Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Book 3 Chapter 279

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System Volume 3 Chapter 279 Killing An Inborn Expert With A Single Palm Strike 1

Looking at the four nimble Elders, there was a huge change in Tang Yinxuan's facial expression, which began to look awful.

"Little did I expect four Inborns from the other party to deal with me! This" Tang Yinxuan uttered in disbelief, for these were four Inborns.

To her, to have three Inborn experts coming was itself an overstatement, given their status.

It was the norm to have two Inborns followed by a group of seven to eight Half-step Inborns.

Just two of her top-notch bodyguards handling a couple of the Inborn experts would have more than sufficed.

Yet, they were now faced with four Inborn experts with another four Half-step Inborns.

This had far exceeded her expectations.

Who is it? Paying such a huge price just to have me killed.

Tang Yinxuan wondered with a tinge of paleness across her face.

Given the situation upfront, there was no doubt about the impending danger.

"Miracle Doctor Wang, we'd better make our escape now," Tang Yinxuan shrieked in panic. The assassins sent by the opponent were indeed beyond her expectations.

"Trying to escape? Tsk tsk. Can you now?" the Elder smirked.

With one swift leap, he hopped onto the water's surface in front. He gradually lowered himself upon touching the surface.

Venomous snakes slithered out from his sleeves, slowly hissing and slithering their jet-black bodies into the water.

Heads raised and tongues sticking out, the snakes peered at Wang Xian and the gang with ice-cold stares.

More than a score of snakes had slithered out from the sleeves.

It was terrifying to think that an Elder had that many snakes hidden on him.

"Tang Yinxuan, targeted by us Dark Conjurers. Scram now should you three want to live. Otherwise, we'll kill all of you," the hideous Elder told Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan while standing in front of them.

Smack, smack, smack

While the two Elders spoke, a group of eight surrounded the trio, eyeing them coldly.

"You're the same group that tried to assassinate us previously," Tang Yinxuan blurted out. Her face had gone a tad paler as she gripped onto her zither.

"Hah! Your bodyguards back then were pretty good, causing serious injury to two of our Dark Conjurers. But you won't be so lucky today, young lass!" said the Elder with no intention to hide anything, while standing atop the water's surface.

To them, no concealment was necessary, for it already appeared to be mission accomplished this time. Such was the confidence of the experts.

Which was also owing to the prowess of the Dark Conjurers.

"Dark Conjurer," Mo Qingling and Mo Yuan muttered as they swept their gazes across the four Inborn experts coldly, their eyes slightly squinted.

Dark Conjurers, renowned for half a century, were amongst the apex of assassination groups in the underworld.

The group had tried to assassinate experts from the Sacred Sect in several attempts. They even managed to silence a Sacred Sect Elder once.

The same Scared Sect had once made an order to kill, vowing to annihilate the Dark Conjurers, which ended up having been in vain. For they had no clue as to the whereabouts of the Dark Conjurer's hideout.

Since then, the fame of the Dark Conjurers had spread far and wide. Only the Hidden Assassins could be considered on par with them.

"The audacity to kill my Dragon Sect disciples! I shall annihilate you Dark Conjurers," Mo Qinglong hollered as he turned his gaze towards the Elder. His eyes were overwhelmed with a murderous look.

"Dare you to retaliate," the Elder challenged.

"This is interesting," Mo Qinglong rebutted.

"Kill, kill them all," ordered the Elder. With a shift, the few Inborn experts lunged directly towards Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan.

With not a word further, the killings came down swift and decisive as expected of assassins.

What's more, these were explicit attempts made by powerful assassins!

"All of you shall die," roared the duo. With one shrug, an immense demonic aura oozed out of both Mo Qinglong and Mo Yuan, rampaging above their heads like an evil dragon.

Their arms were slowly covered by scales, piece by piece. They resembled the arms of a wild beast.


Emboldened in a powerful stance, the duo pounced straight for the four Inborn experts with swirling devilish aura.

"Oh? Such a formidable stance," the four Dark Conjurers yelped. Their faces grew heavy at the sight of the duo's stance, slightly taken aback.

"The four of you, kill Tang Yinxuan," ordered one of the Dark Conjurers, who proceeded straight for Mo Qinglong following one swift move.

Venomous worms spilled out from under his feet and followed in his attack.

"Claws of the Devil Dragon!" Mo Qinglong roared.

Looking on coldly, Mo Qinglong extended his arms. The devilish aura scampered from above his head and wrapped itself around his arms. A dragon's claw two meters long was formed, and it began to attack.

"Slaughter," the Elder ordered. With the twitch of an arm, a bone-blade appeared, which he aimed straight at Mo Qinglong.

Below him, venomous worms leaped in masses. They aimed straight at Mo Qinglong for a bite.

However, within two meters from Mo Qinglong, all the worms began to twitch and shiver. They sprawled on the ground, not daring to move.

As Mo Qinglong swept his Claws of the Devil Dragon across, the look on the Dark Conjurer's face changed drastically. He retreated meters back.

"Pinnacle Inborn, he is an expert of the Pinnacle Inborn," one Dark Conjurer yelled.

"Joint attack," another shouted, and together, the two sieged an attack at Mo Qinglong.

Meanwhile, another two went straight for Mo Yuan.

"Just the two of you?" Mo Qinglong said smugly. As he lifted his head slightly, bouts of devilish aura circled and eyed the two, overwhelmed with an urge to kill.

The audacity of them to kill members of the Dragon Sect!

For that they shall be annihilated!

"How formidable!" Tang Yinxuan glanced over at Mo Qinglong in shock.

Yet, upon seeing the four Inborns as they made their attack on her, a subtle change of expression flicked across her face. She strummed her zither gently.

Once the zither was suspended in mid-air, Tang Yinxuan began strumming rapidly.

The melody from the zither switched from its usual lighthearted tune to that of one filled with chill and bloodthirst. Like a thunderstorm, it plucked at heartstrings and pricked at the core.

"Stay right behind me, Miracle Doctor Wang. I'll deal with them!" Tang Yinxuan said to Wang Xian with a heavy look.

Zoom, zoom!

Streaks of water began to form above the tune before transforming almost immediately into four sharp arrows. They darted straight for the four Half-step Inborns.

After the arrows were formed, Tang Yinxuan strummed again.

Voom, voom, voom!

Suddenly, ice needles formed from the water appeared alongside the four Dark Conjurers, surging past.

"Such a powerful melody, no doubt a disciple under the Heavenly Sound Sect. A target worthy of so many top assassins from us!" the quartet claimed.

They were slightly surprised upon seeing the attack but managed to recover quickly with smiles.

"A greenhorn in the world of the Half-step Inborns, regardless of power, shall die," they smirked.

Piercing daggers held by the quartet sliced through the ice pricks before coming straight for Tang Yinxuan.

"Such speed!" Tang Yinxuan said and closed her eyes briefly as they narrowed involuntarily.

Swish, swoosh!

Eerily, water from the stream behind her began ascending towards the sky.

"Oh no," Tang Yinxuan exclaimed. It was at this instant that the black snakes hopped into the water streaks. It forced Tang Yinxuan to open her eyes instantly, where a tinge of embarrassment had flashed across.


With the flick of her finger, a water streak transformed into a sword and cut straight at the snakes behind her.

Then came another ambush from the back.

"Hmph, meet your doom!" the four Dark Conjurers claimed. In an instant, they snuck like ghosts and shot over with their piercing daggers!

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