Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 278

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 278 Draw The Snake Out Of The Hole

A shocking scene appeared in the eighty-thousand-person stadium in Lian City.

A beautiful girl was on the stage and singing in a soft and alluring voice. Fair and slender fingers were playing on the zither while a heart-touching voice resounded throughout the entire stadium.

Several tens of thousands of people stood in the spectator zone silently. They were completely engrossed in the beautiful voice and music.

In a corner of the spectator zone, a few people looked in shock at the stage.

"The music covers a thousand meters and is soothing the souls of everyone. There's also water spiritual energy gathering in the atmosphere! Half-step to Inborn! She has reached the Half-step to Inborn Realm!"

"This is bad. Things are getting complicated. Tang Yinxuan has reached the Half-step to Inborn Realm but missy hasn't. There's only a month left!"

"Now that Tang Yinxuan has two Inborn experts protecting her, we would need at least 500 spiritual stones to hire the Dark Conjurer to assassinate her! That's going to cost us 500 spiritual stones!"

"Let's get back and look through our plans again. Missy must become the Saintess no matter what, and we can't tolerate any mistakes!" a few people whispered softly among themselves before leaving silently.

In a stadium of several tens of thousands of people, no one had noticed their departure.

Wang Xian stood backstage and was watching the performance by Tang Yinxuan. A smile was revealed on his face.

This is what a real singer should be! Her voice is beautiful and she's at the level of a master in zither!

If she was to cry with this voice... Hehehe!

Wang Xian couldn't help but think licentiously for a moment. Following which, he revealed a light smile.

Soon, the concert ended after more than an hour. Tang Yinxuan returned backstage, smiling radiantly.

"Any strong martial artist would be able to tell my current cultivation level. If they are going to make a move, they would likely do so in the next few days!" Tang Yinxuan smiled and said.

"Thank you!" Wang Xian nodded his head at her.

"Yinxuan, your performance was perfect! It is simply stunning and more successful than your previous concerts! Oh my god! You are like a goddess on the stage that captures the hearts of your crowd. I believe that your fame will greatly increase after this concert!"

At this moment, the manager of Tang Yinxuan walked in and complimented her.

Upon hearing the compliments, Tang Yinxuan didn't smile at all. She looked plainly at her manager and said, "This will be my last concert. I won't be appearing in front of the public anymore."

"What? Yinxuan? What are you saying? Please don't joke about this!" The young man was flabbergasted upon hearing her and remarked hurriedly.

"Alright, from now on, you aren't my manager!"

Tang Yinxuan shook her head at him. Becoming a star was just a trial for herself.It was to train her to stand in front of an audience of over ten thousand while honing her zither skills and strength.

Now that her goals were reached, she naturally wouldn't continue being a singer.

The young man's face sank. However, he knew that Tang Yinxuan would not change a decision she had made.

"I'll be staying around Lian City for the next two days. I believe they will strike within the next two days if they are going to do something."

Tang Yinxuan ignored the young man, looking at Wang Xian as she spoke.

"Hmm. Alright. In that case, we shall stay in Lian City for two more days." Wang Xian nodded his head.


Lianfeng Lake was a well-known scenic location in Lian City. It was a lake that spanned several dozens of meters and flowed through ten huge mountains. There was a trekking path on the mountains and one could reach the peak by taking it.

There was also a shallow water stream below the peak with beautiful scenery.

As it wasn't a holiday, there weren't many people on it.

Wang Xian, Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan arrived at the location below the peak with Tang Yinxuan.

The place was a little deserted and had a few benches along the way. Therefore, the group went over to take a seat.

Tang Yinxuan placed her zither on a stone table and took a look at Wang Xian who was beside her.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, I had not expected you to be a cultivator with water attribute. I believe your strength must be at least at the level of Inborn Realm!" Tang Yinxuan commented curiously.

She was thirty years old this year and her cultivation level had finally reached the Half-step to Inborn Realm. Even when compared to her peers in the Sacred Sects, she could be considered one of the most outstanding disciples.

However, Wang Xian had not only attained the eighth rank on the domestic Miracle Doctors Chart but had also reached the Inborn Realm by the age of twenty. Such talents were exceptional and rarely seen.

This made her a little curious about him.

Wang Xian shook his head, smiled and replied, "Nope, I'm only Level 7 currently!"

"Level 7 Martial Artist?" Tang Yinxuan was taken aback and wasn't convinced. From what he had demonstrated the previous day, how could he only be Level 7?

However, she soon recalled that some Miracle Doctors had extraordinary means. Therefore, she simply nodded her head.

"If there are really assassins later, Miracle Doctor Wang, you've got to be careful."

Tang Yinxuan took a glance at Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan before reminding Wang Xian with a smile.

"Rest assured. It won't be a problem. The two of them can go against four or five Inborn experts at the same time!"

Wang Xian smiled and didn't divulge his true strength.

Moreover, his current Level was indeed still just 7.

Time passed gradually and it was noontime soon. The group got some fish from the stream and was roasting them.

Tang Yinxuan was chatting with Wang Xian until noon.

Pleasing music sounded from below the mountain peak. Wang Xian sat by the side, smiling and watching the beautiful girl in front of him playing the zither.

Tang Yinxuan smiled back at him.

The sound of water flowing formed a perfect melody with the music from the zither. Hearing the perfect melody, one's mood instantly improved.

"Hehe! How fearless is she to be playing her zither leisurely in this place!"

"She must be emboldened by the fact that she has two Inborn experts as bodyguards. After all, that's quite an impressive lineup!"

"The sun is setting and the mountain peak is dyed blood-red from the sun rays. Let's make the red a little brighter with their blood!"

At this moment, eight people stood at the peak and edge of the mountain, looking at the four miniature figures below them while conversing casually.

"Two Inborn experts! Hehe. Leave the two Inborn experts to the four of us. The four of you shall go and slay Tang Yinxuan. Once you guys have killed her, we will leave immediately."

"As for the third person, just kill him if he doesn't know what's good for him!" said an old man with a faint smile.

On his arm, a centipede that was approximately twenty centimeters long was crawling constantly.

"500 spiritual stones! It is worth the time and effort for the four of us to strike!"

An extremely ugly old man lowered his stance slowly.

Rustle, rustle, rustle!

Weird sounds came from all directions and one could see countless poisonous bugs appearing in the surroundings.

There were lots of poisonous bugs as they filled the area.

Spiders, scorpions, centipedes, crickets...

"Hehe, surround them and let the hunting begins!"

An old man let out a heart-wrenching cry and countless snakes charged down the peak at an astonishing speed.

The eight people at the peak of the mountain leaped into the air at the same time, seemingly unconcerned by the fact that they were on the peak more than a hundred meters high.

Below the peak, Wang Xian, who was watching Tang Yinxuan play the zither, sensed something and immediately looked up.

Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan stood up, lifted their heads and squinted their eyes.

Tang Yinxuan's stopped playing her zither abruptly as her expression turned cold.

"Is it them?" Wang Xian asked Tang Yinxuan.

"From their clothing, it looks like them. However, I'm not entirely sure!"

Tang Yinxuan looked at the eight people pouncing towards them and was instantly shocked.

"This is bad. They have four Inborn experts!"

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