they seemed to be from an assassin organization. But I can't say for sure!"

Tang Yinxuan shook her head slowly.

"Since they failed the last time, they will definitely strike again. We just need to wait for the killer to appear!" Mo Qinglong said with a calm face.

Tang Yinxuan thought for a moment. "I'm not sure now. After all, I have the protection of two Inborn Experts now, and word has already gotten out."

The trio knit their eyebrows.

"Then we'll wait. Since we took up this mission, we'll protect you for the next two months!" said Wang Xian after weighing his options.

If the killer did not show up after the long wait, he could leave first and let Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan complete the task.

"Okay, thank you. I'm afraid you guys will be busy with me in the upcoming period!"

Tang Yinxuan put on a smile.

"It's okay. We'll ensure your safety. You can rest assured!" Mo Qinglong promised her.

"Thank you!" Tang Yin Xuan nodded.

"Haha, we prepared lunch for you guys. Since you've traveled a long way here, we should grab a bite!"

Tang Jiuchao stood up and invited the trio with a smile.

The three of them nodded and came to a ballroom in the villa.

After lunch, a maid walked over and handed them a schedule.

It was the upcoming itinerary for Tang Yinxuan.

"She has four concerts in the next two months. Looks like it will pose troubles to our protection mission!"

Wang Xian looked at Tang Yinxuan's schedule and shook his head.

Four concerts in four different cities.

This could make things difficult for them in between.

"Looks like she is trying to make a breakthrough in her cultivation through the concerts!" said Mo Qinglong after some pondering.

Heavenly Sound Sect integrated their cultivation with the musical instruments, which was a tedious way of cultivating.

Not only did one need to have the strength, but one also needed to master the musical instrument at a certain level.

Drawing their own spiritual strength as the media, they could attack with instruments as their weapons.

If the cultivation level was not high, it was still manageable. But when one's cultivation level got higher, one could pursue interfering with the mind of anyone through music.

A powerful Inborn Expert from the Heavenly Sound Sect could challenge two people of the same level at the same time.

This was also the domineering part of Heavenly Sound Sect.

"We're setting off tomorrow. Let's follow her around in the meantime, and it'd be better if the killers came for her!"

Wang Xian stood up and headed to the guest room, arranged by Tang Jiuchao.

When he was at the door, he heard a faint zither, playing from upstairs.

The sound was pleasing, and the notes struck his heart. Somehow, he was in a daze.

"What great music!"

Wang Xian was slightly shocked as he looked up and narrowed his eyes.

The wall in front of him slowly disappeared. Tang Yinxuan was playing the zither in the music room before his eyes.

He saw a myriad of musical instruments hanging in the music room.

Wang Xian withdrew his gaze and returned to his room.

The next afternoon, Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan took a flight with Tang Yinxuan to Lian City.

Lian City was a second-tier city with a higher population. It took them two hours by plane to reach it, and it was a few hundred kilometers away from Rivertown.

Like other celebrities, Tang Yinxuan wore a pair of sunglasses and a cap. Given her capability, it was hard for foreigners to recognize her.

"Oh Yinxuan, you're finally here!"

After walking out of the airport, a young man who was gorgeously dressed scurried fervently over.

"Let's go, Yinxuan. We need to make a trip to the concert hall, and have dinner with the sponsor tonight!"

The young man spoke in a high-pitched voice as he looked at Wang Xian and the rest.

"Are these three the bodyguards? Take the back seats, okay? Yinxuan, we need to hurry. Our time is tight!" the young man said anxiously.

"Qingqing, don't be in such a hurry!" Tang Yinxuan said without any emotions. "Turn down the dinner with the organizers."

"No way, Missy. You're now in their turf. They specifically asked you to have dinner with them. If you don't go, they might play some tricks just to ruin your concert!"Qingqing said hurriedly.

Tang Yinxuan frowned before she said, "Alright then!"

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