Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 277

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 277 Breakthrough Assistance

Even their elder was afraid to offend Wang Xian and his group, let alone allowing his own people to provoke them.

They were simply digging their own graves!

The young men lying on the ground were despondent.

Sensing their crippled limbs and the immense pain, they blacked out immediately.

Wang Xian waved his hands in dismissal when the elder of Qing Mu Sect apologized to him profusely. He then turned to Tang Yinxuan.

"Let's go!"


Radiance flickered in Tang Yinxuan's eyes as she sized up Wang Xian from head to toe. She quickly followed behind him after some ponderings.

Initially, she thought that this youngest man among the group was only the disciple or junior of the other two Inborn Experts.

However, she recalled something. Along with the attitude from the elder of Qing Mu Sect, she thought of someone.

Miracle Doctor Wang of Rivertown.

In that case, he isn't a disciple or junior. He was the pivot point among the three of them.

Tang Yinxuan pondered to herself as she fixed her eyes on Wang Xian, who was walking in the middle.

"He was ranked eighth on Miracle Doctors Chart at the age of 20, and several Inborn Experts are at his disposal!"

Tang Yinxuan was stupefied as she followed behind.

The sissy young man sulked as he followed behind her. He looked at the three men who were walking in the front with awe.

Initially, he thought they were just three bodyguards. But now, it was completely bullshit.

Can the bodyguards be that dominating?

Besides, he noticed that he had offended Tang Yinxuan, who seemed to be displeased with him.

"Qingqing, you may go back now."

At this time, his expression changed because Tang Yinxuan's emotionless voice came from ahead.

"Yes, Yinxuan!"

He looked sullen, stopped, and headed in the other direction.

"Oh!" Just then, Wang Xian, who was walking in front, suddenly halted. He whirled around and looked at Tang Yinxuan.

"Hur? May I know what's wrong, Miracle Doctor Wang?" asked Tang Yinxuan respectfully after learning Wang Xian's identity.

"Is there a better way to lure the killer out?"

"Lure the killer?"

Tang Yinxuan froze for a moment as she pondered.

"That's right. Lure the killer so that he can strike again!"

Wang Xian nodded. He realized that he could not keep following Tang Yinxuan around passively.

What if the killer didn't show up. Their two-months' effort would be in vain.

Most importantly, they probably would lose the killer if they could not locate him in the meantime.

Mo Ersan and Mo Sanyi would have died in vain.

They could never have died for nothing.

And they could not sit back and wait for the killer.

Tang Yinxuan knit her eyebrows slightly as she walked beside Wang Xian. "One thing that I'm very sure of is that the killer must have tried to assassinate me just to stop me from being the Saintess of Heavenly Sound Sect."

"If the mastermind feels that I'm a huge threat, I might be assassinated again. It's just that I'm unsure if they will take the risk after knowing I have two Inborn Experts beside me."

Wang Xian frowned as he fixed his eyes on Tang Yinxuan. "So you mean the killer will strike again if you have a higher chance of becoming the Saintess?"

"That's right. I'm looking for a breakthrough now. I have the confidence to do so within two months. I can probably take the risk to help you guys then," said Tang Yinxuan to Wang Xian.

"That's too slow. What's your current level now?" asked Wang Xian immediately.

"Peak of Level 9. I'm a half step away from Half-step to Inborn. Once I reach the Half-step to Inborn realm, I'll have a 70 percent chance to become the Saintess of Heavenly Sound Sect!" Tang Yinxuan answered.


Wang Xian nodded his head slightly as he looked elsewhere. "There's a park by the lake. Let's go there, and you can play me a song!"


Tang Yinxuan was a little doubtful. She hesitated with a nod, but she did not pose any further questions.

It was 9 pm at that time, and the park was almost empty.

Tang Yinxuan sat on a stone bench in a remote corner near the lake.

She looked at Wang Xian and placed her zither on her lap.

"I practice music notes that are water attribution, using the flexibility of water to make a penetration attack."

As she spoke, she placed her slender and fair fingers on the zither.


As the pleasant sound of the zither played, cool and moist air surged. Wang Xian narrowed his eyes slightly.

He observed the surroundings with his Piercing Eyes.

With his vision, he saw faint water-elemental energy gathering in the air. Tang Yinxuan was controlling the energy movement.

She could make these water elements condense into liquid arrows for assaulting or binding people.

On the surface of the lake, the water ripples began to ripple outwards in the opposite direction.

Fish surfaced out of the lakewater with their mouths open, waiting to be fed.

The entire situation formed a picture of a fairy playing zither with fish paying respect to her.

"You lack something!"

As he gazed upon Tang Yinxuan's petite figure, he froze for a moment as he hurriedly checked her eight extraordinary meridians.

With a tint of sapphire radiance flickering in Wang Xian's eyes, a blue water current encircled him.

The surrounding fish were excited as they leaped out of the water like they were jumping across it.

Tang Yinxuan, who was playing her zither, opened her eyes and looked at Wang Xian with disbelief on her face.

Marine Divine Dragon was swimming inside Wang Xian's eyes, and the surrounding water elements in the air were bouncy and spirited!

"Ready to make a breakthrough!" said Wang Xian to Tang Yinxuan.

Tang Yinxuan was slightly stunned. As she sensed the immense water elements in the air, a sharp radiance flickered in her eyes.

She immediately closed her eyes and stopped the music.

Wang Xian slowly extended out his arm as he guided the Water Spiritual Energy from his hand to Tang Yinxuan's body.

As soon as the Water Spiritual Energy entered her body, her cheeks flushed. She quickly focused, making use of the immense energy to make a breakthrough.

As the water energy kept pouring into her body, the energy in the surrounding air slowly disappeared.

Wang Xian frowned. He walked to Tang Yinxuan and placed his arm on her back.

Marine Dragon Energy streamed in.


For a moment, intense and high-class energy was injected into Tang Yinxuan's body. She made a breakthrough immediately since she was already at the peak of her level.

Vague water flowed and circulated in her body rapidly.

"Thank you!"

She opened her eyes with a glimmer of excitement. She tilted her head slightly and thanked Wang Xian with a beaming face.

"You're welcome. I just want to find the killer as soon as possible!"

Wang Xian shook his head gently.

"Me too!"

Cold radiance flicked in Tang Yinxuan's eyes. After all, the target was her.

"I'll display all my power at tomorrow's concert. I'm sure they won't be able to sit around after that!"

Tang Yinxuan regained her aloof look as though nothing could affect her. Her personality was as calm as a millpond.

"Well, don't worry. You will be alright even if your enemy is an Inborn Expert!"

Wang Xian nodded.

"Thank you once again, Miracle Doctor Wang!"

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