Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 275

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 275 No Idea Of Death Or Danger? 2

Tang Yinxuan stood in the room coldly as she fixed her eyes on the people before her with a calm and aloof expression.

The young man was anxiously pacing beside her.

"Gentlemen, Director Yuan, Yinxuan has always been like this. She doesn't know how to get along with others. Why don't you just forget about what happened today, and I'll make remedies with all of you tomorrow?!"

"Tomorrow? Are you thinking of leaving without entertaining us today? If you can't finish this bottle of wine, you can forget about leaving this place!"

A young man stared at Tang Yinxuan with a pair of cold eyes. He looked at her disdainfully. "Trying to act like someone noble? Haha!"

"This fine gentleman over here, I'll drink this up. Yinxuan has a concert tomorrow. She needs to protect her voice. Let me do it!"

The young man picked up the bottle of red wine from the table and apologized with smiles all over his face.

"Scram! Who do you think you are? Such a pervert!" That young man scowled at Tang Yinxuan's manager coldly.

When he heard what the young man said, the manager blushed immediately as he was super embarrassed.


Tang Yinxuan looked disdainfully at all of them. "So what if I'm not giving you any face?"

"Haha, how conceited you are. Even a first-tier celebrity wouldn't speak to us in such a c.o.c.ky way. How dare you, a worthless second-tier singer, talk to us in such a manner!"

Everyone's expression turned cold and they fixed their eyes on him after hearing his remarks.

"Such a pretty girl. Would it be exciting if I just strip you down and post pictures of you on the internet?"

A young man exhibited a l.u.s.tful look as he threatened Tang Yinxuan with a flat voice.

"Gentlemen, this isn't a joking matter!"

The young man paled after hearing it. He quickly squeezed out a smile as he waved his hands.

He felt difficult, at the same time, he looked at Tang Yinxuan with dissatisfaction.

Tang Yinxuan was a talented and pretty singer spotted by him two years ago.

The moment he saw her for the first time, he had a premonition that she would be popular.

The fact was that Tang Yinxuan had been a total hit as soon as she debuted just as he'd thought.

However, the subsequent developments left him powerless, as Tang Yinxuan refused to accept any invitations from varieties or other programs. Sometimes, he did not know her whereabouts.

Hence, he felt helpless and as if he was being treated unfairly.

If she had focused on the entertainment industry, she would have become one of the first-tier stars with his resources.

"Yinxuan, just drink some with them. It won't hurt to drink a little!"

The young man looked at Tang Yinxuan and persuaded her.

Tang Yinxuan looked at her own manager, looking aloof as before. "Whatever, if they refuse to hold our concert here, we can go to another city!"

"How can we do that? All that we need for the concert is ready. How can we cancel it? This will be a huge loss! How can we do this?" the young man asked anxiously.

"The loss is theirs since they are the sponsors!"

Tang Yinxuan did not care as she looked at the people around her impassively. "We'll just put an announcement on the bulletin board that someone is giving us trouble then. Anyway, they can refund their tickets!"

"I guess you want us to be rough, don't you?"

A young man stared at Tang Yinxuan coldly.


Tang Yinxuan threw cold gazes at them as though they were a bunch of garbage. She picked up her zither and walked out!


At this time, a bottle was hurled and smashed against the wall beside Tang Yinxuan.

"If you dare to step out, I'll make sure you're famous throughout the country as someone e.r.o.t.i.c!"

A young man glared at Tang Yinxuan with a darkened expression.

They had invited a second-tier singer for dinner today. Given their identities as the rich gentlemen of Lian City, all they had received throughout was cold treatment.

Even a handshake was a brief and aloof one. Hence, all of them were pissed off.

How dare a second-tier singer put on airs?

The people present here were the richest sons in Lian City.

"What a bother!"

Witnessing the event from the door, Wang Xian and the rest shook their heads.

"Babe, let's go!" said Wang Xian to Tang Yinxuan immediately.


Tang Yinxuan nodded without looking at those young gentlemen in the room as she walked out.

"Stop them now!"

Several bodyguards at the door responded to the low voice by blocking Tang Yinxuan's way while looking at her coldly.

"If you can't make us happy today, you'll never walk out of this room. We call the shots in Lian City!"

That young gentleman stared at Tang Yinxuan before he looked to the trio outside.

"Get rid of the three of them and lock the door!"

He yelped and raised his glass of red wine while swirling it. "I just want to see how c.o.c.ky an insignificant second-tier star can get!"

"Hehe, she's my type!"

Next to him, another gentleman did the same thing by picking up his wine glass. He sized up Tang Yinxuan from top to bottom with an interesting look.

"Comparing to those obedient and gentle little sheep, I'm more interested in such a savage horse. Tsk tsk, it must be a sheer pleasure to tame her!"

"Haha, you're right too. We can have a switch of taste today!"

Those gentlemen raised their wine glasses as they observed and made their comments about Tang Yinxuan without the slightest scruple.

The four young bodyguards at the side turned their heads over and looked at Wang Xian and the rest.

"Are you getting lost over here, or do you want me to throw you out?" the young man said to them with a poker face.

The four burly bodyguards gave off an inhospitable aura.

But Wang Xian felt funny with their looks.

The four bodyguards were just ordinary people who were not even Martial Artists. How dare they peer disdainfully and say such a thing to them?

"You're tired of living!"

Mo Yuan extended his arm and slapped them gently.

An ordinary slap that did not take 1 percent of his strength.

Bam, Bam, Bam!

When the four rich gentlemen were teasing Tang Yinxuan in the room with their wine glasses, the four bodyguards were sent flying off.

They smashed hard into the dining table in the middle of the room.

The wine and dishes on the table spilled all over on the four gentlemen with their red wine.

Their elegant yet teasing expressions froze on their faces. All of them sulked as they noticed the four bodyguards who were lying beside the table.

"Very well, you have pissed us off completely!"

"Today, I'll teach you the outcome of provoking us in Lian City!"

One of the young gentlemen darkened his face as he checked the mess on his clothes. He then looked slowly at the group of people.

"Hehe, interesting. It's been a long time since someone dared to offend us in Lian City!"

"Tired of living?"

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