Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 276

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 276 Crippling Your Own People

The four young men stared harshly at Wang Xian, Tang Yinxuan and the group. Their lips slowly curved into smirks as they sneered.

Tang Yinxuan reached for her zither as she looked coldly at them.

"Ancient Martial Artists. Hehe!"

One of the young men looked at Mo Yuan. From the way he had defeated four bodyguards in an instant, the young man had determined that he was most likely also a martial artist. He squinted his eyes a little and started observing Wang Xian and Mo Qinglong attentively.

"I'll play along with you!"

The young man took out his phone and dialled a number directly. "Suite 3302. Get everyone here!"

"Oh? They are martial artists?" A young man by the side looked at Mo Yuan and chuckled. "Brother Cong! They dare to hit our guys. You have to teach them a good lesson for me!"

"Rest assured! I'll cripple their limbs and cultivation so they will remember it vividly!" The young man remarked plainly and clearly had no respect for Wang Xian and the group.

Their vision turned to Tang Yinxuan, and a young man from the group said plainly, "How should we handle her then?"

"She will naturally be rotated among us!" a young man revealed a desecrating smile before continuing, "Let me go first."

"F*ck! Can't we just go at the same time? I don't want to be the last!"

"Haha, you sure have strange taste. However, going together is something I'm fond of too! Haha!" The few young men broke into laughter and openly insulted Tang Yinxuan.

"What's the matter, Junior brother Li? Why did you call Xiao Liu and the rest from the hotel?"

At this moment, a voice interrupted their laughter. Another group of four to five young men arrived at the entrance of the suite with the management of the hotel. From the group that had just arrived, one of them stepped forward, smiled, and asked one of the young men that was in the room.

"Oh, Senior brother? Why are you here too?" That young man was taken aback and surprised by the crowd at the entrance of the suite.

"We are here with Elder Liang. I heard that you called Xiao Liu and therefore came over to take a look. What's the matter? Who's the ignorant fool that has offended you?" The one who had just arrived took out a cigarette as he walked towards the young man in the suite.

"Just some rascals who have no idea of death or danger. I was just thinking of teaching them a lesson!" the young man in the suite answered with a chuckle.

"Haha! Those who offend Junior brother Li do deserve to be taught a good lesson!"

The young man that had just arrived saw the four bodyguards on the table in the suite. He smiled faintly and entered the suite.

"I'd like to see who the brazen one is... "

As he spoke and entered the suite, he spotted a few familiar figures. He immediately stopped and his expression change drastically.

"There they are! They are some bodyguards for a second-tier star. A bunch of death-seeking rascals!"

The young man who was addressed as Junior brother Li smirked and pointed to Wang Xian and the group.

He looked to the management team of the hotel that had come with his senior and remarked, "Cripple their limbs and cultivation before throwing them to the streets."

"Cough cough cough... Junior brother Li, your jokes aren't funny at all!" When the young man heard what his Junior brother had said, perspiration broke out on his forehead and his teeth chattered.

"Call the Elder over!" he immediately shouted to the people behind him.


Those people that had followed him into the suite also noticed the severity of the problem when they saw the three men.

Their faces were covered with perspiration as they ran out, feeling panic-stricken.

"Huh? Senior brother, what's the matter?"

Junior brother Li was taken aback and looked baffled as he stared at his Senior brother.

The young man didn't respond to him. His gaze swept across Wang Xian and the group but he didn't dare to look them in the eyes.

In fact, he was so flabbergasted that he did not dare to speak a word, or even know what to say. Even his legs were trembling a little.

"Senior brother Zhao, take a look at that beautiful girl. If she meets your expectations, we are willing to let you have the first round! Hehe!"

At this moment, the other few people in the suite also felt that Senior brother Zhao was behaving a little strangely.

Their comments instantly infuriated Senior brother Zhao. He shook his head and stood there, clearly fl.u.s.tered and distracted.

Junior brother Li was confused over why his Senior brother was acting this way. The atmosphere seemed to have frozen at that moment.

Tang Yinxuan was baffled. She saw the horrified looks of the young man before looking to Wang Xian.

"Wang... Miracle Doctor Wang... Miracle Doctor Wang...!"

An exclamation sounded from outside the suite. From the voice, one could sense a tinge of bitterness.

At this moment, all the people in the suite looked in shock at the Elder who ran here and was staggering into the suite. His face was as white as a sheet.

At this moment, the Elder could only feel darkness shrouding his eyes as he couldn't help but curse why he was so unlucky.

A disciple of his had bumped into the three of them previously. Luckily, he was around and stopped his disciple on time.

However, another disciple came to report that another disciple of Qing Mu Sect had offended these three distinguished men soon after.

Could it be that fate is screwing our disciples? How the hell did they offend them?

"Miracle Doctor Wang, may I know which insolent rascal has offended you?" the middle-aged man asked loudly the moment he entered the suite.

Anger and misery were clearly evident in his tone. Since fate was screwing his disciples, he might as well be the one punishing the disciple.

"I guess you have to ask the people from Qing Mu Sect?" Wang Xian looked plainly at the crowd from Qing Mu Sect and smirked.

The upper management of Qing Mu Sect would die before offending him. However, disciples of Qing Mu Sect offended him one after another. That's really interesting!

"Miracle Doctor Wang, I don't have to ask. I'll just cripple all those rascals!"

The Elder from Qing Mu Sect remarked furiously and domineeringly. His gaze turned to the rest in the suite and was cold as ice.

"Damn rascals!"

All the young men in the suite were dumbfounded as they witnessed the developments of the incident with disbelief.

The next instant, the Elder from Qing Mu Sect struck.

He expended almost the entirety of his strength as he moved like a phantom through the suite, attacking the four young men and two middle-aged men.


Shrill cries resounded in the suite and Junior brother Li was completely petrified.

"Elder Liu, I'm Li Cong! My father is Elder Li!" he screamed in horror loudly.

"In that case, I'll just have to cripple an insolent brat like you for your father!" the Elder of Qing Mu Sect growled angrily as he appeared by the side of that young man. After which, he placed his palm against that young man's limbs and Elixir Field!



That young man was horrified. His eyes popped wide open and were filled with disbelief.

An Elder from Qing Mu Sect had crippled his limbs and cultivation.

This was an Elder from his own Sect! Why would he do this?

He stared with his eyes wide open at the three men standing by the entrance.

At this moment, the Elder from Qing Mu Sect, who had struck and crippled the six people, walked towards Wang Xian in fear.

"Miracle Doctor Wang... I have crippled them. These insolent rascals have all been crippled. Please don't spill your anger onto the Qing Mu Sect!" the Elder of Qing Mu Sect remarked fearfully and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

The few young men wailing in pain on the ground were gripped by fear by what they had just witnessed.

It was no surprise now that the Elder of Qing Mu Sect would cripple their own men!

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