Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 274

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 274 No Idea Of Death Or Danger? 1

The stage for the concert was in the Lian City Center Stadium. It was a stadium that could accommodate eighty thousand people.

Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan followed behind Tang Yinxuan.

This made Wang Xian feel a little speechless, as he was just following behind a girl instead of finding the culprit that had murdered the two dragonians. However, that's all he could do at this moment.

The young man, who was a little feminine in his actions, was instructing and telling Tang Yinxuan about some matters.

It was clear that this young man was most likely the manager of Tang Yinxuan.

"Yinxuan, the representatives of the organizers will, at most, request that you play a few songs on the zither and ask you for photos during dinner. At that time, please don't reject them. The dinner will last an hour at the most. After dinner, you can return and have a good rest!"

The young man repeatedly reminded Tang Yinxuan. Apparently, he knew about the indifferent attitude of this girl.

"Rest assured. As long as they don't go overboard, everything will be fine!" answered Tang Yinxuan plainly.

"They wouldn't, they wouldn't... I'll be with you and will keep an eye on them!" replied the young man in a hurry.

It was already past seven at night when they walked out of the stadium. The group boarded the car and headed towards a five-star hotel in Lian City.

Qing Mu International Hotel was the best hotel in Lian City and was situated in the city center. The owner also had widespread influence.

When they reached the entrance of the suite of the hotel, four young men in suits stood beside the door emotionlessly.

"Do you all want to look for another place in the hotel to eat? I'll give you a call later," Tang Yinxuan turned around and said to Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong and Moyuan.

Tang Yinxuan knew that there were two Inborn experts among them. Even though they were her bodyguards now, she didn't dare to be rude, and she asked politely.

"Alright. We will be waiting at the entrance for you after we have our dinner!" Mo Qinglong nodded his head. Moving his palm, a ball of black aura fell onto Tang Yinxuan.

"Don't worry. The moment you trigger your spiritual strength, we will be able to sense it!" Mo Qinglong smiled and explained to Tang Yinxuan, who looked a little confused about what had happened.

"Hmm. I'll be troubling you guys then!" Tang Yinxuan nodded her head.

The group of young men at the entrance looked at Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan, feeling puzzled. Tang Yinxuan's attitude towards them was a little strange in their eyes.

Isn't she a little too nice to her three bodyguards?

Tang Yinxuan entered the suite with a young man. Wang Xian took a glance inside and noticed there were four to five young men with two middle-aged men inside the suite. There were Ancient Martial Artists among them, but they weren't very strong nor were they a match for Tang Yinxuan.

"Let's go!"

Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan headed towards the public restaurant in the hotel.

"Don't you guys have eyes!"

Just as the three of them made a turn, they crashed into a group of a dozen people.

A young man from the group didn't manage to dodge in time and knocked into Mo Qinglong. As a result, he was knocked back and staggered several steps before recovering.


Mo Qinglong turned around impatiently and stared harshly at the young man.

"What the hell are you staring at me for...?"

"Shut up!"


When the young man saw Mo Qinglong staring harshly at him, he berated him immediately.

However, before he could even complete his words, the voice of a middle-aged man interrupted him.

Not only did the middle-aged man shout at him, but he also gave the young man a tight slap on the head.

Instantly, the young man was knocked into a light trance, and he felt the world around him spinning.

"Master..." The young man was initially furious but such emotions were quickly overwhelmed by fear.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, we are really, really sorry about this. This rascal failed to recognize you. If he has offended you, please forgive him. We are sorry, we are sorry!"

"Sirs, we are sorry. Please accept my apologies on behalf of Qing Mu Sect. We have failed to teach him well!"

"We are sorry. Please forgive us!"

At this moment, the young man found that his master had completely ignored him. Instead, he was apologizing incessantly to the three men in front of him.

The fear written over his master's face greatly shocked him.

This was their territory. Yet, his master and an Elder beside him looked so petrified!

Who are they?

"Be careful next time!" Mo Yuan remarked emotionlessly at the group of Qing Mu Sect disciples before leaving directly.

"Yes, yes. We will definitely be careful. We will definitely be careful!"

The group nodded their heads profusely, lowered their bodies and were being as respectful as they could.

Wang Xian and the group weren't paying any attention at all as they left without taking a further look at them.

"Why would we encounter them here?"

Seeing that Wang Xian and the group had left, the few middle-aged men in the group of disciples from Qing Mu Sect wiped the sweat off their foreheads. Their eyes were still filled with horror.

"Master... Master, they are... Who are they?" That young man that knocked into Mo Qinglong previously was baffled as he asked cautiously.

"Who? Rascal! You better not be that arrogant in the future!" When the middle-aged man looked at the young man, he chided furiously.

"They aren't people we can afford to offend. Keep a low profile from now onwards. Don't be so arrogant. Otherwise, you won't even know when you will be slapped to death by an expert."

The middle-aged men chided coldly and stared solemnly at the young man in the black shirt.

"I never expected them to be in Lian City. Relay this information. All disciples of Qing Mu Sect must not offend them. Otherwise, I'll debilitate their cultivation and expel them from the Qing Mu Sect!" the middle-aged man in a black shirt instructed seriously.

Not long ago, they had to apologize in fear to such a horrifying existence even when they were with their Sect Leaders. At this moment, their Sect Leaders weren't around. They had to be even more careful and cautious of them.

If any disciples had no idea of death and danger and offended them, Qing Mu Sect would really be finished.

"What?" The young man was completely dumbfounded.

What kind of horrifying existence would warrant the Qing Mu Sect relaying such orders to the disciples?

"It didn't come into my mind that Qing Mu International Hotel belongs to the Qing Mu Sect. So their nest is in Lian City!" remarked Wang Xian plainly with a faint smile.

"Qing Mu Sect could be considered a respectable sect. They are also one of the strongest forces in this province!" Mo Qinglong added.

However, an existence like this still didn't dare to be arrogant in front of Wang Xian and his group.

The three of them arrived at the restaurant and ordered some dishes.

After dinner, the three of them headed towards the suite. Wang Xian took a quick glance and noted that they were still eating. Therefore, he simply stood by the side and waited.

After waiting for an hour plus, Wang Xian felt extremely bored.

Rattle rattle rattle!

At this moment, sounds of things crashing came from the suite.

"F*ck! How dare you really start a fight!"

A furious roar erupted from the suite. The four bodyguards at the entrance exchanged gazes before pushing the door open and entering.

"You are just a second-tier bitch and yet you dare to act pure and lofty in front of me? Look at your disdainful attitude when drinking with us! You must be tired of living!"

"Let me tell you this! If you can't make us happy tonight, don't even think of leaving Lian City!"

An arrogant voice sounded once again as the four bodyguards entered the suite and stared harshly at Tang Yinxuan.

Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan exchanged glances before looking into the room.

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